Dream Lover, Story 4

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A group of us were downstairs – it was a little more ‘finished’ in this dream than it was in real life – there was a low sofa with a beat-up coffee table in front of it. My cousin and a few other people were sitting on the sofa and I was leaning over the back of it between them. We were looking at old photo albums, laughing and commenting on the pictures.

There was a window or a mirror or something – I saw you coming up behind me somehow – and arched my back and straightened my legs a bit to draw your eye. Looking out from behind my hair I saw that it worked – you glanced over and then locked on, your expression darkening immediately from the good-natured one that you’d worn when you walked in. You walked over my way, stopping once to talk to someone but never really taking your eyes off me. I continued bantering with my cousin but wasn’t really paying attention to anything but you either, continuing to spy on you from behind the curtain of my hair. When you finally got up behind me you reached out and put your hands on my hips, threading your fingers into the belt loops of my jeans. I turned my head and smiled over my shoulder at you, and pressed back just the slightest bit – just enough to make contact with you, and was rewarded by that lovely little quirk of the lips you do. You leaned down and casually asked my cousin a question about one of the photographs, putting your elbows on the back of the sofa on either side of me. Your hips were against mine, your chest against my back, your chin resting lightly on the top of my head, your arms touching both of mine along the whole length… and my mind just stopped, my pulse tripled, I was trembling suddenly. Glancing around the room from the corner of my eyes I noticed almost everyone either staring openly or pretending not to – this was *not* how they’d ever seen either of us behave, and certainly not with each other.

And the tide turned, as it does at parties, and gradually people moved on, drifting out of the room. I’d turned around at some point and you lifted me to sit on the back of the couch, and we were just talking now, but all I could think about was the electricity between us and how you’d felt against me. My cousin went upstairs with one of the albums, and then we were pretty much alone. I slid off the couch, and, taking your hand, led you to the hidden door behind the water heater, to the tiny room off the side of my cousins’ bedroom. It was empty but for a chair and an old side table, but the light worked and it was warm.

I sit cross-legged on the floor and bite my lip, nervous now that we’re actually alone. I look up at you through my eyelashes, wondering if the flirtation we’d started would come to anything. You don’t take your eyes off mine, drop to your knees in front of me and I come up on mine to meet you, and you take my shoulders in your hands and then you’re kissing me – I’m drowning in the feeling of your lips finally on mine, your body pressed against me and the masculine smell of you – man and sweat and leather – it’s all overwhelming. I break away, almost gasping I’m breathing so hard – and you ask, “All right?” and I say “Oh yes!”, and you’re on me again, rougher this time, your lips hard on mine and your hands on my waist, pulling my body tight against yours and there’s no hiding how you feel right now. My arms are around your waist and I slide them up your back, feeling the muscles swell under my hands, and then back down, loving the feel of your hard glutes under the leather of your jeans.

We separate for a moment, and you lift me so I’m standing and guide me backwards to sit in the chair. You move between my knees and I smile – *now* we’re at the right height! I sit on the edge of the seat and reach for you again, just wanting your body against mine again. You resist a second to slide my leather vest off my shoulders, smiling to see that I’m obviously not wearing anything under the sheer peasant blouse. I love your eyes on me and arch back a bit, leaning on my hands behind me so you can see what you’re getting. You groan under your breath and run your hands from my waist up under my breasts, gathering them together and dropping your head to nuzzle between them, running your tongue along the upper swells of flesh, your thumbs sliding up to tease my nipples. I reach down and pull your t-shirt up over your head, and you do the same for me, having to stop to untie the bows at the wrists of the blouse. You move closer, sliding your arms around me so that we’re touching skin to skin, waist to chest, your mouth against my ear whispering how you want me and I’m telling you how I need you… your hands move to the waist of my jeans, undoing my belt and the snap and the zipper – I raise up to allow you to shove them to my knees, heeling off my boots and dragging the jeans off, begrudging every second you’re not touching me. I resume my seat and do the same for you, fumbling with your belt buckle and your hands push mine out of the way to yank it open, shoving your jeans down to your thighs and you’re against me, hot and hard and you stop, panting now, and say, “I’m sorry, I need you *now*,” and I’m begging you not to stop, we’ll take longer next time. You move between my legs, moaning to feel how ready I am for you and then you’re in me, just the head of your cock parting me and your forehead resting on mine and our breath mingling.

I love this first moment of touch – I move my head back a bit so I can see your eyes, which are kind of glazing over, your lips parted and teeth just showing, and I know my expression is probably very similar. You run your fingers down my back on either side of my spine, your nails scoring a line of fire wherever they touch, your hands spreading at the base of my spine and moving down to hold my hips still as you begin to take me… sliding in slow, an inch at a time – never taking your eyes off mine and our breathing deepens and slows as though time itself was slowing to accommodate us. When you reach the end of me, buried to the hilt, you let your head fall back, the line of your throat incredibly tantalizing – I lean forward and run my tongue from your collarbone up to your jaw and you dip your head to meet my lips with yours, just barely touching, over and over, and then you’re moving in me at the same rhythm, both of us speaking our pleasure quiet and low, whispers sibilant and mixing with the sound of our flesh meeting and parting… you’re starting to move faster and harder now, deeper and god, you’re so good, your hands so big and hard on my waist and you pull me in closer so I can feel every muscle tight in your chest against mine. I’ve got my legs wrapped around your hips so I can get as much of you as I can, and you take me fully into your arms and we’re pressed so tightly together that it’s like we’re one person almost, only parting enough to ram into me again and again, and you’re panting this lovely broken breath. I know you’re almost there and encourage you to finish, to take me all the way, to fill me up and you do, your breath rising to an almost-scream as you swell inside me and then explode, and I feel the pressure of your come fill me and I’m as close as I’ve ever been, crying out with the pleasure you’re giving me with your release. You pull back to kiss me again, your lips finding mine open and our tongues taking each other the same as our bodies are, moving into repletion and low satiated whispers, murmuring those wonderful lovers’ compliments into each others’ mouths.

Thank you, my Dream Lover!

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