Lindsay Lohan shows me what she really thinks ofme

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I was walking down a street in the pouring rain.Unfortunately I didn’t have an umbrella. It was about 11pm at night and I was leaving work and was heading home. As I was about to going inside my apartment I heard a scream. I ran into the alley and found something that shocked me. It was Lindsay Lohan being attacked by some thugs.
“Please take my money, but let me go please. Lindsay,” begged.
“That’s very generous, but I think the boys and I want something else,” the thug said.
“Hey why don’t you pick on someone your own size,”I yelled.
They all laughed and then came after me.I knocked each one of them to the ground, and they left. Once they were gone I walked over to the terrified Lindsay Lohan.
“No problem, why don’t you come to my apartment it’s close by.”
She agreed and once in my apartment I gave her some dry clothes and put her wet clothes in the dryer.I made dinner and as we ate I couldn’t help starring at her. Lindsay must have noticed because she gave me a seductive smile.After we finished she helped me clean the dishes and once again thanked me for saving her. Neither one of us were tired so we watched some t.v. She fell asleep and I turned the t.v. off and laid her down on the bed. I stared at her thinking of how beatuiful she looked while she was asleep. Her chest moved up down as she breathed and her figure was mind blowing.As I was about to walk out of the room she grabbed my hand.
“Come here Ray.”
When she pulled me on top of her we locked our lips together. I could feel her voluptous breast pressed up against my body. Our hearts began to beat faster and faster. I took her shirt off and sucked on her breasts. Moans escaped her mouth and I slid one hand down her pants and began to rub her pussy. Lindsay took off my shirt and got on top of me. She took my shorts off and licked my cock. Lindsay teased me by only putting the head of my cock in her mouth. she played with my balls and licked my shaft. Then she took the entire thing in her mouth. My cock got harder by watching her head go up and down. I cummed in her mouth and pulled off the pajamas I gave her. Then I began to eat her out. Her moans grew louder and louder.
“Oh god you’re so fucking good. Stop teasing me I want your cock now. I want you to shove it in me.”
I then took my cock and shoved it into her pussy. Lindsay screamed out my name. Seeing her breast bouncing up and down made me fuck her even harder. After about 15 min she came hard. Her pussy walls began to constrict my cock and I cummed in her pussy. Lindsay started to ride my cock and as she did that I sucked on her huge tits. It wasn’t long before we both came. We fell alsleep in eachothers arms.
It was morning and I saw awake looking into my eyes.
“Good morning Lindsay.”
“Good morning Ray I take it you slept well.”
“I sure did. Was last just a night thing or something more?”
“Ray you are so incredible. I haven’t met a guy like you before. I never want to let you go.

To be continued…………..

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