A Waterfall Fantasy

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John, 24 years old was sitting in the woods gazing. He was wearing a brown jacket, white shirt underneath and brown pants. Amanda, 23 years old, his pretty neighbour who had the hots about him got to the woods searching for him.

After searching a little she decided that she may have passed him, but being close to the waterfall she decided to take a dive. But it wasn’t so, John had seen her and followed her through the bushes. Amanda was feeling followed when she reached the waterfall and took a look around. When she felt safe she removed her dress and enjoyed the cool breeze on her bare body. John was peeking at her butt from the bushes as he was looking at her from behind, but started feeling hot. She started humming a favorite tune and dancing, revealing her body to him, her hair waving in the air. He got hotter and hotter but his hand slipped and he fell down. The noise scared Amanda, who covered her breasts. She saw him and got near him: “Come out, it’s ok, I won’t bite unless you want me too.”

He tried to hide behind a tree but Amanda held one of her hand to him. “It’s Ok, please, I was hoping to see you, and forgive my nakedness, but there is beauty if in one’s nakedness. However if you don’t like it I can cloth myself again.” “Ehm… I don’t think… You… Should… Ehm… I’m not really… If you could just… put… your… clothes… on… I’m shy…” he said and hid again.

“Come swim with me, I will get in the water first, so you don’t have to see me without clothing.” She got into the water and sat down, hiding her body from his sighting. He got near to the lake, looked at her dress and put it on a rock. “Please… turn around… I don’t want you to see me…” he said. “Very well, but I have been watching you, I watched you swim, you’ve got a very nice body but I will turn my back.” She sighs and turns her back, looking down to the water feeling a little put out.

Seeing that she had turned around, he turned around too and removed his jacket. Then he began to unbutton his shirt but hesitated to remove his pants. “Man, I messed up already, I like him, want to touch him, god what do I do?” She looked over her shoulder and saw him finally removing his pants and smiled, feeling horny. He removed his underwear and got slowly into the lake. “Nice body” she said very quietly. He continued to swim, trying to make her think he ignores her. He tried to stay calm and not show his erection. She swam near him and made eye contact, treading some water in front of him smiling. He tried to think of it as a game and started throwing back water, smiling too. She brushed her hands through his chest hoping for a reaction. He held her hand and put it on his heart. They got very close, her body against his. He started getting hot just by feeling her breasts on his chest and his cock got bigger. Her hands started caressing his hip while she was looking at his eyes. He stared at her eyes too, like locked, not able to do anything, just feeling the warm water touching his body and legs, eased to her touch. “I want you” she wispered and brushed her lips against his. He held back, not knowing what to do.

Suddenly she closed her eyes, feeling sad and pulled back. “Forgive me, I know you don’t want me.” She paddled to the shore and sat in the sun. He felt sad too, thinking: “Oh my god, she is so straight, but she is pretty and I don’t want to see her sad, what should I do?” He looked at her and finally reached for her hand getting her back into the lake. He was getting hot again. She looked in his eyes and took his hand, looking at his naked body. She saw that he was partly erect and used the other hand to gently touch him. He felt relaxed by her touch, but stayed still.

Her hand started gently stroking his cock, though expecting the same withdrawal as before. He cried: “No… Please… do not do that…” “Why not, you seem to want it, oh my, you confuse me…” she said. “I… Yes… I… a… a bit like it… but why… do you do it… you make me… erect.” “Don’t you understand what love making is?” she said and looked in wonder. “You’re such a handsome man…” She started stroking his cock more. “You want… to make love to me? But why? Oh… Oh… Ah… Why… ah… are you doing this? ah…” She started feeling gently his shaft and his nuts. “Because I like you and want to give you pleasure. Is it wrong?” “No… You should… My cock is getting… bigger… and I feel hot… oh… oh… I shouldn’t be erect… in front of you… it seems… oh… ah… wrong…” he said, feeling the pleasure run through his body. “It isn’t, it’s natural for two people to want each other, I can make you feel pleasure.” She leaned forward and started licking the head of his cock. “Relax and let me work” she said. “But oh… why… oh… yeah… yes… ah… I mean…” “It’s part of life, you can touch me if you want, go with what your heart says, not your mind,” she said and started sucking on the head of his cock.

His cell phone started ringing. “Oh… I… Maybe you are right… It is such a pleasure… but… I don’t… oh… ah… know you… why are you doing… oh… that?” “Trust me, I won’t hurt you,” she said, “trust me please and relax, you will feel better.” She started sucking more on his cock. His cock was now fully erect, he was not able to speak, he left his body to her. “Make love to me and you will feel better I promice, and it’s not… well, you can kill me, I have a dagger you can use,” she said and pointed to the weapon on her dress.” “No, I won’t kill… oh… oh… ah… oh… oh… yes… oh…” She lied him on some soft moss and straddled him, caressing his face and putting his hands on her breasts. She then put his cock into her, letting him feel the grip of her pussy, the warm tightness. He felt very hot but he got his cock out. The cell phone was still ringing. “Just ignore it!” She put his cock back inside and started moving, locking his eyes with hers. He was seeing worried hope, and he knew that she would be very hurt if he left now. “I’m so sorry…” he said. She sighed and got off. She got his cell phone and gave it to him. She started putting her dress on while leaving.

He closed his cell phone and started running to her. He held her, “Wait, it’s not that… but… you are moving fast… and I am scared…” She leaned against him, “You just seemed needing to be pleased and that’s what I wanted to do. Besides, I know you were watching me. I just thought…” “How do you know?” “I am very observant, I was watching you too. Please, let’s make love, I want you!” “You were? You really want me?” “Yes, I want you, I would not be here naked before you if I didn’t.” He got in the water and she did too. He hugged her, but she ran to the cave behind the waterfall. He ran there too.

She sat in the cave, hugging herself, “I am sorry, I just wanted you, wanted to hear you moan in pleasure and stop your worries.” He got to her and started kissing her belly button. He couldn’t stop now. His cock was fully erect now. He started kissing her passionately. She responded to his kisses even deeper, fondling his cock. He entered her and started moving. Moans of pleasure could be heard at last. She started moving with him, caressing his body. He started moving faster, sucking her nipples. “Mmmmmmm yes… oh yes…” she moaned. They increased the pace every second. They were near. After some minutes he finally shouted, “I’m cumming!” They came together very hard. She bit his shoulder gently. They both lied down tired. His cock started to get smaller, and fluids were getting out of her pussy. They kissed deeply for a minute and then slept in each other’s arms.

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