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Fantasies of a young man
Part #2
After that night of the pool hall my cousin took her friend home and we went to my house and hang out for a little while. We started to watch a good movie, after a while it start to get cold in my house so we got a bit closer and closer until we where holding each other next thing I know we gave each other a kiss “sorry I did not know if you ummmm! ” I said “it’s ok I wanted you to and was hoping you would let me to” after a while we got to the point we ended up in my room she sucking my dick and eating up her pussy. We were about to do it, when we saw time has run out and we both had to go.
A couple of years went by we met up again to see what was new of coarse we started to get hot but were out in park and people where around us we could not do any thing so we both agreed to say our final good bye. I got moved to a new store that just open up down ways from my house, I asked to be moved there did not get the chance to say good bye to her. That’s where that story ends and where another begins I have only been in this new store for about a mouth. Meeting new people and seeing old faces, here comes this girl that works up front with me for a while then she got moved to another dept. but I still got to see her once in a while. At first I didn’t pay to much attention to her until she came right out and toll me that she really liked me and that she would like to hang out with me one night of causer I said yeah we can, how about tonight she said ok but I have to work until 11 tonight, she said “that ok I will be still up at that time, just come over to my house but call me before you leave so I can be watching for you “
Ok, my night was come in to an end went to her house she was already waiting for me out side her in a nice looking outfit.
It was a short black dress, asked if I wanted to go out and eat or to a bar “sure we went to a bar” we had a few drinks. It got late brought her home ask me to come in I said sure, she took me right in to her room. She told me that she lived with her mom and dad ok. She Started to take off her dress, she did not have no panties on, her pussy was clean “no hair” she shaved every day after hearing that oh I want to fuck her so hard but she just wanted to suck my dick of courser I did not say no I let her oh god that was one of the best blow jobs that I ever had it put me in top another world and I so wanted more but she said her parents where home and I figured out that she was a screamer and did not want to wake up her mom or dad that night but we said if we where going to fuck until we can’t walk any more . Where talking while she kept on stroking my 9in dick,”I said ok, ” she told me when I am ready to cum to let her know.” About an hour later I felt that I was ready to cum, so I am telling her that I am going to cum and about to take my dick out of her mouth she did not let me she wanted to slow all my cum, I could not hold it back anymore so I did cum in her mouth. It felt so good. It came time for me to go home I told her I will se you tomorrow same time she no earlier my parent’s will be going out of town, so come over as soon as you can she said, “Ok I will”. The next day came like every other day stock some shelf’s filled milk and egg’s, the time came to go home but I didn’t I went to her house and she was waiting for me with only a G string on and you know in summer time most of the females don’t really wear any thing at all. So I was really horny that day. By watching young And hot girls walking down where I work and getting I little cold for there nipples. Back to her, she jumps on me I just fucked her right the doorway. I hoped that day the next-door people got a good show. After a min I took her over to the sofa and fucked her more, in n out of her wet juicy pussy it got so wet we were leaving a wet mark on the sofa. It came to me that moment to tell I wanted to try some thing new. I whispered in her ear ” I am going to stick my 9 inch dick in her tight ass hole ” next thing I knew she takes my big cock out and sticks it in her self.
I smile came to my face but I stop her, and told her lets go to the bedroom, so we got up and I was finishing getting undressed. Made it she started to suck my dick again oh it felt so good I almost came in her mouth but she stopped and I told good I all most cum in your mouth again ” oh really” but I told not to suck my dick but I wanted to do some anal sex she said ok but first to fucker in her wet pussy and work it to her ass I said ok. It came time to do her in her ass I went very slow and easy so don’t hurt her very much. After the first three pushes she started to” mound more, more please more harder oh baby I am about to cum all over your hard dick ” so she did twice in one time like she was holding back like crazy. A min or two wet by she said,” baby please cum in side my ass” so I did it felt so good I was amassed how good it felt. We laid there for about a min and said lets watch a movie witch one don’t know we ended up watching a porno and trying to do every move they made in the movie but first we were going to get to have a hard dick so we did. The hull day we ended up fucking all day, I left her house with a very sour dick.
It went that way for a while, until she ended up quitting the store so my fantasies ended when she left.


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