Chocolate Delight

Fayth walked in to her favorite bakery with a smile on her face, the wonderfully sweet smell of fresh bread enticing her senses. This girl was a sight to see; though she wouldn’t believe you if you told her, she was quite a beauty for the age of 35. She was around 5’8, with a small waist and wide flaring hips. Her legs were long and strong, especially her thick thighs, and she possessed a gorgeous round ass. From the waist up, she had many more beautiful features: long, dark chocolate hair to her waist, firm D cup breasts, a soft inviting mouth, dimples, and eyes that glowed with mischief. She walked up to the counter and grinned at the petite girl behind it. “What’s up, Carla?” The girl replied, “Oh just the wonders of deserts as always. And I assume you are looking for Nikos?” she said with a knowing grin. Nikos was the handsome owner of the bakery and he and Fayth had a very flirtatious relationship—though they honestly never dated or had sex. Carla found it amusing to watch them flirt and to build up sexual tension between them with dirty comments about them. “Of course, why else do I come here?” Fayth said with a laugh. Carla laughed along with her, “I will be right back with the King. Sit down on one of the stools cuz you know you have to rest all that ass.” The petite woman skipped away to the back of the shop to go fetch Nikos. Still chuckling, Fayth sat down on a stool and enjoyed her surroundings. Ever since she was a little girl, her mother had brought her to this very bakery to buy deserts for celebrations, birthdays, and daily treats. It hadn’t changed that much in 30 years: the walls were a beautiful sky blue—now a little faded, the counter was made of smooth granite, there was that chip of paint near the door, the stools still creaked occasionally, and the huge display cases showed all the wonderful sugary treats for anyone to enjoy. She remembered climbing over the counter and personally picking up the honey buns that Mr. Robinson—the old owner of the store—made for her personally. She was still a little lost in her reverie when someone cleared their voice. She turned around to look at Nikos Robinson.

Nikos was tall, nearly 6’3, and towered over her but not in a scary, domineering way but a protective, sexy way. He was tanned and muscular from playing football in high school and had a large frame with broad shoulders. His hands were large and flaked with calluses but she knew that those hands could be inexplicably gentle and efficient. His face was very handsome; classic just like that of a Greek god, but the angular cheekbones and dimples marked his Native American ancestry. He had long, flowing black hair to his shoulders but the feature that made Fayth particularly weak in the knees was his emerald eyes; one look into his eyes and she melted immediately—especially in one area: the spot between her legs. He smiled at her and said, “Good afternoon Fay, right on time as always. So what will it be? The usual?” She nodded her head, blushing, “You know me well. Yes, I want a dozen honey buns and two cinnamon rolls for my Mama.” “Of course, such a darling woman, and anything special for her lovely daughter,” he said in a quiet voice. She flushed again and shook her head. “Alright, I’ll just go get—” The doorbell rang. He moved from behind the counter and went to look through the windows. “Oh, it’s Mr. Bridges; he must be here to pick up the birthday cake for his twins. I’ll just attend to him and I’ll be back and attend to ALL of your needs, alright.” He looked her in the eye causing her to melt again and she felt herself nodding her head. He smiled and walked to the back, Fayth watching his ass the entire away. She sighed to herself. Lord that man is just too fine. God can he just take me already, I’ve been ready for him since the day I met him. She bit her lip, thinking of what he might do to her given the chance. Would he treat her gently, devouring her body slowly? Or would he unleash all his passion on her at once, pounding her, making her cry out in pure ecstasy? Fayth’s pussy got tight and wet at the thought of her becoming nothing but a receptacle for his lust. She clenched her thighs together to keep herself from sneaking a quick moment of relief.

