Cheater Payback-Chapter Seven

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Cathy told Bill to get her another towel, there was no need to say why because the old one was getting pretty soggy, to say the least.  She folded it once and then got back into position.  With open legs she reached over and grabbed hold of Rick’s pecker and pulled him with it, placing it at her cunt’s entrance. When Bill plunged into the very wet, well-lubricated, private place, her vaginal walls fluttered around it as he slid in, balls deep.  It felt wonderful, and he could feel Cathy’s flesh spread while at the same time she was squeezing him with it.  Cathy gave out a little laugh and asked, “Do you like that?”  He answered her with a slap, slap, slap, slap noise of a dick and a wet pussy banging together.  After a good long minute or so he was still going at her with his body.  Cathy said “Rick, honey, take it easy, you aren’t going to wear my pussy out, you are just wearing yourself out.  But, oh God your cock feels so good in there.”  Bill was watching everything and did exactly what Cathy was hoping he would do, that being taking one of her legs and holding it up, pointing towards the ceiling.  This allowed Rick better access and provided Bill a better scene for his perverted eyes.  Cathy opened her legs wider and did what she had just been taught, that being pulling Rick into him hard and allowing his cock more penetration to squirt her deep inside her eggbox.  She was also going to do this with her husband next chance he got.  Anyway, Cathy was squirming and bouncing around, her tits jammed into his chest and her nails digging into his back like some sort of wildcat in heat. She was also cussing worse than a sailor with a lot of F, C, S, and P words.  The nasty woman was an exciting and talented fuck.  She had years of experience screwing and making babies in the marriage bed.  As well as a few other places. She was nearing climax so she told Rick, “Don’t stop fucking me you S.O.B., faster, faster, fuck me hard, honey!”  Slamming her naked body at him violently working on her orgasm.  Bill was also helping her by pulling on her leg to meet their crotch slamming lewdness.  Poor Rick was just along for the ride as he tried to keep his cum inside his balls for her.  Cathy became limp as her body shivered and shuttered in pleasure as her jets inside released a load of girl cum soaking Rick’s already wet dick.  With a smile of a satisfied woman on Cathy’s  beautiful face she gave Rick a sexy kiss on the lips, and like a high school kid also gave him a hickey on his neck as her whole body continued to rock with sexual satisfaction.  She said weakly, Go ahead Rick shoot your load in me now.”  Rick went stiff as he shot off, he felt his cock going fwt  fwt  fwt  fwt  fwt, as five bolts of sperm went into her.  He lied atop her as the two sweaty bodies hugged each other, exhausted and spent.  Bill slowly eased Cathy’s leg down onto Rick and she rested it on his bottom.  Bill had to wait patiently for Cathy to regurgitate so he could fuck her again.       End of chapter seven.

To be continued…

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