Cheater Payback-Chapter Six

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As Cathy sat on Bill’s erection,  a splooge of cum flowed down onto Bill’s balls covering them  and cascading onto the towel.  Cathy asked, “Is it OK if I sit here?”

Bill answered “Of course, but please be careful that you don’t slip off.”   Cathy reached down with her hand and held onto his nut sack as if to steady herself.  Bill placed his hands on her hips and pulled her down onto him implanting his root deeper into her, causing his plump prick to push harder against the bottom and making his cock flex a little.  Cathy slowly moved slightly from side to side churning the remaining cum that was trapped inside all of the folds and crevasses inside her warm supple wonderful little fuckhole.

She told both guys, “Let’s see if we can make a baby.”

Rick asked, “What if your old man finds out?”

So as to get the guys fired up more she said, “He wants me to get pregnant as long as he doesn’t know exactly who did it; in fact I am going to be needing you guys for some help in the future.”  Rick decided to help more as he got up and stood over her and started helping her bounce up and down on Bill.  He was also getting frisky as he looked down at the pornographic view, his limp still wet dick was brushing Cathy in the hair as they worked on her.  Cathy took her other hand and cupped his testicles as Rick felt more sperm charging up in them.  By now the room smelled strongly of  sweat, pussy, and fucking.  The noisy bed was broadcasting through the cheap walls as to what was going on.  But nobody in this room cared.  It was almost two thirty a.m. -not that anyone was was clockwatching.  They fucked that way for a good half  hour or so, it seemed.  Ricks penis was now standing again banging Cathy in the back of the head.  Pre cum lubricant was making her hair wet.  Bill was breathing hard and would be ejaculating soon if he didn’t stop, and Cathy wasn’t quite ready for that, so she said, “Switch!”  Now it was Rick’s turn again.  She lifted up and there was a POP as they pulled apart.

To be continued…

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  1. Nastyperson

    Dear editor, thank you for posting my story as well as for your help with the editing. I can’t see where I am getting any reviews, good or bad, I guess that is OK since not everyone likes some things that I omit, or maybe it is too nasty or something. I will try harder starting with chapter seven, with hopes you will be able to use it. Again, thank you, (can’t use my real name).

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