Crush on the Girl Next Door

Crush on the Girl Next Door

I know it was wrong, I really do! The question is how could I just ignore what I was seeing? This girl was about 32 and stunningly gorgeous. I had always had a crush on her but her and her husband lived next door and I was good friends with her husband and oh yeah, I was married too. I couldn’t help but fantasize about her; Julie was her name and went through my head several times lately while I was making love to my wife even. Now, here I was…about 30 people at a party at the neighbor’s house on the other side of our place. These people had a great pool and often had parties like this. We always attended since it was always great fun and good food. Secretly though, I always looked forward to seeing Julie in a bikini. But what happened was this. The party had begun about two hours before and no sign of Julie and her husband yet. I was starting to worry a bit because I wanted to see her in that bikini so badly. Then I saw them coming through the backyard, loaded down with the usual stuff, chairs, food, cooler etc. She was still in her work clothes and apologized to everyone for being late. It wasn’t long I overheard her say she was going to get changed and jump in that pool to get cooled off. I took that opportunity to possibly have a chat with her and carefully timed my departure to the washroom to overlap with Julie in there getting changed. Worked out perfectly, I saw her just coming out of the washroom just as I rounded the corner. We chatted for about 10 minutes in the hallway which was always great but she was standing there in a brand new bikini the whole time and even modeled it for me, asking how it looked. I felt my cock stiffen a bit when she was doing this and I she knew what she was doing to me as well when her eyes dropped down to my shorts a few times. Of course this was even more of a turn on and I knew I was going to be more and more visible by now. Wow, what a body I thought to myself. If only I could have sex with her once, I’d be a lucky man. Well, I guess my train of thought was lost and she was getting bored so, off she went and I headed to the washroom. Once in there, I discovered my luck was just beginning. There neatly tucked under a towel were the clothes Julie had just taken off and well, like I said before, I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t resist picking up those panties to enjoy them a bit. So soft, so feminine I thought as I slowly brought them to my face. They were still warm from her body and the smell of her perfume hit me, I was so turned on. I turned them inside out and couldn’t resist the little damn spot in the middle. They smelled so good I thought as I dropped my pants and started to masturbate. I decided to experiment a bit and slipped them on over my feet and slowly pulled them up over my legs until I had them on. I was so turned on I nearly got the panties sticky right there and then but I stopped myself and started to pull them back off. Something caught my eye outside through the curtains though and I suddenly realized the length of time I had spent in there. I quickly returned the panties, reluctantly but quickly and ran back out to the pool. I almost ran a little too fast I realized, I hadn’t really had a chance to lose the erection I had a few minutes before. I quickly ran to the pool and just plunged in to “safety”. After a nice swim in the quite crowded pool, I was moving toward the end to get out but ran into a few other people I knew. I think I stood talking more than swimming but hey, it was all fun. I had been chatting with my boss actually and was ready to get out finally. I turned toward the step and found myself face to face with Cindy. Now the funny thing is, Cindy is Julies 16 year old daughter. Now with Cindy, there is no doubt whose daughter she is when you see her. She is young but every bit the “head turner” that her mother is. Every guy’s fantasy would be seeing those two in bikinis at something like this but we also know they are out of our grasp. Well, said Cindy in a very abrupt, almost angry voice. What the hell was that? She asked me. What was what? I said. She didn’t reply immediately, instead…her hand suddenly clenched my crotch very very tightly she grabbed it all. She had my penis bent almost in half and both balls squashed between her fingers. I jumped and looked around to see if anyone was looking but couldn’t concentrate on anything but the pain. You fucking pervert, she blurted out. Whhhaat? I said. You heard me, you’re a fucking pervert. What the hell where you doing sniffing mom’s panties? How the hell did you see that? I questioned. You asshole, she said. The bathroom window is right in front of where I was sitting. I saw you sniffing them and playing with your little wiener you pervert. Do you like the smell of pussy she said? Ummm… well…ummm yes ma’am I quietly said. She giggled a little bit and at the same time I realized what I had said. Why did I say yes Ma’am I thought to myself? Ok pervert she said, here’s what you are going to do. This is the wrong place for this so you have no choice but to do what I say, agreed? Yes Ma’am I said. Damn, I did it again…why the hell am I calling a 16 year old Ma’am? She