A Dream, Truth Or Reality

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Aiden sat at home alone, her body had become an empty shell. Her fingers had lost touch, her lips, taste
and her voice had lost all excitement. She hadn’t been out in weeks, her work had consumed her. The only thing
she had to keep her company was her new kitten Xiao. The small animal purred on her lap as she reached for
her t.v remote. Aiden had no calls, no messages, and no new emails to listen to or read. She was utterly bored.
Her life had become a back to back issue with work at the office. There was always the same people, the same
smiles and the same useless “Hello’s”.
She knew she had to work in the morning but the call of late night t.v kept her awake.
Finally, after finishing a box of cookies and drinking the last of milk she decided it was
time to go to bed. Aiden went to her bathroom and began her nightly routine. She washed her face, brushed her
teeth and stripped down to her underwear. She crawled under her covers and started to drift off into a deep sleep.
Her body had reached its limit and was under the spell of night but her mind would not cease to rest.
She could feel his touch on her hip, his breath hot against her neck. All of her body was beginning to heat
up and she could feel her hand slowly pull at her silk underwear. She could hear him whispering her name in her
ear, every hair on her body stood up, the crevice between her legs became wet and needy. Aiden began to moan
and roll in her sleep. She felt him slide his hand slowly and carefully against her right thigh. Her pulse
quickened, her breath broken and fast. His fingers pulsed inside of her. He kissed her lips gently and than
passion began to consume them, he pulled his fingers in and out faster and faster until. BEEP!!
Aiden’s alarm clock rang, she awoke in a sweat her body quaking with an orgasm bigger than any she had
ever experienced before. It was the same dream over and over again. With ‘him’ the mysterious man she had
never seen before. Never had the pleasure to kiss, or touch.
That day at work had been a colourless one. There was no excitement in the office, just papers to sign,
letters to read, and people to greet. She didn’t dislike her job, she made great money, it was amazing hours and
she recieved excellent benefits. But it was a dreary and dull, everyone had become merly robots that did nothing
but sit at their computers all day. It was a lifeless place and she needed dearly to escape.
“Sasha,” Aiden called, “I am going to go out for lunch take any messages for me.”
Sasha, Aiden’s secretary was a cute little brunette with a bubbly attitude and a great sense of humor.
“Yeah, not a problem Aiden, don’t forget you have a conference with Mr. Tabit at four.”
Aiden was exhausted already, six more hours at the office and she might as well explode. She knew it was a good
idea to take lunch now before she was stuck in the office all day.
“Aiden, Aiden, MISS.LEE!?!”
Aiden slammed out of her day dream of tasty delights and home made sandwhiches when her boss, Richard came to
her office door. “Shit,” Aiden thought, “this always happens, I get on my coat and I’m just about to leave
when this boozoo comes in,”
“Yes, Mr.Tabit?” Aiden replied cooly.
Mr.Tabit, grunted, fixed his collar and than slowly replied, “Yes, Aiden, well we took on a new
partner today he is a little new to the ropes and I was wondering if you would just show him around and
give him a taste of ‘RIcHARDS AND TABIT’?”
NO NO NO NO NO, Aiden’s head screamed, “Not a problem Mr.Tabit.”
“Well than Aiden, this is Emery Roberts, he is actually my nephew treat him well Mrs.Lee.
and be sure to keep him in line….,”
Mr.Tabit was still talking but Aiden had completely zoned out of his conversation, Emery had stepped into
her doorway, he had striking blue eyes she had sworn she had gazed into before. His hair a beautiful and natural
looking blonde, he stood straight with confidence but he was not arrogant, he had a soft sense of innocence to him.
His hands looks gentle but strong, his body leaned but toned. Aiden couldn’t help but gawk at this amazing
specimen of man she had in front of her. And than it hit her, it was her ‘him’ her mystery lover she had
in her dreams every night. There was no if’s or buts about it. Emery Roberts was her best orgasm ever,
“Miss.Lee it’s a pleasure to meet you,” Emery had reached his hand forward, Aiden had barely noticed
until his hand stroked hers by accident.
Her hands became clamy, her face white with shock and her was a mess, she reached her hand out slowly
so Emery would not see her shake and replied, “Nice to meet you to Mr.Roberts.”
“Good your voice was calm you are doing ok, don’t croak now, it could be coincidence.” Aiden continued to
calm herself in her head, but there was no mistaking it, Emery was the man she had been fantasing about for
Aiden, motioned to leave her office, Mr.Tabit had already wondered off somewhere and it was just her
and Emery alone. She couldn’t help but watch his every gesture and movement, look at his broad shoulders
and watch his easy stride. She could tell he was thinking, his body came off as untouched and calm, but when she
looked at his face his eyes were in another place and another time.
“Miss. Lee,” he finally said, ” I can’t help feel like I have met you somewhere else, in coffee
shop maybe, or another business venture?”
She couldn’t believe it, he had remembered her from somewhere, was he also having these dreams
or was it just another coincidence?
“Sorry, but I do not think so, and please call me Aiden.” she calmly replied.
Emery looked at her, as if looking into her, his gaze was steady and strong. “Oh, I see, well than
please call me Emery.”


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