Me And My Choir Teacher Part Two

Wiped out by our last intercourse, me and Ms. Gardner got our clothes back on. I sighed deeply, “We should have done this sooner.”

Still heavy breathing and cum dripping down her leg, Ms. Gardner put her jeans on. “I’m wiped out, Jordan,” she sighed. “I think we need to go home,” she said.

“Let me take you home,” I said.

“No, I really shouldn’t.”

“Please let me take you home, my treat.”

“Alright,” she said sighing. “Just let me grab my stuff.”

She grabs her bag and her keys and we walked out the door. We cross the parking lot to get to my car. She grabs my arm as I escort her to the passenger door. I open the door to my dark blue Corvette. She trembles as she steps into the car. I close the door and hop around to the driver seat. I get in and I notice Ms. Gardner is still deeply breathing. I put the keys into the ignition and turn. The engine roars to life. I pull out of the parking spot, and turn into the main road. I look next to me and see Ms. Gardner squeezing her thighs together. I wonder why, maybe it was the rumble of the engine making her horny.

“Can we pull over please?” she said.

I look at her, she looks like she’s going to throw up. I pull on to the side of the road. When I stop she turns off the car and smashes my face with hers, kissing me hard. She takes her left hand and undoes the buttons. I immediately get hard. She breaks the kiss and pulls my pants down partially and takes out my penis. She starts to blow me as I move the seat back. Taking me all the way in she deep throats my cock. Her saliva drips down the shaft when she pulls away. She slurps the spit and strokes my cock hard, like she wants the cum now. She starts blowing me again, and I start grabbing her ass and pushing her pants off. She stops and strokes again even harder. She really wants my cum.

She starts to take her pants off while I take off mine. She then takes her shirt off leaving the bright blue bra on. Her bare pussy is really wet, a little pussy juice dripping from it. She gets on and I aim for her pussy. Without hesitation she shoves my cock straight in, overwhelmed with pleasure she moans. She starts to ride me. I take her bra off and throw it in the back seat. Her tits are right in my face. I take one and suck on it like a baby for milk. She keeps​ riding faster and faster, my cock is itching to cum. She stops and gets back into her seat. I take my shirt off and come on top of her. I push the seat back all the way and put the back down. I grab her legs and stick my cock back into her. She arches her back and moans loudly. I thrust, slowly at first and then faster every minute. Her tits bounce up and down her chest as I thrust faster, making her moan with pleasure. Her deep blue eyes stare into mine as I fuck her.

“Will you cum into me again?” she asked still staring into my eyes.

“No, I have something​ better planned,” I smiled. She smiles too, and she arches her back again, trying to squeeze the cum out of my cock. She moans, and I feel a little fluid squirt onto my cock. She screams as I thrust faster​. I’m on the verge of cumming. I can feel her pussy squeezing, and retracting.

Right as I am about to cum I pull out. I stroke my cock and blast what seems to be and endless stream of cum out of my cock, squirting all over her tits and face. And for, I kid you not, 30 seconds this happened. Groaning to get the last of cum out. After I got done, I sat back on the dash, looking at the milky white mess I made.


To be continued.


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