A Chance Encounter, Part 5

Colleen stood up and walked right up to Dale and stood there with her tits right at mouth level. Dale leaned in and tentatively licked the first nipple with his wet tongue, Colleen moaned in pleasure. Dale moved in to be more aggressive with his tongue and sucked her long hard nipple into his mouth and flicked it back and forth with his tongue as he sucked on it. His hands move up to cup her other breast and caress and pinch the nipple.

Colleen’s breath is getting short and her moaning is getting deeper and longer as she gets close to an orgasm just from her nipples being stimulated. Dale just loved the effect he was having on her as he sucked and pinched her nipples. He moved one of his hands off her nipple and moved it down her side to gently caress her skin down to her hips and around to her ass cheek. She moans again louder, her eyes closed, loving the physical attention.

His hand is slowly caressing her ass and moving down under her ass cheek to the crack. His fingers reach her pussy lips from behind and as soon as his fingers come in contact with her lips her moan becomes a gasp and her hips turn to give him better access to her soft wet lips. His fingers caress her outer labia lips, massaging them without sliding inside. As he works her lips and still sucks and licks and pinches her nipples, he slowly and reluctantly pulls his mouth off her nipple.

He moves his head down Colleen’s chest toward her stomach, licking and kissing her skin softly and gently as he goes down to her pubic mound. His fingers are still massaging her outer labia. Dale brings his second hand down and around Colleen’s ass to join the first hand in massaging her outer lips while his tongue and lips are coming to her mound to lick her trail of hair. Her smell is intoxicating; her natural musky smell mixed with a sweet perfume is making his senses reel and his desire peak to the point where his cock his now at full length and thickness, throbbing for attention. But Dale is too busy to care about that, all he wants to do at this time is taste this sweet succulent pussy and make this amazing lady scream with ecstasy and cum in his mouth.

As he moves his tongue and lips down her mound, licking and kissing it, his fingers move into her lips and start to massage her inner lips. Slipping inside once in a while to enter her love nest and tap the thick swollen ball of flesh that resides just an inch inside, massaging her g-spot at intervals that makes her moan and whimper. His tongue reaches the hood of her clit and flicks it and massages it.

“OH! YEA!” she yells.

Dale’s tongue slides around the outside of her clit and his lips wrap around her pussy and sucks her clit into his mouth. He bites down gently on her clit to hold it tight and starts to work his tongue back and forth. Her breath is so heavy and raspy, she is close now, so very close to orgasm. Her legs are vibrating and teeth are clenched and she wraps her hands around his head to press his mouth harder into her sex. He sucks on her clit harder, his fingers work the outside edges of her g-spot, massaging back and forth and then just presses hard on the swollen bulb of her g-spot.

Colleen screams out, “OOOOOOHHHHH!! FUCK I’M CUMMING! YEAHHH! YEAHHHHHH!” she shoots out a stream of juice that Dale catches in his mouth and drinks.

He continues to suck her pussy until her stream stops and her breathing settles. He then stands up and turns her around and bends her over the table on the balcony and moves his hard throbbing cock and touches her lips from behind. She whimpers and gasps as he slips the head inside slowly, then slips it back out again.

Colleen reaches back and pushes his hips, “Not yet.”

Turning toward him, she kisses him, her tongue shooting into his mouth. Her fingers caressing his skin, her mouth moves down to his neck and she kisses and licks him. He moans with pleasure and he tingles as goosebumps stand up on his skin. Her mouth trails down his chest and her tongue flicks out as she pauses at his nipples. Her nails tickle his sides gently, causing him to tingle as her mouth continues to trail down his stomach. Her nails continue to trail down to his hips.

She tickles his skin with her nails as she slips around to gently caress his cheeks as her mouth passed his pubic mound to reach his upper thigh. Her mouth and tongue are kissing and licking his inner thighs. Her hands caress his ass gently, causing him to groan. Her lips come into contact with his smooth ball sack and she kisses it gently, then licks it. Her mouth reaches the base of his throbbing, fully erect cock, and licks it at the base. She then licks his balls again as she opens her mouth and takes his balls into her mouth with one suck.

“OH DAMN!” he croaks.

She continues to suck his balls from behind as her hands move to the front to run her nails along his groin area, just along the edge of his pubic mound. She takes his large throbbing cock in her hands and strokes it softly and slowly.


Her mouth releases his balls and her tongue reaches out to lick the tip of his cock where a large bead of precum is starting to form. Her tongue takes a slow circle around the head of his cock as her hands continue to stroke it gently and softly, her fingers flicking out to caress his balls at the base of every stroke. Her mouth opens and takes his cock head into her mouth and sucks on his head, making him moan and groan in pleasure. Her mouth stretched out, she slides his cock deep into her mouth, her tongue running along the large vein on the underside of his cock. She takes it deeper and deeper until she has about 6 inches in her mouth and then slowly starts to slide her mouth back. As his cock comes out until only his head remains, she reverses course again to take his throbbing member into her mouth again, and again.

Dale yells, “I’M CUMMING!”

Colleen continues to suck and lick at his cock until he shoots streams of hot stringy cum into her mouth. She swallows it all as he shoots his load.

As she finishes, she stands up and strokes his cock. He grabs her tits and they continue to tease each other’s bodies. Dale’s hard on has not abated and he pushes her down on the table and slides his cock into her hot wet pussy, stretching her to her max.

She screams, “OH GODDDD!”

He keeps thrusting in and out as he squeezes her tits and pinches her nipples. Dale rocks back and forth, and back and forth until she screams in joy. He feels her pussy muscles clenching around his cock as he fucks her. He can feel her getting closer and closer until he feels her explode in a deep orgasm, splashing hot juices over his cock. He keeps slamming her deep and hard, fucking her continuously until she cums again and he starts to get close to cumming again himself. Sliding in and out of her he starts to get weak at the knees as she starts to clench at his cock again. Finally, he groans and cums again, shooting his second load deep into her hot wet pussy as she also cums again, mixing her juices with his.

Laying spent on the table, she pants and gasps to catch her breath. He smiles and lays over top of her and they kiss softly.

(Image Source: Marc Dorcel)

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