1st time with an old friend

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My 1st Time With An Old Friend

My name is Kris, I live in an apartment out of Okc. I’ve been very lonely for awhile ever since my long time boyfriend moved to Pennslyvina. So I stated to hang out with my old friends that I didnt see in a long time. But when I came around Cheepe my heart just started racing! The only thing is that he’s one of my friends baby’s daddy. But she doesnt want him around anymore. So I thought that I would just go ahead and jump in.

One day Cheepe paged me and asked me to go get him becuz he wanted to hang out with me today. So I got up and got in the shower. While I was taking my shower the thought of making love to him made me so hot I couldn’t think right. So before I went to go get him, I laied down on the bed with my legs spread wide feeling all over my nice body. One hand rubbing my clit and the other twisting my nipple. It felt so good that one day he will do this for me.

After I got myself off I was on my way to get Cheepe. I couldnt get him out of my mind. When I got to his house, he jumped up and answered the door with a smile on his face. I asked if he was ready to go and he grabed his cell phone and said let’s go. When we got in the car he kept looking at me and smiling. I looked over at him and asked why are u smiling at me for? He told me that I looked sexy, and that he’s never seen me as anything but a friend untill now. And with that I smiled back at him. He reached up and kissed me.

I’ve never felt that good before in my live. When we got back to my apartment, he locked the door, turned on some music, and walked to me and grabed me closer to him. And I looked up at him and told him how i’ve felt about him and how much I wanted him in my arms like right now! We started to kiss passionaly. After some time he broke the kiss and lead me to the bedroom. Where he laied me down on the bed and he started to take off his clothes. God his body looked even better than I thought it would be.

When he was done taking off his Clothes he went for mine. 1st the shirt, and the skirt. Leaving my underwear. He bent down and started kissing my neck, making his way around he unsnaped my bra. He started to suck on my nipples. His tounge felt so good! I felt as if I were about to cum then and there. He made his way down but instead of stoping to get the clothing out of the way, he just bit them and pulled them off.

Cheepe started to lick my pussy. He said that I had the most sweetess juices he’s ever tasted. He started sucking on my clit. I was moaning so loud that it made him suck harder. Then he stuck his finger in my hole and started to finger fuck me as he played with my clit. I was seconds away from cumming all over his face and hands. And with one flick of his tounge I started breathing heavily and grabing the top of his head i began cummin all over him.

I could baraly breath. I had never had my pussy licked like that before and I knew i could get used to it. He got up and kissed me for what seemed like hours untill I pushed him on his back and made my way down to his nice hard cock. I began to flick my tounge on the tip of the head. I was teasing him and he didnt like that at all. He wanted my hot mouth around his cock now. So I shoved the whole 9inches in my mouth and started sucking, I looked up at him and he was enjoying every bit of my mouth.

I started playing with his balls in my free hand. Sqeasing and rubbing his balls and sucking him off. With that he shot his load in my mouth.And not a drop was left over. Cheepe pulled me up and mounted me on his still hard cock and wanted me to ride him. He didnt have to get me a hit. I started bucking my hips back and fourth, loving how he felt inside of me. As I was fucking his hard dick he was sucking my tits. That drove me wild. I began to cum and not even a second later he cam too.

We just laied next to each other. For hours Just talking about how much he wanted me before and just never said anything to me. With that we started kissing again.

To be continued……..

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