LidsayLohanshows me what she thinksofme part 2

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It was morning and I made Lind say and myself some breakfast.After I finished I went to take a shower. Then I put my clothes on since regetfully I had to leave for work.
“Hey are you going somewhere Ray?”
“Sorry,Lindsay I have to go to work. If you need me to drop you off somewhere I’d be more than happy to.”
“When do you have to be at work?”
“At about 1pm”
“You’ll be late I’ll take a cab.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, now go before you’re late.”
So I left for work and didn’t realize what I was in for. Last night I supposed to finish a report for my boss and boy was he mad when I walked in.
“God dammit!!! I needed that report today Ray.”
“I know sir I’m terribly sorry.If you just give about half an hour It’ll be ready.”
“Forget it you’re fired!!!!!!!!!!”
“No, I’m not fired I quit! You can take this job and shove it up your ass!!!!”
Just then my friend John showed up and follewed me into the elevator.
“I can’t believe you got fired.You always have your work done, what happened last night.?”
“Nothing I just forgot and I was really tired, but don’t worry about me I’ll find another job.”
“Well I better get back to work. Take care of yourself.”
As I walked into my apartment I found a note on the frigde.It had Lindsay’s phone number on it, and it said to call her when I got back from work. I figured if anyone could make me feel better it was her. So I dialed her number.
“Hello who is this?”
“Hey Lindsay it’s me Ray.”
“Ray,whats up. It’s seems kind of early for you to be back from work.”
“I got fired which explains why I’m back so early.”
“I’m so sorry. Hey why don’t you come over and tell me what happened.Maybe I can help you feel better.”
She gave me her address and I went over to her house.She opened the door and was wearing a black tank top and jeans.Lindsay told me to come inside. I told her what happened at work.
“Ray I’m so sorry if it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t have gotten fired.”
“Don’t worry about I didn’t like working at my old job any way. The guy’s a real asshole.”
“Well I’ll make it up to you.”
Before I knew it she kissed me hard on my lips.She pressed her body against mine.I could feel her huge tits pressed against my chest.She broke the kiss and took me to her bedroom.Once we took our clothes off I sucked on her tits.Moans escaped her as I continued to pleasure her. I slowly moved down her body getting closer and closer to her aching pussy. Then I licked her clit and fingered her.Lindsay began to moan uncontrollably. I was afraid her neighbors would hear us but I didn’t care. After I made her cum real hard I shoved my cock into her pussy.She screamed out my name begging my for more.She begged me not to stop and to fuck her harder and faster.After about 10 min we both cummed really hard.She got on top of me and started to suck my cock. Lindasy was amazing, and seeing her heading going up and down made me hard.She twirled her tongue around my shaft. She used one of her hands to massage my balls. Without wasting anymore time she started to ride me.I then got her on her hands and knees and shoved my cock in her ass and fucked her realhard. I told her I was about to cum. Lindsay told me to put it back into her pussy.I did and I fucked her harder and faster as I watched her breast bounce up and down.I grabbed them As I cummed in her pussy and I did she cummed too. We lay in eachothers arms exhausted. As I fell asleep I wondered what would tomorrow bring.

to be continued……….

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