A Chance Encounter, Part 3

Dale is at a loss as to what to do; he just stands there, his rock hard cock throbbing and twitching, his mind is reeling with unknown possibilities and his feet are frozen to the spot. He finally breaks his revery and decides to take action to take this women deep and hard. So he started to formulate a plan to get this naked goddess in his bed or hers, which ever. As he thought about how to get this luscious little vixen to have sex with him, he walked inside throwing his towel off to the side and heading back into the bathroom to have an ice cold shower to calm his raging hard-on and his hormones at the same time.

After this was done he starts to wonder if just being totally naked in front of her would be enough, so he picked up the phone and punched 0 for the front desk. The young lady at the front desk answered.

Hello, I need you to send a dozen roses to the penthouse suite adjacent to mine please, no card and please do this before the lady in the suite leaves for the day.” Dale didn’t wait for the response, he hung up the phone and went to get dressed.

As his day progressed Dale couldn’t get the sexy image of Colleen’s naked body out of his head and knew he had to have this lady. So he finished early and went back to the hotel to work on his plan to snare this vixen that has him all flustered and turned on. He first went to the front desk to ask if the roses had been delivered like he had asked. They had and the lady was very happy to receive them but wanted to know who they were from. Because he didn’t want a card with the roses, the concierge determined that they should remain anonymous. Good, that went well. Now Dale was thinking about dinner tonight. He stopped at the lounge to place an order for two, a nice dinner with some champagne, chicken Kiev and steamed candied baby carrots to be delivered at 8pm.

That done, he then stopped at the gift shop and ordered another dozen flowers to be delivered to her suite, but this time included a card. The card read: “My balcony, 8:15 pm. Attire is optional. -Dale” Placing it in an envelope and sealing it, he included it in the roses and told the girl to deliver it now.

Leaving the gift shop he went up to his suite to get ready. He checked his watch, 5:15pm, lots of time to prepare. Getting off the elevator he saw the girl from the gift shop duck into a back hall. He smiled knowing that the flowers and card were now on her table just inside the door. Dale went into his suite and began to undress and throwing his dirty clothes into the hamper at the foot of his bed he steps into the bathroom. Picking up his groomer, he trims his pubic hair meticulously and then trims his mustache and goatee. Hopping into the shower he quickly shaves the stubble off his balls and scrotum area and finishes his shower.

Stepping into the sitting area of his suite, he hasn’t even tried to cover himself, and he sees a slight bit of movement out of the corner of his eye. He pretends not to notice and carries on with his evening, firing up his laptop he stands so his profile is visible to the large plate glass of the double doors leading to the balcony. Knowing Colleen is watching him move around his suite naked his turning him on and his cock is getting thick and engorged, and the veins are starting to pop out. The head of his cock is turning a deep purple.

At 7:45, Dale puts a hotel robe on to wait for room-service. At precisely 7:55 there’s a knock on the door with “room-service” coming from the other side of the door. Dale answers and says “thank you.”

Handing the bellman a $20.00 bill he says, “Just leave it, I will take care of it from here.”

“Yes sir!” the bellman says as he turns to leave.

Dale has always commanded respect from those around him. Not that he demands it, it is just the way he acts that people have always shown him respect; not out of fear, just respectful mutual action. And tonight will be no different, he thought.

Dale begins his final preparation for the evening. It was planned on the fly but nothing has been left out; flowers and invitation sent, champagne chilled, dinner cooked to the highest of standards from a 4 star hotel. He is groomed nicely and dark amber Cologne is his personal choice, table set for two, two tall candle holders with red candles in them ready to be lit, the balcony gate separating the 2 balconies open and inviting. The large screen is also ready to be drawn down if the wind gets too strong. Hmm, have I forgotten anything? He thinks. Ahh! Yes! He removes the robe and stands in front of the window to await his guest.

As Dale stands in the window waiting for Colleen to show up, he thinks over the whole plan to have dinner naked and thinks about grabbing his robe when he hears the screen door of Colleen’s suite open. He pauses, thinking “in for a penny, in for a pound.”

(Image Source: Male Spectrum)

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