Cheater Payback-Chapter Four

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About an hour and a half later, Cathy and Bill’s bottom parts were connected again.  There was still some cum left inside her pussy and it had gelled up a little, making it a bit sticky and clingy as Bill sawed in and out.  They were screwing slowly and were both in a comfortable position so they could enjoy it for a long time, anyway there wasn’t anything else to do for the next five hours.  Their legs were tangled up for a scissors style position.  One of Cathy’s legs was resting over Bill’s hip and one of his hands was gently placed on the upper part next to her twat.  She was holding Bill’s nutsack in her hand like a couple of eggs, working them with her fingers.  To Bill, it was like some kind of weird Chinese tickle torture.  It felt so good he could hardly stand it.  The headboard was knocking against the wall while they fucked, but Cathy didn’t give a darn who heard it, because Bill’s cock was making her insides feel so good she didn’t want to stop.  Ever.  He was sure good with his  cock.   They were shifting their private parts around, probing and exploring where it felt good.  Cathy knew that the word, cunt, turned some men on when they heard a woman say it.  She was making nasty girl sounds while they fucked.  They were fucking faster and harder now, the shaking bed was squeaking and squealing on them making an obscene but very exciting racket.   Bill was on top of Cathy again,  hunching at her, banging their pelvic mounds hard, Cathy was getting her head pushed into the headboard.  But she didn’t want to stop and move back lower on the bed that was also getting beat up.  Bill caught a wiff of musky smelling cunt juice that a hot wet cunt gives off and rode Cathy’s body like a racehorse.  It was getting hot in the room and Bill was sweating a lot.  Their bodies were sticking to each other because of all his sweat.  Cathy’s mind was fixated on Bill’s penis stirring up the mess inside of her silky smooth spermbank.  Bill needed to stop and catch his breath, but as soon as he was breathing better she squeezed his pecker with her vaginal muscles and gave his balls a little tickle, setting him off again.  He pounded her five or six good hits and rested again.  But Cathy wouldn’t allow it.  She did it again and again.  She ordered him “You wanted to come to a motel with me because you wanted to fuck me!”  “Now fuck me.”   Cathy bit him on the ear, not too hard but just hard enough to get his attention back to the program.   There is no better fuck in this world than a hot bored horney cheating housewife, this woman is a firecracker.  Bill wanted to finish her off, so he positioned himself so his dick would be rubbing on her G spot and make her climax.  Then he could do the same.  He worked on that spot deliberately and carefully.  She fucked back at him, and soon Bill felt a wetness inside telling him she was done.  Cathy returned the favor and said, “Squirt me in the cunt!” ” I want your sperm in me.”  Oh you are so nasty.”  “Get your rocks off.”  “ah, ungh ungh, het, oh, oh fuck.”  Using her mouth with red lipstick to make sexy expressions.  She gave him a hard open mouth kiss, smearing lipstick on him.  She tried every nasty word and trick in her inventory to make him ejaculate.  It worked.  Bill went over the edge and his testicles injected five or six shots of baby formula into her egg storage.

End of chapter four

To be continued…

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