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she had never done anything like this before. she did not have any idea why she had told him yes- that she would go along with this. so far she had not done much with him- but she wanted to do more,much more.
it started with him pinning her down while they made love, eventually he brought up tying her up. Now she was lying blindfolded, handcuffed to her bed completely naked having no clue what he had in mind and frankly she didnt care. she craved his touch and would do what she felt would take to get what she wanted.
she felt him sit on the edge of the bed. nervously she waited- trying to be patient but she was dying to know what he had in mind. slowly she felt him lean down and brush his lips over hers. gently kissing her. when she kissed back too passionately he pulled away until she settled down. after some time kissing like that he slid his mouth down over her throat and down to her breasts. he cupped them roughly, allowing her smooth full breasts to fill his hands. his mouth hungrily sucked one of her taut nipples into his mouth. he flicked his tongue over and around the nipple, biting slightly scraping her -causing her to suck in her breathe and arch her spine. he moved to the other breast, the other nipple. this one he sucked more vigorously then the other, biting harder. she was sure there would be a mark tomorrow, if not today. his hands slid down over her waist and down to either side of her hips. trailing his mouth over her belly and circling her navel with his tongue. he spread he thighs and settled himself between them face down he started to lick and tease her, cupping her butt as he tasted her and teased her. when she started trying to clamp her thighs against his head he settled his arms in a position that held her open to him, and she could not move her legs because he was resting the weight of his body on the tops of her thighs. he started back to teasing her, and she had to lay back unable to do more than twist and moan as he sent her into a frantic state. he could work magic on her like that for hours- neither of them caring what time it was… they spoke in body language-time stood still for all she cared.
eventually he pulled his face from her and she sighed a dissapointed sigh. she felt his weight shift and he was between her legs pushing into her slowly. she loved being entered like this- him pushing in so slowly. making her feel every inch drive itself as deep as she could take it, which was all the way to the hilt. then he slide out slowly, taking away every inch he had given her. he pushed her flesh in the direction he wanted it to go. and she didnt care which way he pushed her- so long as she was being pushed into. gradually he sped up and his hands slid up over her waist upwards to her breasts, squeezing and cupping them for a few strokes before one strayed up to her throat. at first he carressed her neck, then he gripped gently but firmly. the combination of him thrusting and squeezing gently caused her to climax violently her body spasmed as he pushed deeper inside her. he kept his hand on her throat as he kissed her on the mouth softly, gently as he climaxed. she felt his body slow and stop. they lay there for a while and then he got up and left the room.
he came back and wiped her with a wet warm cloth. but he didnt remove the handcuffs or the blindfold. when he finished wiping her down he left the room- leaving her like that… anticipating what would happen next

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