giggled, that’s good, keep calling me that for starters but you will be up in my bedroom tonight at exactly 7, just after this party settles down but before my parents get home. With that she yanked her had from my crotch and walked away. Oh my god, the pain shot through me like lightning when she released my crotch and I stood there stunned for a few seconds but had to carry on to hide what had happened. I had a hard time focusing on anything the rest of the day but managed to survive and enjoy it. A few minutes before 7 though, I was a nervous wreck, should I just stay here or should I go to Cindy’s room. Curiosity I think is what got my vote; I slipped away from the party and wondered over to the neighbors’ place, constantly checking to make sure no one saw me. I opened the front door and slowly made my way to Cindy’s room. I waited outside her door for a second but didn’t hear a sound. I knocked lightly but there was no answer. I could hear her instructions over and over in my head, “be in my room at 7”. It was now exactly 7 so I opened the door and peeked in. The room was empty but I went in and closed the door. The first thing I noticed was a pair of panties placed right in the middle of the bed, obviously placed there like that on purpose. I went over to them and reached down to pic them up. My hand just barely touched them when a bright camera flash went, followed by an evil laugh. You pervert, you’re gonna sniff my underwear now too aren’t you, said Cindy from a dark corner of the room. Well go ahead pervert; let me see you do it. I did as I was instructed and brought the panties to my face. Cindy hovered around me, so close I could feel her breath on me. She moved from side to side and looked over my shoulder. She whispered pervert in my ear very quietly, just teasing. She was standing behind me and I completely lost my concentration but snapped out of my trance quickly when without warning, my shorts where yanked right to my ankles. I was now standing there with a full hard on, completely naked. She looked down at my hard cock and chuckled, oh I see you are a pervert…look how hard your little wiener is from sniffing my underwear. I blushed a bright shade of red and tried to cover myself. She yanked my hand out of the way; then from where she was standing behind me, she reached between my legs, grabbed my cock and firmly yanked it back between my legs. Don’t you fucking try to cover yourself and don’t you dare stop sniffing those panties you pervert she yelled. I nervously did as I was instructed but stopped quickly when Cindy nonchalantly helped herself to snap another picture. Please I can’t have those pictures around I begged, what if my wife
8217;s them. Oh she will see them Cindy said. If you don’t do as I say, she will see them tomorrow. If you do everything I say though, she might not see them for a year or two but sooner or later I’m going to leave them laying around for my mom and your stupid little wife to find. I’m actually looking forward to it she said. Now, let’s get started pervert. First of all, put those on and then, since you like the smell of pussy, get over hear and eat mine. As she said that I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The gorgeous young girl laid back on the bed and spread her legs wide open showing this perfect little shaved bare pussy. I went to work without any hesitation. I made that girl cum, over and over and was actually kind of proud of my work. She shook from head to toe as she had orgasm after orgasm. It was probably over an hour before she let me out from between her thighs. She laid back and rested and I quickly got ready to join the fun. I stroked my cock until it was rock hard and moved toward that steaming wet little pussy. Just as the head of my cock touched her, she giggled quite loud and said what do you think you’re doing? Ummm….well….what do you think I’m doing, I replied. Fuck off she said, get out of my room right now. You are here to please me and do what I say and I did not ask you to fuck me. Now get out or I’ll start screaming. I reached for my shorts and she snatched them out of my hand and said, get the fuck out. NOW! But I need my shorts Ma’am, please I begged. Why she replied, you have what you like the most, a nice little pair of girly panties, now for the last time…Get out! I reluctantly obeyed her and headed for the door. She laughed out loud again as she watched my ass in the tiny little panties, I hope you get caught out there like that she giggled. OH and one more thing she said, you had better be back here tomorrow, completely naked at my door at noon to please me again and I have a project for you to do before then. Get me a good clear picture of your stupid fucking wife, completely nude so I can put her on the internet too. But I can’t I pleaded, and I would never do that to her. Well then I guess your pictures will be made public tomorrow then Cindy said. NO NO please Ma’am I begged. Well then you know what I want, tomorrow at noon and you had better have the picture or you know the consequences. Why are you getting my wife involved in this, she didn’t do anything wrong I said. Well Cindy replied, she did do something wrong and so did you but I’ll explain it to you tomorrow now leave!
