Victirous meets Impact Wrestling

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*Under no way do I own the rights to Victoria Justice, Velvet Sky or Angelina Love or any other characters mentioned. They are the sole property of Nickelodeon and Impact Wrestling respectively. This story is completely fake but it is fun to think about it*

Victoria Justice had just gotten done with a super secret filming with Disney at a secret studio at Universal Studios. She is walking across the large lot head for her car, wearing a red t-shirt and black shorts her hair up in a ponytail. She keeps walking realizing she is lost. She stops and looks at a building to look for a name.

“Impact Zone,” she reads on a sign at a door, “This is nowhere close to my car. Stupid wrestling bunch of fake people.” She says as she walks away shaking her head.

Unknown to her Impact Wrestling’s top female wrestlers or “Knockouts”, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love were standing by the other side of the door when Victoria made that statement. Velvet opens the door and grabs Victoria’s arm.

“What did you say about us?” Angelina says grabbing Victoria’s chin.

“I said its all fake just like its performers. Victoria says her heart pounding, as she looks Love in the eyes as she tries to pull away from them.

“Oh no you don’t we are going to show you how “fake” we are.” Velvet says as they pull Victoria inside the building.

“Let go of me!” Victoria yells trying to fight away from them.

“Knock it off!” Love says grabbing Victoria by the back of the back.

They lead Victoria into their very nice locker room. Love closes and locks the door while Velvet throws Victoria onto their giant blue couch. Love pulls her black “Beautiful People” t-shirt showing off her purple bra. When she turns around and looks at Victoria she is a bit confused.

“Hey I know who you are.” Love says.

“Who is she Angelina?” Velvet asks looking at both of them.

“She is Victoria Justice.” Love says smirking at Victoria still confused.

“Huh, and your point?” Sky asks confused as well.

“I play Tori on ‘Victorious’ does that ring a bell?” Victoria says standing up to leave and Sky pushes her back down.

“Yea you’re the girl my cousin has this mad crush on when he watches your show,” Angelina says, “but what are you doing around here though?”

“I’m doing something for someone.” Victoria quickly says.

“I bet I know what your doing, your doing something for Disney but you work for Nickelodeon.” Love rattles off as Velvet takes off her black shirt showing off her pink bra, “I think we should tell on you”

“No don’t please Nickelodeon will fire me, please don’t,” Victoria pleads, “I’ll do anything.”

The two wrestlers look at each other and both take off their jeans in match panties to their bras. Angelina walks away into another room as Velvet goes over and sits next to Victoria.

“Deal, but you have to listen to everything we say.” Velvet says smirking.

Victoria nods, “Okay yea sure, no…problem.”

“Perfect, now take off your clothes, all of them.” Sky says grinning.

“Huh?” Victoria asks.

“Take your clothes off or else we are telling Nickelodeon about you sneaking around here.” Velvet threatens.

Victoria stands up and removes her flip-flops and then slides down her black shorts. Then she takes off her red t-shirt now just in a green bra, no panties or thing. Velvet licks her lips reaching over running her hand along Victoria’s leg.

“Angelina she is not wearing any panties!” Velvet yells.

“Nice!” Angelina yells back coming out of the room she entered.

Angelina is now naked. Her long curly bleach blonde hair with black highlights flowing down her tan Canadian body. Her hair is just barely covering her soft 35 C breasts. The only thing she is wearing is a 9-inch long 4-inch wide pink strap-on. Victoria removes her bra letting it fall to the floor revealing her 28 B breasts.

“Oh don’t you look cute Victoria.” Angelina says licking her lips walking towards Victoria and Velvet.

Velvet takes off her bra and panties. Velvet’s 20 D breasts flop out. Victoria starts to step away, but Angelina grabs her and moves her over by the couch. This move was hard enough to make Victoria fall on the couch onto Velvet.

“Well hello there.” Velvet says licking her lips before grabbing Victoria by the back of the head and shoving her face into her breasts, “Lick my breasts.”

Victoria groans as she tries to fight it. This fight is worthless as she is forced to lick Velvet’s breasts. As she licks Velvet’s breasts Angelina leans over her body and Velvet and her start to make out a little bit. Then Angelina pushes Victoria into Velvet’s breasts more.

“Those seem fake huh?” Angelina yells before slapping Victoria’s ass.

“Oh you are so good with your mouth Victoria.” Velvet moans pushing Victoria off of her.

Victoria falls to the floor. When she gets up on her knees Angelina grabs the back of her head and shoves the dildo into her mouth.

“Get to sucking.” Angelina says trying to get more in her mouth.

Velvet moves up on the couch and starts playing with Victoria’s breasts. She also leans her head down and kisses along Victoria’s neck. Angelina pushes more into her mouth and Victoria pulls away quickly gagging on the rubber cock.

“Geez who taught you how to suck a cock?” Velvet says shoving Victoria aside, “Watch and learn.” She says before sliding the entire cock into her mouth as Angelina fucks her mouth hard and fast with no problem.

Victoria just watches in shock. She rubs her throat from the slight pain of what she just endured. Angelina motions for Victoria to stand up. Victoria stands up and Angelina pulls her into her and shoves her head into her breast. After 10 minutes Angelina pushes Victoria back on the couch and pulls Velvet up to her feet.

“You are so cute when you do that.” Angelina says and Velvet and her start making out again.

Velvet pulls away and both look down at Victoria who was sitting there looking at both of them. Both wrestlers get on their knees in front of Victoria. Then they spread her legs, and Victoria instantly covers her pussy with her hands. Velvet shakes her head and her and Angelina move her hands away holding them down to the couch. Then the two ladies move their heads between the 18-year-old star’s legs and start licking her pussy.

