Cheater Payback-Chapter Two

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For the next two days while Cathy was waiting for her appointment with Bill, she could hardly contain herself with all the excitement.  She gave Tony a couple of good fucks, and called Norma to talk mostly about Bill and to make sure their date was still on.  She had nothing to worry about because Norma talked to Bill and he was as excited as Cathy was about it. As a matter of fact, Norma said that her and Bill had screwed twice in the last year.  The married women in their little Asian community kept him busy, mostly it was with the ones who had husbands that were too old or weren’t doing their job, or wives that were just plain bored.

He didn’t kiss and tell and was a pretty nice guy.  He had been married a long time ago.  He wasn’t what women would call a good catch partly because he was lazy and always got the easiest job he could find.  He had average looks, 5′ 8″ tall, medium build, short, brown hair, etc…Norma even said his dick was only, “big enough.”  His days off from work were Monday and Tuesday.   Monday night was the night he and Cathy were to get together.  Unknown to Tony, Cathy would call in sick on Monday and would not be at work for her late shift at the senior citizen rest home where she worked.

As planned, Monday night arrived and Cathy met Bill at Walmart’s parking lot where she followed him to the Sundown Motel.  Bill had told Cathy not to park her car too close to him and not near room 217 to avoid any suspicion just in case someone saw her car there, even though they were not parked close to the road where someone could see her car.  Bill got out of his car and walked a short distance to the office to get the key for the prepaid room.  He returned to Cathy’s car and she got out and they walked to the room together, neither of them saying a word.  Once inside the room Bill turned around and locked the door.   Cathy told him, “Before we do anything I need to remove my work clothes, I don’t want Tony to smell your cologne on me.”  “That’s fine with me.” Bill said.   He watched her strip down as he made sure the room was  secure and the lights were set just right for sex.  Cathy was now in her bra and panties.  A towel was placed on the bed where they would be fucking.   She hugged bill while  pressing her small titties into his chest with her petite firm body.  She fell back onto the bed pulling him with her.

Clothing was quickly removed and so were any moral restraints.  Bill saw Cathy’s small, unshaved, dark, kinky-haired, triangle-shaped pelt.  Her legs were spread a little so she could offer him a view.   His cock was about as big as her husband’s little six incher and it was now hard enough to fuck with.  Cathy reached down and grabbed his ball basket, pulling it towards her warm, wet sperm catcher.  She used her other hand and positioned his penis for penetration and banged her pubic mound into his.  His cock plopped inside and they were screwing.  The forbidden pleasure made fucking feel twice as good, it seemed.  The lust was so great that they fucked like a couple of animals.   She hunched up and pounded back at him, with his mushroom shaped prick acting like a plunger, swishing around her soft insides.  Every now and then he would hit her cervix.  The bed was noisy and they were making a heck of a racket.  If there was anyone on the other side of the wall they were  sure getting some darn good audio porn.  Cathy wrapped her smooth legs around Bills back, her toes were curled, it felt so good.  She was clinging onto him as he pounded her bottom to the bed.  She was whispering nasty words into his ear, fueling his rage, making him fuck her faster and harder.  Cathy had a powerful orgasm, she went limp like as a rag doll.  Her cunt was a sloppy mess now.  Bill was glad to have hung on long enough for that , now he could cum.  Cathy held his balls gently as Bill blasted a high pressure load of semen inside.  They laid exhausted sweating onto each other while Bill’s dick shrunk down and fell out of her vagina followed by their messy white oil slick drooling onto the towel she had placed under her.  Smiling, Cathy told Bill , “Honey, the night is still young, I’m not finished with you just yet.”

End of Chapter Two

To be continued…

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