I shut the door and sneaked down the stairs as quickly as I could to get out of the house before her parents came back. I looked out the back door of the house and found that it was actually quite dark outside already which was good to conceal my lack of clothes. I slipped out the door and scurried across the back yard toward home. I had to wait for a minute behind one of the bushes when I heard voices and realized it was actually Cindy’s parents coming home. That was a close call I thought to myself but then realized that my wife would probably be not too far behind them then. I ran like heck into the house and right up to the shower. I got the shower going and didn’t even wait for the water to get hot, just jumped in to get wet and make it look like I had been there for a while. Wrapped myself in a towel and just barely made it out of the shower when my wife came in the door. I said hi and headed to the bedroom to try to beat her there since I was still in Cindy’s thong, concealed under the towel. My wife was pretty tipsy and wanted to chat so I did but had to change plans when she began pulling on the towel and trying to convince me to have some fun since she was in the mood. Of course I was in the mood myself and didn’t want to say no so I quickly came up with the plan to get her away for a second. Hit the lights, lock the door and get up to bed I said, while I go light some candles. She loved the idea and took off for the light switch while I made my speedy exit to hide my panties. Just got them hidden away when the door came open and I was met by a completely naked but very drunk wife. She tried; she really did but in about 5 minutes was out cold, spread eagle on the bed. I started to cover her up as I grumbled about my own situation of being so horny because I was being left teased and denied for the second time in less than an hour. Then it hit me, I had to get the camera. It was a perfect opportunity to save my ass from Miss Cindy. I snapped my pics and quietly put them on the computer so I could print them and delete them from the camera. I felt pretty bad about doing all of this, but didn’t really know what else to do. I was helpless and basically being blackmailed by a teenage girl and was almost afraid of her at this point but for some strange reason I was extremely turned on by the thought of it. Here I was naked, horny as hell looking at pictures of my naked wife but thinking of the sweet little pussy I could still taste. I started masturbating to the thoughts of it and decided to put on some internet porn since I was right there at the computer. I laid back with my cock in the air, rubbing it slowly and enjoying every second of it, all the thoughts of the day piled into the visions on the screen. I knew I would cum in a few minutes since I was so turned on and could actually feel the pressure building. My orgasm was literally a split second away when I was torn out if my bliss by something catching my eye. OH NO I thought, is that what I thought I saw? In my haste to relieve myself I had forgotten to close the curtains almost right beside me. My orgasm was starting on it’s own, I was past the point of no return. My hand came off of my penis but the cum started to shoot straight in the air. I jumped up and looked out the window but my knees were week from the orgasm and I nearly fell over but managed to get a glimpse of who had seen me. It was Julie, Cindy’s mom…outside to walk her dog before bed and she was standing only a few feet from the window on her deck with a plain view of my spurts of cum shooting. I stood up and looked out at her, she was standing there with a huge smile on her face, covering it slightly in a sort of shocked way but not really looking shocked. I froze for a second and didn’t know what to do. She did not hesitate at all, just motioned for me to open the window. I tried to cover up but she shook her head “no”. I was shacking and weak but open the window a little bit. She was giggling like crazy, giggling like…well…just like her daughter had a little while ago. Oh my god she said, I’m sorry, I wasn’t really peeking in, your curtains were wide open you know. I started to apologize but she didn’t hear a word. Her eyes were fixed on my cock and giggled at the mess as she looked at the cum all over me and everywhere else. Looks like you needed to unload, she said. I again tried to cover myself and she wouldn’t let me. I’m here now she said, at least let me see it. Turn around, I want to see the rest of you she commanded me. What, I said? Oh come on she said emphatically, you don’t think I see you looking at my body all the time. You always look me over when I’m around, just like today when I was wearing that bikini. I saw your eyes on me, now it’s my turn…to damn bad. But…I just didn’t have the words to finish, I was in shock. First Cindy then Julie, what the heck happened today I thought to myself. I turned around and let her ogle me. She snapped out orders to turn and what to do and for some reason, I just did as she said. Better clean up that mess now she said. Use your fingers and lick it all up were her orders. No no no, I don’t like eating it I told her. Oh really she started, but you would love to have me eat it wouldn’t you? Well…but I was cut off again. Shut up and start licking up all of that cum or I’ll go get your