She sighed and instantly felt the hair on the back of her neck prickling up. Nikos breathed gently on her neck and whispered in her ear, “Are you feeling alright Fay? You look very hot right now.” She shuddered but turning to look him directly in the eye, she said, “I’m fine . . . I don’t know about you.  Are you feeling hot?” She pushed her chest out and gave him the defiant, arrogant look that she knew turned him on and sure enough, his eyes became inflamed with desire. His eyes ran up and down the length of her body, making her feel like his hands were running over every inch of her skin, before he lowered his eyelashes and stepped  away from her, robbing her of his heat. He went to the counter and grabbed the creamy white box that contained her honey buns and cinnamon rolls and hand them to her, his hands brushing against hers. They glanced up at each other, then shyly looked away. Clearing his throat, Nikos said, “You know Fayth, I have a job opening here as my assistant. I’ve interviewed a few people but no one seems to be able to handle it. But a strong girl like you . . . well I’m sure that you could handle anything I threw at you.” To prove his point, he threw the boxes with Mr. Bridges’ cakes at her, which she caught with ease. He nodded his approval at her quick reflexes. “I wouldn’t even have to interview you or really train you; you know this shop as well as I do and I already know that you can bake, Fayth. If you want the job, it’s yours,” he said with a shrug. She gazed at Nikos, noticing the way that his muscles bulged out of his short-sleeved black t-shirt and the way his hair fell over his eyes. A job where she worked every day in front of a hot oven with the gorgeous Nikos? It’s as if he asked me do I want a million dollars. She grabbed her box and began to walk toward the door, knowing that he admired the way her ass bounced. At the last minute, she looked over her shoulder at him and said with a mischievous grin, “When do I start?” He returned her grin and replied, “As soon as possible. I’ll expect you tomorrow morning at 8 and please wear something a little more . . . work appropriate,” his eyes resting appreciatively on her exposed cleavage. She nodded and walked out the bakery, the last thought in her mind: Well, I’m going to have to throw out these panties.

. . . . . . . .

Fayth came in the next morning exactly at 8, wearing a crisp white blouse with the top buttons undone and a navy pencil skirt with a slit to her mid-thigh. As always, she felt an internal peace walking into the bakery. That internal peace was shattered and her heart started to pound when she saw that Carla wasn’t behind the counter to greet her; Nikos was there leaning over a book. He looked up when he heard the door close and then gave her that smile that always made her body melt. “Well, right on time,” he said checking his watch. “Are you ready to begin work?” She nodded and followed him into the back. Since the shop truly opened at 9, none of the other employees had shown up yet, so the back was deserted. Perfect time and place for a little quickie. She rolled her eyes, oh please we’ve been in this situation more than once and he has yet to make a move. She sighed and then realized that he was speaking to her. She flushed uncontrollably and he gave her a knowing smile. “Lost in dreamland, Fayth,” he made it a statement instead of a question. She nodded and whispered, “A little.” “I understand.” Nikos turned away from her and continued to walk the length of the room, Fayth trailing in his wake. “You shall assist me both in baking and management. When I’m not here, I want you to act on my behalf and do what you think would be best when it comes to customers and so forth.” She said, “No problem.” “Good. Here you need an apron.” He grabbed one of the white aprons from off the hanger and walked towards her. Instead of giving it to her to put on herself, he put it over her head and then moved behind her to tie it before she could even react. Nikos pressed close against Fayth, his breath gently stirring the hair on the back of her neck, as he tied the sash in the back of the apron. She held her breath as he quickly smoothed her blouse under the apron, her body reacting to the heat of his hands through the thin top. He didn’t move away from her immediately and her heart sped up when she felt his lips getting close to her neck. He breathed deeply, inhaling the scent of her perfume, his lips inches away from her long neck. At the last moment, he moved away from her; devastated, she turned to look at him and noticed that there was a definite bulge in the front of his jeans.  He turned away from her, his chest rising and falling rapidly, “Welcome to the bakery.”

. . . . . . . .

Fayth continued to work at the bakery for the next few weeks. She baked and cooked besides Nikos from 8 in the morning till 10 at night. She helped him run the shop, keeping wayward employees in line, making sure deliveries arrived on time, and generally trying to keep Nikos happy while keeping her arousal in place. It’s not easy for her to be around him all the time surrounded by delicious jams and jelly that could coat her nipples and pussy or use rolling pins that she couldn’t help but imagine spanking her firm ass. Sometimes, he would make her taste a new concoction he had made—directly from his fingers; how could she suck the delicious cream off his finger when all she wanted to do was go down on her knees and suck the cream from his huge cock? But the absolute worse was when he assisted her in rolling out the dough, his hands over hers, his hard body pressed against her back while he whispered instructions softly into her ear. It made her soaking wet, especially when she felt his hard-on pressed against her ass. At the end of every day, she would go home and finger fuck herself to climax imagining Nikos’ cock inside her, fucking her till she couldn’t move her legs. During all of this, Nikos treated her kindly at work, appreciating her help but she soon realized that was because she followed his work rules—such as being to work on time. One day she arrived 20 minutes late to the bakery and realized just how tough Nikos actually was.

