Dream, Fantasy, or Reality

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They had already explored the first few floors in the building with barely a word
spoken between the two. Aiden was still in disbelief of her meeting with Emery. They had come to a stop,
the elevator on this floor was out of service. It was going through a routine check and the two were forced
to take the stairs. Slowly they began to trek up the nasty flight of stairs. Aiden couldn’t help but
thinking how happy she was she was wearing her flats today when she had lost her footing and started
to fall down, at the snap of a moment Emery had caught her put her back on her feet and held her
upright. “Aiden, are you ok?” Emery had asked geniunly concered.
“Yes,” Aiden’s words were shaky and her thoughts had been so concentrated on her almost
falling down a flight of stairs her mind had been ignoring Emery’s strong hands on her waist.
Her mind may have ignored it, but her body started to heat in the area Emery was holding. Aiden could feel
the warmth consume her and her body started to calm. “Are you sure you are alright?” Emery asked, his left
hand now under her chin tilting her eyes into his. His eyes were like pools of glacier water, so deep, rich
and blue. She could get lost in those eyes and for a moment she did. Aiden could remember all of her dreams
all of her fantasies that she lost control over her lower body. Her legs became jelly and her inner thigh
was like that of a sauna. Aiden could see Emery was just as bothered as she was. His hand had now moved from her
chin to stroking her hair. His face soft, his lips looked so tender Aiden couldn’t help but stroke them with
her thumb. It was like she had no control, she was lost in this moment with him. Emery’s head began to lower
his lips slowly came into contact with hers. The kiss was slow and soft, his tounge slowly exploring the edges of
her mouth edging her to open her lips further so he could go deeper. Aiden began to moan, a slow soft moan as
the both allowed their lips and tounges to intertwine. Aiden’s hands were wrestless and she wanted more, she
pulled him in closer and their kiss became harder and faster. Emery had her against the wall, the red light from
the emergency exit shone on top of them. Emery groans were deeper and his hand moved along her skin. Aiden
was needy and wanting, she wrapped her leg around his body and pushed his hard on into her stomach.
His hard on was strong and pulsing, she knew he wanted her just as much as she wanted him. They were both
like animals firmly removing clothing and clawing at each others bare skin. Aiden wanted more, she wanted him
inside of her. She grasped his hard on in her hand. It was big, bigger than she thought, his erection came
to a solid nine inches, enough to fullfill her. The more Aiden moved her hand the louder the groans came
from Emery. Neither of them could talk, they were beyound words, it was passion that consumed them. Emery
pushed her strongly against the wall and took her left leg into his hand. Proping her so they were perfectly
aligned. Emery forced Aiden`s name from his lips, and began to kiss her neck. He inched his erection closer to
Aiden`s wet inner thigh, she was going insane. She wanted him inside of her now, she reached up to take a hold
of his hard on. Emery`s free hand playfully slapped her hand away. “No,” He said breathlessly. Aiden whimpered
and groaned as Emery put the head of his shaft against her wetness. Her mind, body and soul where in pure extacy
she could not move, only to return his passionate kisses to her lips. After much teasing, Emery slowed his
erection into her. First he moved slowly, filling her until she couldn’t stand the pressure any longer
than he would slowly pull out. Emery played with Aiden like that for a bit, moving his erection slowly in and
out of her, Aiden groans were deep and husky. His more like growls, she could tell it took him alot of composure
to keep himself from letting go and making love to her wildly. He was restrainging himself and Aiden could tell
but it was perfect. Emery kept calm until finally he could not move slowly anymore, Aiden dug her nails into
his back, as he moved faster and faster. Stronger and stronger. Aiden could feel her back hit the cold concrete
wall with every stroke. Her orgasm was beginning to grow, it became stronger with every wild thrust. She hadn’t
noticed before but they were in perfect sync, her thrust matched his there groans of pain and both pleasure only
moments apart. Emery was uncontrollable now. His strokes becoming harder and more fullfilling everytime, Aiden
knew it was only minutes before he lost all control and orgasmed. She could feel herself getting closer and
closer her hot liquid only minutes away from running down both of their legs. Suddenly Emery stopped, lifted Aiden
and placed her gently on the ground. He inserted himself once more and slowly began to gain speed once again.
Aiden couldn’t believe how strong he was, without thought or without any resistance he lifted her up. She was
in heaven. She was so close to release her body began to quiver her lips only letting screams escape. Emery
thrusted again and again until, he finally stilled letting his juices flow onto the floor. Thank god, Aiden began
to thought he pulled out, as the thought creeped into her brain she felt her body still and her own juices
flow onto the floor like a steady flood. It was intense her body would release after release, her orgasm was
not just a steady one, but two or three strong bursts of pleasure. After her final orgasm had ceased, Aiden
pushed Emery’s hair off of his forehead and began to slowly kiss him from head to lips. They giggled softly to
themselves. Aiden could feel Emery’s heart beat begin to slow when she saw his lips begin to part, “I love…”

Aiden’s alarm clock rang, the day was about to begin. Aiden stirred and awoke in wet sheets. She couldn’t
believe it. It was all a dream, Emery was not real, he was not about to tell her he loved her. And she didn’t
have the best sex of her life in the office building stair case. Aiden was in awe, she was soaked, head to toe
in her own juices her bedroom smelt of musk and sex. She knew she had to clean up. So she started to pull
off all of her sheets from her bed and begin a new day.

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