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Nick walked down the hallway and into the cold hotel room. It had been a long day, and he told his family to go to dinner without him, while he went back to his room to sleep. He flopped down on his back onto his bed, and let out a tired sigh. His eyes began to drift closed and it wasn’t long until he was entangled by his dreams.

He dreamt of her, his one and only. The girl he had loved since her first laid eyes on her. He dreamt of their first kiss, outside a small diner he took her to. She had said she was cold, and he offered to warm her up as he tilted her head towards his, and pressed their lips together in a soft, gentle kiss.

He dreamt of the first time they had been together sexually. He was so nervous, and she decided to calm him down, by dropping to her knees and pulling down his boxers. He remembered how her mouth felt on him. So warm, and so good, he remembered how her tongue had slid around the tip, as she sucked him. He remembered so well, he could feel it…no wait, he COULD feel it.

His eyes shot opened and he glanced down to find her beautiful eyes looking up at him, while her mouth continued its gently sucking.

“…fuck, baby…ughmmm…when did you get here?” He choked out, as his hips bucked slightly. She put her hand on his the base of his cock and pumped hard, removing her mouth. She looked at him with a smile and gently fondled his balls.

“I got here about 5 minutes before you woke up sweetie.” She continued pumping, and twisting just like he loved, causing his eyes to slip closed again, and his head to fall back onto the pillow.

She lowered her mouth back onto his pulsing member, sucking hard. His sharp intake of breath only urged her to take more of him down her throat. She relaxed the muscles, allowing him to be submerged in her mouth completely.

He grunted, as he basked in the feeling of her amazingly talented mouth. She slid him slowly out of her mouth, stopping at the tip to give a small lick. Then she began licking his cock like
a Popsicle, while her hands whipped up and down quickly.

Nick began squirming when he felt the familiar tingling begin in his toes, and work its way up to his stomach.

“Ahh…babe, Fuck! I-I’m gon-AHHH!” He was cut off when she shoved his length back down her throat, gagging herself and allowing the opening and closing reflexes to send him over the edge. He grunted loudly as he thrust up into her throat. He spilled into her, as a long, low moan escaped his lips.

When he relaxed back on the bed, she slipped him out of her mouth, and began kissing up his body. She scooted his shirt up as she went, and threw it over his head. For the first time, he realized that she was completely naked, and he chuckled loving how she took charge.

She leaned down to his neck sucking on the spot she knew drove him wild. She moved her mouth all over his neck, sucking lightly on his Adam’s apple, and right under each of his ears.

He shuddered at the feel of her mouth, and lifted her chin, forcing her to look at him. He gave her his famous half smile, and brought her in for a kiss. The kiss was full of longing, and passion. It had been so long since he had seen her. She moaned into the kiss, when she felt his tongue push past her lips and teeth and gently nuzzle her tongue.

He flipped her over, and began kissing down her body, pausing at all of the spots he knew she liked. He let his calloused hands fun gently over her nipples, causing them to harden instantly. She let out a hoarse moan, wanting him be inside of her.

He continued his descent down to her opening, and began lapping up the wetness that had formed.

“Damn honey, you’re dripping!” He said removing his tongue and replacing it with two fingers.

She gasped at the sudden intrusion, but began moaning when he curled his fingers upward. He pumped at a nice speed, while his tongue attached itself to her clit. She threw her head back, as her hands flew to his soft curls.

She tugged hard, making him groan his approval. She continued to tug at his hair, and thrust her hips up trying to get more of his magic fingers. He added a third finger, causing her to screech.

“OH GOD! Nick…Please!…” She begged, tugging his hair more. He removed his tongue from her clit and began pinching it with his free hand, while his fingers continued to bring her closer and closer to insanity.

“Please what babe?” He said, his voice dripping with lust.

“Nick…Fuck!” She panted, as she closed her eyes tightly.

“No… Nick… finger.” He said between thrusts, pounding into her harshly. His rough movements made the head board of the bed bang against the wall, and he finally felt her walls clamp down onto his three fingers.

He let go of her clit, and watched her body tense. He slowed his fingers, allowing her to calm, and then pulled out completely when her walls released him. He licked her clean, and then sat up on the bed, looking down at her naked form.

She was still panting slightly, when she reached up to bring him down into a kiss. He fell onto his back, and she straddled his hips. He was rock hard again, and she intended to fix it.

“Would you like me to ride you Nick?” She said seductively licking her lips.

His mouth fell open, and he nodded excitedly. She had never ridden him before. He was always the one on top, and he thought that was how she wanted it. His breath quickened as he watched her ease down onto his shaft.

His hands flew to her hips and held them there, while her body adjusted to his size. She began rocking her hips, causing a moan from each of them. He threw his head back, but continued to steady her with his hands.

She began lifting her hips, and slamming back down onto his length searching for her spot. She tried without success for a few moments, until Nick picked her hips up and slammed her down onto him hard, while he thrust up.

She let out a throaty moan, when he hit her spot. Her nails clawed at his chest, as he continued lifting her and thrusting at the same angle. He knew her so well, and he smiled knowing how much she loved it.

He moved his thumb over her clit, causing sweet moans and mumbles fall from her lips. He bent her back forward and latched onto her breast, sucking harshly, while his tongue poked her nipple repeatedly. She pushed him down, removing his teasing mouth from her, and began raking her nails lightly over his chest.

“Baby…I-I’m so…s-so close.” He said through gritted teeth. She said nothing. His movements continued to hit her spot over and over again, until her walls finally clamped down on his throbbing cock. He threw his head back, thrusting into her hard, and releasing everything he had.

She groaned at the feel of him, and began rocking her hips back and forth trying to hold the feeling forever. He pumped into her a few more times, before reluctantly pulling his deflating manhood from her warmth.

She sighed, and laid her head on his chest, while he rubbed small circles on her back.

“That was awesome!” She said out of breath.

He took a deep breath and smiled.


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