Classmates reunion

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Michelle was celebrating her birthday and impending overseas trip, and had asked me to come along for a night out on the town. I hadn’t seen her for about a year since we finished university, so i thought it would be great to catch up with her and the other girls i went to uni with. As one of the only guys in the class, i had often taken part in conversations where these girls would discuss boyfriends, sex, and ask for my opinion from the male perspective.

I had particularly got on well with Michelle. she was a bubbly redhead with a voluptuous figure and long, flowing hair that fell in loose curls down her back. She had fantastic blue eyes that seemed to smile when she did, which was often. She was generally pretty happy but often had fights with her boyfriend, and would confide in me about it. I had missed having that contact with her since we had gone our separate ways.

It was a rainy night when a big group of us met up in town , and i was looking forward to having some strong drinks to warm up. It was great to hear how everyone was and see them again, finding out where we were all working, etc. michelle got up and sang some karaoke with a couple of others, while i sat and laughed, i don’t think i had ever heard anything so bad !

i watched Michelle dance, her hipster jeans hugging her curves tight as she slowly moved her ass around in time to the music. she was wearing a loose, low cut top, and, as far as i could see, no bra – which allowed her round breasts to move freely. Her hands moved up into the air, then slowly came to rest on her shoulders, then she would run them down to her breasts, then around to her ass. I was slowly becoming more and more aroused as i watched her – then i noticed that she was occasionally glancing over her shoulder at me and smiling..

I was distracted when another former classmate was asking me what kind of car i drove now – yes the same one i had at uni, no i can’t afford anything else…

My attention was now turning back to the dancefloor, where Michelle was dancing with another girl – again moving in time with the music and slowly running their hands over each others’ bodies, wile looking into each others’ eyes.. Michelle’s jeans occasionally riding down to reveal the strap of her black thong. again, she caught me watching and smiled.
I went to the bar to get another drink, and after i sat down again Michelle came to thank me for coming. She sat down beside me and placed her hand on my upper arm, stroking it slowly as she told me how much it meant to her that i had come along.

I could see her eyes moving from my face to my chest, examining my chest and arms in the confines of my close – fitting silk shirt. She kept on stroking as she looked down towards my waist, paying particular attention to my crotch where my dick was now straining more noticeably against my jeans. She smiled a wry smile and returned to my eyes, and started to speak again.

“You know, Ray, i wasn’t sure whether to tell you this or not, but.. well i guess i’m a bit tipsy and i’m leaving the country in a couple of days..”

“What is it ?” i asked, my dick stirring a bit more.

“Well, all through Uni i had a huge crush on you. I was just amazed at a lot of the ideas you had and the things you used to say, and well, you just seemed so ‘do-able’ “

“Do – able ?” i asked, my dick rising even more.

“Yeah, you know – like i would really like to DO YOU. “

“Ah, right, um well, um..” (i had always been told that i was naive, and i guess this kind of proved it).

“I just thought i had to tell you, i’m sorry if i freaked you out or anything..” she said, noticing that i was a bit surprised.

“Ah, no thats ok, um i think i need another drink..” i left for the bar and thought over a lot of scenarios from the previous few years i had known Michelle. How could i have been so stupid ? it was so obvious, and i was definitely naive. Damn, i thought, i could have had her ages ago…

Michelle spent most of the rest of the evening catching up with her other friends and probably avoiding me. We went to a few more clubs and drank and danced some more. I looked at my watch and realised it was time to leave, or i would miss the last train home. i went to say goodbye to Michelle, and to go home and be miserable.

She looked so great, her blue eyes sparkling and her hair being tossed around as she danced. i went up to give her a kiss on the cheek, when she suddenly turned and kissed me full on the mouth, her tongue diving deep to meet mine – i was shocked, but also didn’t want to pull away. She kept on going, moaning as she kissed me and ran her hands down my silk covered back, to clutch my ass through my jeans. I reached down to put my hands around her waist and she pulled me closer –

“stay at my place tonight” she whispered.

“that wouldd be g-g-good” i stammered “then i wouldn’t need to get that last train “

Michelle laughed at my naivete and led me out towards the street. About half an hour later we were at her house. I could feel the excitement building up in me as we entered her place – the door wasn’t even shut when she grabbed me by the crotch and led me to the bathroom.

“i need a shower after that dancing” she said. “Strip me”

i dutifully leaned forward, trembling with excitement as i unbuttoned her jeans. Michelle twitched as i moved my hand slowly around her crotch, feeling her pussy through the denim. One by one i undid the buttons, slowly sliding her jeans to the floor. She smiled as i reached up to remove her top, raising her hands in the air to assist me. Her round, full breasts toppled out, her nipples erect. I reached down to stroke her ass, admiring the way the black thong complemented her curves.

Then i had an idea –

“i want to fuck you in front of the mirror” i said to her, softly.

She seemed surprised, but turned to face the mirror, leaning forward slightly and raising her ass in the air. I undid my shirt and pulled my hard cock out of my jeans, where it had been straining for too long. I pressed up against Michelle’s curvy ass, letting her feel my skin on hers. i reached down to touch her, her pussy already dripping wet.

“aren’t you going to take my panties off?” she asked.

“No way – your ass looks too hot in them.” i pushed her thong slightly aside and guided my dick into her, slowly but deeply. I looked into the mirror to see her reaction, her eyes were closed as she was beginning to move with me. i didn’t want to rush this, so i kept on thrusting slow and deep, letting her feel all of my dick inside her –

“Can you feel my dick inside you? Do you like it when i’m inside you? Is that what you thought it would feel like ?”

i kept on thrusting deep and slow as she moaned “yes” back at me. i reached forward and stroked her tits, flicking the nipples lightly as i fucked her. I watched in the mirror as our bodies moved together, the muscles in my chest, abdomen and arms flexed and taut as Michelle’s breasts bounced with each thrust, her face an image of ecstasy and concentration and her hair leaping from side to side. i ran my hand down her back, lightly touching her skin and feeling the curves of her body. Michelle watched in the mirror –

“Rub my pussy, touch my ass” she groaned, so i alternated my fingers between her sensitive areas, stimulating each and feeling her react.
I traced the outide of her asshole slowly before suddenly inserting my finger. i looked up into the mirror to see her wince, and hear her gasp. i started to press in a bit more, then inserted a second finger, while still thrusting with my dick. Michelle was moaning quite loudly by this stage, excited by the double stimulation.

She was sweating by now, in fact we both were, and i was pumping my dick into her faster and harder. i knew we wouldn’t last much longer; the combination of the physical sensation and the
visual impact that the mirror gave was just too much –
Michelle was the first to come as she bucked up hard against my di
ck and let out a cry that just turned me on more –
i thrusted once or twice more then came as i laid my dick on her back, leaving a trail of warm semen from her pussy and over her ass.

Breathing heavily, Michelle grinned and kissed me again, smiling with her lips and her blue eyes.

“Well, you were definitely do – able.”

i was still seeing stars from the intensity of the orgasm, but i knew what she meant this time.

“OK i think its time for that shower now.”

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