              . . . . . . . .

Fayth pushed open the bakery door at 8:20, her nerves tightly wound. My god, I am so late; I’ve never been late to work before. Dear God, please don’t let Nikos be mad at me. She walked into the bakery desperately trying to make as little noise as possible. Not that it mattered, she soon realized, because Nikos was standing behind the counter waiting for her, his arms crossed and his face expressionless. “Nikos—” “Why are you late?” She jumped; she had never heard Nikos’ voice so harsh and devoid of warmth. “Nikos—” “You know I don’t tolerate lateness. Why are you 20 minutes late?” He wasn’t yelling at her, but she was scared to the depths of her soul at that moment. “It was my best friend’s birthday. We went out to the club and I had a few drinks. I guess I was a bit hung-over—” “Do you think that matters to me; you should not have been drinking, knowing that you had work the next morning and that you would probably be late if you did. Do you consider that to be acceptable?” She bowed her head and whispered, “No Nikos.” Nikos said in a hard tone, “Well neither do I. Today I want you to work on all the ovens, making sure that not a single loaf of bread is burnt. I want you to clean off the counters, both in the back and the front. Attend to every one of the customers if Carla is busy at that moment. And if I call you to come assist me, you better be at my side in the next few seconds. Is that clear.” She looked down at the ground and said quietly, “Yes sir.” “Good,” he turned away from her and walked back to the counter, “Get out of my sight and start your work.” She winced and hurried to the back, fearing his wrath. Throughout the rest of the day, she followed Nikos’ instructions to the letter: collecting all the loaves of bread out of the oven, making sure none of the customers left unhappy, picking up the trays of desserts and setting them up in the display cases, and answering Nikos’ every beck and call. At 9 p.m., her hands and upper arms were covered in welts and burns, her legs and feet ached, and her back desperately wanted to give out.  She collapsed on one of the stools in the back, trying to seek a few minutes of relief. She panted, trying to get her breath back. Carla came up to her and rested a reassuring arm round her shoulders, “Exhausted, honey?” She looked up at Carla, “Yep. I was late to work so now I have to do all these things for Nikos.” “Aww, you poor thing,” she gave her a tight hug, “Don’t worry. He’s probably just testing you.” “You think?” “I’m sure. I gotta go home, love ya.” She gave her a kiss on the cheek and walked out of the bakery.

Fayth took a deep breath, wishing that her heart rate would return to normal. Just as the pains and aches started to fade away, she heard Nikos call her. She jumped to her feet, heard her ankle cry out in protest, and went to the front of the bakery to see what he wanted. She walked to the front of the counter and looked at Nikos, quietly. “You called me, Nikos?” Looking at her impassively, he said, “Has everyone already left for the day?” Fayth nodded her head. “Good,” he walked towards the windows, pulled the shades and locked the door. Turning back towards her, he said, “Are you ready to receive your punishment?”  “Bbbutt—But Nikos I thought this was my—” Suddenly, Nikos was in front of her and he gripped her chin in his hand, “No backtalk. And you either call me sir or master, understand.” She shuddered and whispered, “Yes master.” He let go of her chin and stepped back to lean against the counter, his arms crossed. He looked her up and down with a predatory look on his face that made her feel like she was completely exposed before him. “What are you wearing beneath the apron?” She said, “A crimson V-neck dress, sir.” “And beneath that,” Nikos asked with the same impassive expression. She flushed angrily and said, “I don’t think that’s none of your—” Nikos gripped her neck and lifted her to his eye level, cutting off her breath, “What did I say about back talk. Now I’m only going to ask you this one more time: What are you wearing beneath your dress?” She gasped out, “A black lace bra and thong with garters and stockings.” He released his hold on her neck, dropping her. She gasped, taking in some much needed oxygen and looked up at Nikos. He looked down at her and said sternly, “Remove your apron and dress.” She rose, unsteadily, on her feet and started to undress; she untied her dirty apron and dropped on the floor, feeling Nikos’ intense gaze the entire time. She took in a deep breath, her hands shaking as she moved on to her dress. She started to unbutton the top of her crimson dress, her eyes looking down the entire time. She slipped the dress of her shoulders and let it pool at her feet; she delicately stepped out of the dress and looked up at Nikos, waiting. He said in a quiet voice, “Yes, all of it…” “But sir—” He gripped her throat again and said in a menacing voice, “Obviously, you need to learn a lesson.”

