Coming Of Age, And Becoming

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It was a depressing day. One of my young married lovers couldn’t do it any longer, “my husband is starting to suspect,” and it was dark and dreary with lots of rain. Seattle does have its moment but not today. She was one of the best married babes I have ever had, she just loved the oral, she is an artist at the blow job. She made love to big “Ed” with her lips, tongue, throat, fingers, she even used the sides of her nose; a real artist, she loved her expression of passion. I think that it gave her a sense of power i.e., to make a man erupt beyond his control, she loved that i.e., to make a man cum in her mouth or all over himself as she pulled it out of her mouth before complete ignition. None the less, the day moved on, slowly. As the evening came I had to dress for a dinner, a welcomed dinner that would distract me from the depressing day. It was at my boss’s home on the east side of Seattle, there would be seventeen of us in all, I usually being the odd man with no date or better said “some one’s wife but not mine.”
Great dinner, wonderful food and conversation, all prepared in my boss’s mansion by a live in cook and company. What made the night interesting was my boss’s daughter, she sat at a diagonal from me one chair displaced. She was very coy but not shy about it, she wanted to make sure that I knew that she was checking me out and that I was interested. I raised my glass of wine and saluted her and finished with a wink. She blushed.
The night went on and I needed some fresh air so I went out of the French doors to the balcony. The bulwark was about four feet high and I leaned against it looking over the lake filled with the moon’s reflection. I heard the French doors open and close and I turned around to face my boss’s daughter. “Hello young lady, it is a very warm night and the moon is bright.” “Yes, it is,” she replied. She is about 5′ 9″ of skinny but shapely legs, nice butt, narrow waist and perfect 36B’s. Broad shoulders, long fingered hands, long skinny feet, cygnet neck and a lovely face sweet. She slowly walked toward me without taking her eyes off of me and then looked out over to the lake, “yes it is beautiful.” So we looked on shoulder against shoulder leaning on the bulwark. I tried at small conversation but there is a good generation gap between us and I did not know her studies of interest, none the less, she would look at me and just smile. Then she said “I am not much for small talk and neither are you, that I know for sure, I like to get straight to the point of things and so do you.” With that she kissed me and stuck her tongue in my mouth and I returned the favor. “Note” she has a very long and strong tongue, shocked me at first on how deep her tongue when into my mouth, she was hungry, very hungry for passions, I could feel the hunger in her soul, so deep it was that it reached my soul, the type of hunger that gives a man an instant hard-on. She smiled “my… my, what have we got going on here?” Her left hand found the bugle in my pants, “I love it,” she went on to say. I gathered myself together and pushed her away but held her arms in my hands and looked her in the eyes for short time and said “what is your age.” She smiled and pulled away turned her back on me and said “I am the youngest of three.” “What is your age?” I asked again. “What does age have to do with anything?” She turned facing me, “For you nothing, for me; jail bait. What is your age?” “I am old enough to know what to do to a man, a real man, I am tired of boys.” She closed in and kissed me again with a smile on her lips and said. “Do you know that I have masturbated with you in my thoughts.” I kissed her back and ran my hand over her rock hard heart shaped butt, then gained composure of myself, held her back and asked again “how young are you lady.” I could smell her womanhood, she was wet, very wet. “Let’s just do it, I’m not a virgin and I am well educated in what to do to a man, books for the most part, like I said, I am tired of boys.” I looked at her again, deeply into her eyes full of passion and high intellect. She is a tall tanned Emma Watson look alike, same eyes, same strong jawline. “You haven’t answered my question young lady.” She smiled an impish smile just like Emma “just called me Lolita, I love that story, the movie was okay, the novel is best.” I turned my back on her and took a couple of steps to the bulwark and leaned on it once again and thought “I have never been in jail, not a pleasant thought.” She came up behind me and placed her left hand on my ass while she kissed my right shoulder, “such broad shoulders and big hands.” “I tell you what Lolita, on your eighteenth birthday I will fuck your brains out, I will orally ravish you until you skinny tanned legs tremble and your knees buckle and not until then.” “Fine!!! I might not be interested when I am eighteen!!!” “Exactly!” I said “But in the mean time you can masturbate all you want with me in your thoughts.” With that she turned her sexy back to me and stormed to the French doors, stopped, composed herself and looked back with that Emma smile and nonchalantly opened the French doors and glided through them. I leaned against the bulwark, the full moon was in the center of the lake reflecting with all of its glory of sensuousness and I said “what an awesome night, I am a young girl’s delight, or was.” Three days later I got a small package in the mail. The return address was a PO Box number and the name of the sender was Lolita Emma, I just smiled “how did she know about Em?” I opened the small soft package to find a note and a pair of crusty thong panties. “I thought of you muchy the day after my dad’s dinner and this is what you do to me.” I put the panties to my face and said “yes, that is her scent” and I got a semi immediately and it kept growing. She went on to say “I am going to hold you to your word about my eighteenth birthday old man, just don’t die on me until then.” She has sent me something every week, a note, panties, a bra, books, a note wiped with her pussy wetness. She also has sent me clothes, how she knew my size is beyond me. It has been six months now and every week she has sent me something. Of course I have sent her erotic love notes to which she has replied “I masturbated twice on this one old man.” Signed with a happy face. This week was matching pillow cases with her scent on one of them and slightly wrinkled, “I wonder if she stuck it all the way…. naw… maybe?” And a note that stated “time is running out old man, my birthday is cumming. :)

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