Computer Technician Part 2

You run your tongue across your upper lip confidently and move in fromt of me. Leaning toward me you cover my mouth with yours and press your tongue between my lips. As we grind our lips together and press our tongues into the other’s mouth you start to unbutton my shirt. Slowly and methodically, first the top button, then the second and so on. The kiss is very passionate and my hand strokes my cock slowly as you undo my shirt. At the last button, you push it open and slide your mouth down my chin and across my neck. You lick slowly along my chest and take one of my nipples between your lips. Tugging at it gently you push my hand from my cock and cover it with yours. As you jerk me off in slow steady strokes you pull at my nipple and nibble it with your teeth. I am beside myself with excitement, having never had this kind of treatment before.
You work the one nipple real good then move over to the other, all the while stroking my cock and running your palm over the wet head. As I squirm in the chair, I reach for your pussy and slide two fingers in. You wince from the intrusion then move your head downward along my chest toward my waist. You have to move away so you can reach and I can no longer reach your pussy.
I bring my fingers to my mouth and suck them slowly savoring your taste as your lips and tongue make their way toward my cock. As I start to feel your warm breath on the head I suppress a moan. You blow a warm column of air on it then cup my balls with one hand and squeeze them gently. Then very slowly you stick your tongue out and just brush the end of my cock. You lick along the head as you would an ice cream cone while you rub my balls and the shaft of my dick. Then holding the shaft in your fist, you press your head downward taking the head between your lips. You slide your tongue around it then scrape your teeth gently across the top. I nearly scream with pleasure. You start to move your head up and down as you take it into your mouth and close your lips tightly around the shaft. You bob up and down a few times them stop and lick around the head then repeat the treatment. All the while your hand caresses my balls and inner thigh. Your soft hair slides along my skin increasing the sensations.
“Oh shit,” I moan. “Fuck me before it’s too late.”
You slide over my cock a few more times then rise up and straddle my knees with your thighs. As I sit in the chair, you sit on my lap facing me and start to lower yourself down. You take my cock in your hand and hold it against your lips as you prepare to engulf it.
There is the sound of someone rattling the door knob and we both freeze looking into each others’ eyes…
The person at the door seems impatient, trying to turn the knob and pushing against the door. You lean close to me and whisper into my ear, “I have the only key.”
I smile weakly, blood racing and cock throbbing. You bite your lip as you lower yourself, steering my cock into your pussy. I feel your lips close around the head.
You whisper again, “At least, I think it is the only key.”
I push up with my hips and more cock slides into you. You push down to meet me and I am in as far as I can. We rock slowly, keeping my cock inside, just having it move inside you while you flex your tight vaginal muscles playing and teasing it. I reach between us and slide two fingers into the slit between your lips finding your clit. Rubbing up and down as we rock together your breath starts to quicken.
The door is finally quiet. I guess whoever it was has given up.
We settle into a slow rhythm, you sitting on my lap facing me riding my cock as I rock my cock inside you. I push a finger tip into you alongside my cock and get the tip wet with your juices. Then I run it across your clit pressing against it as we fuck in the chair. Our arms are wrapped around each other and I bury my face between your breasts, licking the soft skin of your cleavage. As the friction builds we move slightly faster. I lean down and suck one of your nipples into my mouth.
I feel the greatest excitement as you ride my cock, and I finger your clit and suck on your nipple. I don’t know how much longer I will last before I fill you with my cum…

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