“Oh, oh stop, no ohhhh” Victoria starts to moan.

The two wrestlers continue to eat out Victoria for another 10 more minutes. That is when Victoria squeals wrapping her legs around their heads and cums on Love and Velvet’s faces. The two pull away from Victoria and start licking the cum off each other’s faces.

“Mmm you taste good, but now it is our turn.” Velvet says licking her lips.

Victoria panting shakes her head “No, please don’t.”

Angelina grabs Victoria’s hips and pulls her to the edge of the couch. Velvet lies Victoria down on her back Then Angelina slides the dildo into Victoria’s tight pussy. Victoria screams in pain as her pussy stretches out to fit the dildo. To prevent her screams from being heard Velvet shoves her pussy into Victoria’s open mouth.

“Eat my pussy ‘Tori’!” Velvet growls pressing her hips down more into Victoria’s mouth.

Victoria starts to lick and bite on Velvet’s pussy to help distract her from the pain/pleasure of Angelina pounding her pussy. Angelina picks up her speed going in and out of Victoria’s pussy.

“Oh yes, yes, oh yes, fuck she is good with her mouth,” Velvet moans.

“She does sing also,” Angelina growls leaning forward as Velvet leans back and they start making out.

This keeps going on for another 20 minutes. Then Victoria squirts cum on the dildo and on Angelina’s body. Velvet, 2 minutes after that cums in Victoria’s mouth.

“Swallow it!” Velvet yells closing Victoria’s mouth shut as she swallows every drop of Velvet’s cum.

Angelina takes off the strap-on but leaves it in Victoria’s pussy. Velvet, now sitting on Victoria’s stomach pulls the strap-on out of her pussy and slides the entire dildo into her mouth again. Angelina moves next to Victoria and kisses her on the lips massaging her breast. After 10 minutes of making out and Velvet deep throating the dildo Angelina lies on her back spreading her legs.

“My turn get to licking.” She growls.

Velvet gets off Victoria who reluctantly lies on her stomach and starts licking Angelina Love’s pussy. Velvet makes a fist and slams into Victoria’s pussy. Angelina holds Victoria down to her pussy to prevent her from moving around. Then Velvet takes the strap-on from earlier and slams it into Victoria’s ass.

“Oh, oh, god, yea, yea oh your right Velvet she is good with her mouth.” Angelina moans.

“She is getting close to cumming again,” Velvet, says 15 minutes later.

“So am I, oh, oh fuck, yeees.” Angelina moans before cumming into Victoria’s mouth” YEEEES!”

Victoria then cums as well squirting cum all over Velvet’s arm and some on her body. Velvet pulls her fist out a pop sound is heard upon it exiting Victoria’s pussy. Velvet and Angelina start licking the cum off.

“Mmm you ready for more Victoria?” Angelina asks as Victoria sits up a bit curling up in a ball.

“No, no more I can’t take anymore you’ve had your fun with me.” She says shaking her head.

“Oh you are not getting fucked, your going to be ding the fucking.” Angelina says smiling, “You are going to fuck Velvet here. She loves it when cute girls like you fuck her with giant strap-ons.”

Angelina gets off the couch and heads back into the same room she went into earlier. Velvet pulls Victoria against her and cuddles her. Victoria lies there panting, legs shaking; her head nestled against Velvet’s breasts.

“Don’t worry you are going to enjoy making me your bitch.” Velvet whispers in Victoria’s ear.

A few minutes later Angelina comes back and she carrying a massive 14-inch long 7-inch thick purple strap-on. Velvet looks at the giant toy and licks her lips. Victoria sits up and covers her pussy instantly.

“It is not for you it is for Velvet, now stand up and I’ll help you put this on.” Angelina says.

Victoria slowly stands up. Angelina helps her into the harness that the massive dildo is attached to. Once on the dildo hangs between Victoria’s legs grazing the floor. Also part of the dildo is in Victoria’s pussy as well. Velvet smiles and guides Victoria back down on the couch. Velvet then holds the giant dildo up right and slides the entire rubber cock into her mouth.

“Holy shit she can take big things in her mouth.” Victoria says.

“Yes she loves to have these giant dildos in her mouth.” Angelina says sitting down wearing a different strap-on that is the same size as the one from earlier but also goes into Angelina’s pussy as well, “Lift your hips up.”

Victoria lifts her hips up and Angelina lifts her up more and slides in under her. Then Victoria is slammed down and the dildo enters her ass. Velvet stops sucking on the dildo and straddles the dildo and lowers herself all the way down on the dildo.

“Ohhh, ohh, oh yes, yes.” Velvet moans grabbing Victoria’s wrists placing her hands on her hips.

This keeps going for 30 minutes. Then all at the same time all three girls let out loud screams. This is when they cum at the same time squirting cum all over each other. Velvet leans forward wrapping her arms around both Angelina and Victoria who wrap their arms around Velvet, their juices mixing together as all three cuddle on the couch. They remain silent for 10 minutes before they start giggling and laugh. They keep laughing until a knock at the door.

“What do you want!” Angelina yells.

“Is everything alright in there you goofballs?” the voice of Mickie James is heard on the other side of the door.

“Yes we are fine Mick!” Velvet yells.

The girls continued to cuddle for another hour before getting dressed. Velvet and Angelina escort Victoria to her car where all three make out for 5 minutes. Victoria would continue to visit Angelina and Velvet for more hot and hard sex.

-Hope you enjoyed this story email me at to tell me how you feel about this story-

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