He forcefully bent her over the counter, raising her thong-covered ass high in the air. Fayth gasped in shock, her knees quaking in anticipation of his next move. Before she could even draw in another breath, pain exploded on her ass. She shrieked as another blow came down on her, spanking her tender flesh. Looking over her shoulder, she realized that Nikos had spanked her using one of the larger rolling pins. He growled when he saw her looking. “Don’t you dare look me in the eyes while you are being punished. Turn away.” Whimpering, she turned her face away as the rolling pin came down on her ass again. She bit her lip hard, tears flooding her eyes as Nikos rained hard blows on her ass, leaving it inflamed. After a few minutes of this torture, she heard him say, “You don’t seem to be feeling anything. A proper spanking is on the bare ass and these panties are in the way.” Putting the rolling pin down, he reached out and grabbed the waistband of her thong; she whimpered, her pussy swelling with wetness and desire, when she felt him drag down her thong, his hand brushing her fleshy lips. He dropped her black panties on the floor and she heard him sigh in satisfaction seeing her naked lower half for the first time. Suddenly, she was cold, Nikos having moved away from her. She was tempted to turn around and look for him, but she feared what he would do to her if she did. She waited in silence, her arms and legs going numb from her raised position. After a few minutes, she felt something leathery caress her sore skin. She recognized it to be a belt and trembled in anticipation, waiting for Nikos to give her a good old-fashioned spanking. A crack ripped out in the air as he brought the belt down across her ass. She screamed at the pain, her ass throbbing. He spanked her harder and harder using his belt, not saying a single word, increasing the naughty feeling burning up inside her. He switched between ass cheeks, making sure that her entire ass was equally spanked. Suddenly the storm of blows ended, and she gasped in relief pushing herself up. Two strong hands pushed her back down, ending her quick relief; Nikos growled in her ear, “Did I say that you could move?” Wordlessly, she shook her head. He pulled away and proceeded to spank her again, the pain level going from horrible to excruciating as Nikos hit her with his long belt. She cried out pitifully, her body limp and unresisting, acknowledging his dominance over her. After what seemed like a millennia in hazy agony, he stopped.

Nikos lifted her weak body and turned her over on the counter. His face was impassive as ever but she could see the desire flaming in his emerald green eyes. He put down the belt and went behind the counter to retrieve something. She waited patiently for him to come back into her line of sight; when he did, he was carrying a jar full of the darkest, imported chocolate that money could buy. She swallowed hard as he came to stand in front of her. He looked at her with a knowing smile on his face, “I bet you know what I’m going to do with all this chocolate.” She shook her head and said, “No master.” He shook his head in obvious disappointment and dipped his fingers in the jar, covering them with the chocolate. Looking at her again, he gently ran his fingers across her lips coating them in chocolate before kissing her. She moaned helplessly against his mouth, relieved to finally be kissing Nikos after all this time. He kissed her passionately, licking up the drops of chocolate off her lips before he parted them with his tongue. His tongue invaded her mouth, tangling with hers, making her feel like her insides were melting all at once. After a few seconds of heated kissing, he moved away, a devilish spark in his eyes. He dipped his fingers back into the jar filled with chocolate and ran his fingers over her neck and down onto her cleavage. He quickly removed her black lace bra and threw it on the floor behind him. Getting more chocolate, he covered her breasts in the dark chocolate, licking the chocolate off her neck as he did so. Kissing her neck, he moaned against her skin, his own arousal more obvious as he pressed against her. He moved down to her breasts, kissing every inch of it, devouring both the sweet topping and her flesh. She shuddered and moaned, her hands on the back of his head, as she basked in the delicious feel of his lips on her. She desperately wanted to reach down and rub her clit, but she knew she had to stay put. He moved on to her nipples, twirling his tongue around the left one while tweaking the other nipple with his hand. He sucked on the dark pebble till it stood firm and erect; grinning, he moved on to her other nipple, sucking it hard. He continued kissing a trail down her body, making her entire body quake in desire. He stopped when he reached her pussy and stood up. Reaching behind Fayth, Nikos grabbed a large spoon meant for smoothing icing on to cakes.