fe up and tell her all about it, actually maybe I should call the police, she decided. I didn’t say a word, just scooped all of the cum I could find and devoured it. Julie watched with great excitement, she giggled and laughed each time I ate some and kept saying…mmmm yummy each time. I guess I owe you this she said as she began undoing her robe. My excitement at this point just went through the roof. I had always wanted to see this perfect body and I couldn’t believe what she was doing. The tie came off of her robe, she just let it drop. She was looking me right in the eye and slowly, very slowly opened the robe just a crack. I could see bare skin all the way down the length of the opening and started to feel my cock grow already. But Julie just cruelly shut the robe and walked away. All I could hear was her giggling again, all I could feel was the same feeling of being used, teased and denied again. Wait I blurted out, not thinking about how desperate that sounded, wait you said….
The door of Julie’s house slammed shut as she disappeared inside. I felt about a thousand different emotions rushing through my head; I was frustrated, embarrassed, horny, angry…you name it. I pulled the curtains shut and headed for bed. What a day, thank goodness it’s over was all I could think as my head hit the pillow.
The next morning started off great. Everything went quite normal, got up a bit late but we where both pretty slow from overdoing ourselves a bit the day before. My wife Sarah was up early to make breakfast so I got ready for work. I made sure to stuff the panties in my pocket while I still could without getting caught since I wouldn’t have been able to come back home before noon when I was ordered to meet Cindy. It still kind of turned me on to have them and got my thoughts of the gorgeous girl that was in them the day before. I was already turned on and hadn’t even made it out of the bedroom yet. I had never done anything like it before but as I was getting dressed, I decided to try on my wife’s bra that was lying beside the bed. It really was the first time I had worn anything of hers and it was great. I could only enjoy it for a second or two and had to get back on schedule and not raise suspicions. I grabbed the pictures I had printed the night before and tossed them in my briefcase and headed downstairs. I was chatting with my wife and as I did I opened the curtains that I had closed the night before. I was in mid conversation when I looked out and saw both Cindy and Julie sitting on their deck, looking right toward me. I forgot what I was even saying to Sarah when I was jolted back to my memories of these two girls from the day before. I heard her call to continue and tried to say something but just sort of stuttered. Just as I remembered what I had been saying, I was shocked back into a babbling mess when both girls outside my window just stood up, right there on the deck and yanked open their robes to show me they where both completely nude underneath. The laughed so loud at my reaction that I thought the whole neighborhood would hear them. I spun around to get my mind back on track and didn’t dare look back out there until I got my senses back. I was shacking like a leaf with excitement mixed with fear of being caught by Sarah. Talk about a close call, Sarah’s eyes dropped right down to my pants as I walked in to the kitchen as she instantly noticed something I had not even thought about, a very noticeable bulge in my pants. She smiled and said, “ooowww somebody’s horny this morning” what are you thinking about? Well you did fall asleep on me last night I replied. Oh yeah, I guess I did didn’t I, she said back to me. I’m sorry, it was all kind of a blurr you know. I know, it’s ok…don’t let it bother you as long as you had a good time yesterday. As I said that to Sarah, I made my usual trip outside to get the paper and then sat down at the table. I always read the paper in the morning over breakfast and today was the same. I went to my usual section and opened it up but dropped something as I did. I looked on the floor to see what it was and found that it was one of the pictures of me in the panties, one of the pictures that Cindy took. Just then another one fell on the floor. I was terrified and couldn’t believe that Cindy had hidden them in there. I scurried around and grabbed them before Sarah saw them and then fumbled through the paper as fast as I could to see if there were any more. Ok, now I was shaking, this was too close to getting caught. I made it through breakfast and ran out of the house almost before anything else happened.
