Cheater Payback-Chapter Three

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Cathy made Bill call room service to ask for a 6:45 a.m. wakeup  call  in case they overslept.  Then he laid back on the bed.  Cathy was wiping up her vagina with a tissue.  He told Cathy she was a great fuck.  In the semi-dark room Cathy took the slimy tissue and stuck it into his mouth while saying, “Yeah, and you keep your mouth shut about it too.”  The hot little housewife had given him a good workout and his dick was all floppy like an overcooked noodle.  Cathy had a smug, subtle smile on her pretty face that a woman gets after orgasm.  She switched on one of the small lights on the nightstand and casually put her panties and bra back on.  Since his balls were empty for now she noticed there wasn’t much response seeing her nakedness.  She told Bill, since I see you won’t be good for me for a while, can you go out and get us some food?  I’m not cheap and I know you aren’t rich either, but I don’t want a gas station hotdog. I’m a hamburger, fries, and Coke kind of girl and that’s what I expect.  When Bill closed the door behind him Cathy sat back on the bed and switched on the TV while thinking about some more nasty crotch to crotch tickle with her and Bill.

End of chapter three.

To be continued…

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