Cheater Payback-Chapter Five

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Bill was looking at sperm dribbling out of Cathy’s vagina, the dark colored cunt hair was all wet in some areas and matted up with dried cock and cunt juice in other places, he was trying to memorize the obscene image he saw.   Cathy asked,  “You like what you see? What are you going to do about it?”

Bill replied, “Baby, there isn’t much I can do about it except lick it for a couple of hours.”

Cathy said, “Yuk, Bill, if you want to drink all of that mess you must be gay, I’m not going to clean it out until we leave, I like how it feels.”

Bill took the hint and said, “I know that you know my friend Rick, he works mid shift so I know he should be home now.”

“I can call him right now if you want to fuck him, he can be here in less than ten minutes.”

Cathy laughed and said, “What kind of girl do you think I am?”

Bill just picked up the phone and dialed Rick’s number.  “Hello Rick, how would you like to fuck Cathy?”

Rick answered, “Of course I would.”

Bill nodded to Cathy and handed her the phone.  Cathy felt so slutty, but she was still very horny.  “Hi Rick, I’m at the Sundown Motel room 217, my cunt is a mess, but do you want to screw?’

Rick only said, “Yes” and Cathy heard the phone being hung up quickly.  About only four or five minutes later.  Bill opened the door and locked Rick inside.  Cathy was still naked laying on her back.  She bent her leg at the knee that was on the door side, giving Rick a look at her goods on display.  Rick saw that, and practically tore his clothes off.  Cathy spread to accommodate the half a foot of boner coming straight at her followed by Rick.  It crashed into her hot little fun bag that was all squishy with slop.  The bed was noisy as it was absorbing some of the shock of the fucking Cathy’s pussy was getting.  Needless to say Rick was aroused by the smell of pussyfucking and the cum filled pussy and two nipples, as well as a pretty smiling face with lust in her eyes.  The warm wet slippery vagina of Cathy felt silky smooth as the two went at each other.  Bill was watching from about three feet away next to the action, Cathy had his cock in her hand.  After about fifteen minutes, while still connected they rolled over and Cathy slid up and down on Ricks firm turgid cock.  He could see her pussy hair as she bounced up and down on him.  She began pounding her pubic bone onto his, a slapping sound went along with it.  After about a hundred thrusts into each other Cathy went stiff as she was enjoying getting her cookie.  A gush of girl cum erupted from somewhere in her vagina.  As she sat still on Rick’s rod, he couldn’t hold back any longer and his balls let loose, shooting millions of tiny sperm cells on their journey…She got off Rick’s softening penis and drug her cunt across Rick’s leg leaving a trail  like a snail.  Then she saw Bill laying there, his dick standing at attention.  She got over him and placed his little head at the entrance of her twat, she slowly lowered her velvety hole all the way to her cervix and sat there….

To be continued…

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