It was almost noon; I was working away and nearly forgot my prearranged appointment with Cindy. I had already cleared my absence with the boss and completed my work so just had to run out and get over to her house. I hid the car down the street at a mall parking lot and ran to the house and knocked, right on time. Whew I thought, perfect timing as I finished removing my clothes since I was to show up naked…thought you would try to skip this one I heard from behind me. I turned around to see Cindy standing there in a little pair of shorts and tight white shirt that did not hide anything. My eyes dropped to her chest without hesitation. I knew it was wrong but I had to look at her. I had been thinking about her all day. My eyes came up to hers and she didn’t look pleased. Oh I’m sorry Ma’am, I didn’t mean…Shut up she ordered. Look back down there and stare at my tits, she snapped. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but of course I did what she said. You like them she asked. Oh yes, very much so, very much so Ma’am. Well then, let’s go inside and call the plastic surgeon so you can make an appointment to get some yourself. I laughed and said, no I don’t think I need them, they look much better on you. I mean it, she said, we are going in and making you an appointment right now. I knew she wasn’t serious and just joked about it some more, I’m sure my wife would not be happy to see me come in with breast some day. I don’t care, follow me was all Cindy said. Ok, now I was starting to get scared and actually believe her. I momentarily forgot all about it though when I was following her into the house. She knew I was looking at her too and made sure I had a good view as she wiggled her ass in front of me on purpose. She didn’t slow down for a second though, she walked right in and picked up the phone, called 411 and asked for the number of a plastic surgeon. Oh my god, I said… you can’t be serious? She smiled at me and said, you where looking at my ass all the way here too, maybe we can do something with your ass too if you like mine so much, now sit down right in front of me was just listen to me make this phone call. Well, she did it. She actually made me an appointment for one week later. She was loving this and I was terrified. How was I going to get out of this one I thought. She had me kneeling right in front of her and just teased me the whole time. She spread her legs apart and let me look right up the leg holes of her shorts, giving me a clear view of her pussy. She was talking to the person at the plastic surgeons office and telling them my name, address and every detail about me. I tried to stop her and she just grabbed my hair and pulled me up to her pussy until my face was buried in it, then locked her thighs around me head. I could hear her ordering my new breasts and just couldn’t believe how cruel she was being. She told them I was to have fairly large C implants and got the price on them. When they said the price she said oh that’s not bad, how much for D’s? Oh ok, she said cheerfully, let’s go with D’s then. She hung up the phone and made me thank her for making the call for me, I couldn’t do it, I was too worried and upset but suddenly I felt a sharp pain between my legs. I looked down and saw a hand cupped around my b
alls t
ightly, yanking them back between my legs. Tell her thank you, right now came a voice from behind me…the voice of her mother Julie. Cindy laughed and said, he just helped himself to lick my pussy while I was on the phone mom. Really, said Julie, well then I think we should also call his stupid fucking wife and let her know what he’s doing. Actually, I think it would be better yet if we all go have a chat with her. With that they both jumped on top of me and tied my hands together behind my back and then very tightly around my balls. They pulled me up by the arms which I thought was going to castrate me right there. The two of them pulled me toward the door and walked me outside, completely naked right down the sidewalk to my house and knocked on the door. Please I begged, don’t do this. With that, Julie dropped her panties from under her skirt and jammed them in my mouth while Cindy just laughed hysterically the whole time. This is going to be so much fun mommy, she said. I know said Julie, I can’t wait. The door opened and everything just stopped, it seemed dead quiet as my wife looked at me standing there naked. She was completely speechless and just looked at me with her mouth open. A car with two college age girls in it, blew its horn from the road behind us, followed by some whistles and shouting and sort of broke the silence. I was turned around to face the car as it passed, giving them full view of my body. Julie and Cindy just laughed and waved at them. By now, Sarah was getting angry and shouting “what the hell is