Looking at her, he dipped it into the jar, efficiently covering it in melted, dark chocolate. He smiled at her while she looked at him in confusion, unsure of what he would use that for. Soon her question was answered. He spread the chocolate over her shaved pussy, making her gasp from the unexpected heat. He coated her entire cunt, occasionally getting more chocolate from the jar.  He dipped the spatula in the jar one more time before insinuating it in between her pussy lips, filling her with the delicious chocolate. She moaned, knowing that the chocolate was mixing with her own copious juices. He grinned, “Look at you, my horny submissive. I’ve brutally spanked you and all you want is more. You’re cunt is dripping all over the floor.” She bowed her head, ashamed at her obvious enjoyment of being brutalized than taken advantage of. He got on his knees again and slowly began to lick the molten topping off her shaven mound, taking care to avoid her clit for the time being. He retrieved as much chocolate as possible before leaning back to stare at her pussy lips. She whimpered in excitement, desperately waiting for the feel of his tongue on her again. He ran his fingers along her pussy lips before gently forcing them apart. She moaned in pleasure as his fingers began to thrust in and out of her, Nikos blowing on her swollen clit. He circled his tongue around it, causing her to shake, before finally sucking on the little nub. She panted deliriously while he sucked on her clit and finger-fucked her. He forced the rest of his fingers inside her, effectively fisting her pussy, her cunt stretched to accommodate his large hands. He forced her higher and higher and higher, allowing her to reach the pinnacle of arousing her but preventing her from cumming all over his face. He gently gnawed at her aching clit with his teeth, his eyes gazing into hers, before biting down on it. Fayth screamed mindlessly as she came over his fist and mouth. He continued to thrust into her, extending her pleasure longer than humanly possible, before pulling his hand away. She let out a sigh of relief closing her eyes for a moment, basking in the afterglow of her orgasm. Hearing the sound of his zipper, she opened her eyes to see his firm cock. He commanded her to get on her knees which she willingly did. He looked down at her as he pressed his cock head against her soft lips.

. . . . . . . .

Nikos couldn’t believe what was happening at that moment. He had endured the exquisite torture that was being in her presence for months, his mind filled with fantasies about her day after day. Finally, he had gotten up the nerve to ask her to be his assistant, the position having been open for more than two months already. He was positively ecstatic when she said she would do it.  Working with her was like an impossible dream come true. Not only did she start a fire in his blood, but he truly appreciated the help she was around the bakery. He was naturally organized but she had brought something unique to the table, and he soon realized that things were running more smoothly, his fellow bakers were more orderly and friendly, and the tiny bakery had more business. He did not fail to notice that most of the new customers were male, probably due to Fay’s unbelievable sexiness and sass.  He watched her interact with them, struggling to hide his jealousy, but he was always pleased to note that she turned down their advances. He had always wondered if she was seeing anyone during the time that he had known her and finally got the courage to ask. Fayth had blushed and whispered, “No,” much to his surprise. Now that he knew that she was single, it was only a matter of making her realize the passion and longing he had for her in way that didn’t frighten her off. When she arrived 20 minutes late, it was the perfect opportunity to not only instills discipline in her but to make his move. He had practically worked her to death the entire day in order to tire her out and make her more accepting for the actual punishment. He had spanked her till she was willing and submissive and he was almost out of his mind with lust and then kissed her delectable lips like he had been dreaming of doing for nearly a year. Nikos sucked on her chocolate-covered breasts and then got to taste the irresistible combination of her pussy juices and dark chocolate, fighting to hide the fact that he was holding himself back from cumming all over her voluptuous figure. Now she was on her knees, about to suck his cock, and all he could think was I’ve never been so aroused in my life.