this all about”? They went in the house, towing me behind them and said they would explain it all. The story came and went and not one word of it was true. They had made up a story about catching me looking at Cindy naked while wearing Julie’s underwear. They said they noticed something in my hands and saw the pictures of Sarah. I had completely forgotten the nude pics of my wife; they had pulled them from pockets of my clothes back at the house. They showed them to Sarah who became very upset at first. She got angry, upset, mad all at once it seemed. Julie and Cindy then started to calm her down a bit but before they did, Sarah spun around in a split second, and brought her foot right up into my crotch. She kicked me right in the balls and all I remember was the pain shooting through me and then my legs giving away. Just before I passed out I recall seeing Cindy lining me up for a kick as well and Julie saying she was next. When I woke up a bit later, I was tied spread eagle in the middle of the room and could just barely hear the girls talking in the next room. It seemed that Sarah was still pretty upset but I didn’t really hear them comforting her any more. I could hear giggling and things like ooowww, are you angry. What happened next was unbelievable. I heard the threesome heading back my way but there was a huge ruckus going on. When they got to where I could see them, I understood why. My wife Sarah was being let toward me, she was completely naked and with her arms wrapped around her front as if she was hugging herself. Her wrist had nylons tied to them and then the nylons had been pulled very tightly around her back and then tied to her breasts, tightly. They brought out to me and laid her down on top of me in a 69 position with my cock in her mouth and her pussy in mine. We were tied with dozens of ropes so tightly that we could not move at all, or speak. Then a few more pictures were taken and Cindy and Julie turned and left the room. We stayed like that for over an hour, not knowing what was going to happen to us or why we had to suffer through all of this. I heard the door open and was scared to death at that point because I realized it was Julie’s husband coming home from work. As he came through the door, he was announcing his presence but stopped in mid sentence when he saw us on the floor. He stood there completely stunned for a minute but then in a flash, Julie and Cindy came running in the door behind him and tackled him. He crashed to the floor and in seconds, was also being tied. Ok, now I’m really confused I thought to myself. Why would they do this to him? There own husband/father was being tied. Once he was tied and gagged, Cindy came over to use and sat down between my legs. In a very calm but extremely sensual way she ran her hand over my testicles right in front of my wife’s face. She loosened some of the ropes and lifted Sara’s face just enough to get my cock out of her mouth. She made Sarah watch as she stroked my cock until it was hard as a rock and poking Sarah in the face. Sarah went into a rage and started calling out names and threats but Sarah just giggled and said, ok now it’s time to explain all of this Sarah. Explain what she said, you had better explain why your doing this to all of us. No, said Cindy, you tell them. She whispered in Sarah’s ear and then stood back and laughed along with her mother. Sarah’s voice began but it had changed from a rage to a very quiet submissive voice. She apologized to me and then explained that she had been having an affair with Julie’s husband for a while now.
It all made sense…suddenly I got it. We all did. We were being punished for hurting them. Julie began to explain our future, as she did Cindy continued stroking my cock as her father and Sarah watched. Julie explained that her husband would be leaving with nothing at all. Just being tossed out after he signed the papers for their divorce that gave them everything he had. As for Sarah and I, we too would sign everything over the girls including our house and assets. Then a second paper would be signed that gave them complete control over us and the rights to use us as their total slaves. We would be totally owned by them and over the years found out that we where to be humiliated almost daily by them to make us pay for the past. Sarah was pimped out as a prostitute on occasion to whoever wanted her, always for a simple fee of 5 or 10 dollars to degrade her even more. As for me, my main task was cooking, cleaning and shopping. Usually dressed as a maid or other feminine cloths or completely nude if we had company, and yes; they did go through with my breast implants as well, This went on for years to follow with hundreds of other degrading experiences for two of us; but that’s another story.

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