Fayth gently licked the head of his cock, covering it with the softest kisses imaginable. Looking up at her master, she gripped his hard cock in her hand, her hand barely able to reach around it. She stroked his cock slowly, drawing out ever single agonizing moment for him. Glancing up at him, she opened her mouth and took his cock inside her throat, deep throating him in one suck. She moaned round him sucking him as hard as she could. He looked down at Fayth, admiring the way her throat muscles bulged as she tried to accommodate his dick. He grabbed her hair, pulling her mouth even deeper onto his cock, making her choke as her eyes teared up. Knowing what he expected, she sucked on him harder, gazing his cock with her teeth while her hands squeezed his balls. He stifled a groan, not wanting Fayth to know how fucking turned on he was. Suddenly, she swallowed around his cock causing it to jerk in her mouth as he fought to regain control of himself. Understanding that he liked that, she bobbed her head up and down on his shaft faster and faster, swallowing and teasing his balls with her nails as she did so. Nikos pulled harder on her hair, arching his back and tilting his head back. He moaned quietly, his teeth gritted. Hold back, hold back, you idiot, his body screamed at him, don’t cum yet, you’re not done with her; you have to fuck that tight cunt till she cums over and over again on your cock. Fayth gently sank her teeth into his shaft, making his entire body shake. He pulled out of her mouth before he could release down her throat. She pouted up at him, obviously not pleased that he took his cock away from her, but didn’t say anything just looked at him quietly.  He fought to calm down his pounding heart, trying to maintain the appearance of control and dominance he had had before. She waited, eagerly waiting his next command. Grabbing her hair again, he ordered, “Turn around and get on your hands and knees.” She flushed deliciously and did exactly as he told her to do, turning around and getting on her hands and knees. He felt his excitement rise higher when he saw the redness and swelling on her ass left by his belt and the remains of the chocolate clinging to her thighs and swollen cunt. His cock throbbed painfully, the veins on his shaft pulsing impatiently.

Moving behind her, he ran the head of his cock gently along the seam between her fleshy petals before filling her up with one smooth thrust; she involuntarily spasmed round his cock, heightening the extreme pleasure for the both of them. He groaned under his breath and savagely thrusted inside her pussy, feeling her wet walls ripple around him, as he pounded her relentlessly. She panted uncontrollably, her body rocking forward with each of his thrusts, biting her lips in ecstasy. He pounded her harder and harder, her ass smacking against his stomach. Nikos dug his nails into her hips, pulling her back against his cock, the pain only making her pleasure soar higher. God this is too much. He thrusted with an animalistic instinct, his hips out of control and his mind a haze of lust. Suddenly, she cried out, “Master!” She started to rub her clit with one hand, trying to achieve climax. She moaned and rubbed her clit harder and harder, getting closer and closer to cumming all over him. She moaned helplessly, loving the ripping pleasure of being mercilessly fucked. However, before she could achieve satisfaction, he pulled out of her. She pouted and looked over her shoulder at him, aching for the feel of his cock inside her empty pussy. “Why did you stop, master?” she asked, submissively. He ran his nails down her back, making her arch her spine. “Have you ever been fucked in the ass?” She shook her head, embarrassed, “No master.” He grinned and smacked her sore ass with his cock. “Well, you’re about to be fucked.” Before she could utter a word of protest, he thrust all the way inside her virgin ass. “MASTER!!!!” She screamed as he violated her ass, her ass hole stretched impossibly wide for him as he thrusted and thrusted inside her. He pounded her pussy and then reached down and gripped her breasts in his hands, tweaking her nipples. She whimpered, Nikos brutalizing her ass and pulling on her already sore nipples. Nikos gritted his teeth, losing control of himself and his hips, pounding Fayth and pulling savagely on her breasts. She gasped and screamed, cumming uncontrollably; her cum covered his balls and thighs as her climax overtook her. He growled loudly, unable to hold back any longer, his cum filling Fayth’s asshole. Their cum spilled over both their thighs as they collapsed exhausted on the floor.

He pulled his limp cock out of her and she turned in his arms. He gave her a crooked grin before kissing her gently. Fayth smiled and kissed him back with as much energy as she had left. They laid on the floor for a few minutes before standing up shakily. The two dressed, glancing at each other from time to time; when they finished, they turned to face each other. Nikos pulled her against him and kissed her with as much passion as before. She melted in his arms and sighed when he pulled away. He asked her, “Did you learn your lesson?” She nodded her head, “Yes Nikos.” “Good because next time, I won’t be so lenient.” She blushed, her hazel eyes meeting his green ones.

. . . . . . . .

She walked out of the bakery, her knees still shaking and her ass sore. Looking back longingly toward the bakery, she made a decision: Next time she would arrive 60 minutes late to work!!!

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