I love my teacher…in every way possible

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Have you ever seen a physically stunning person and thought, “I wish I could be his/her spouse for just one night”? For over 30 yesrs, I have felt that way about Barbara, who was my English teacher in my freshman year of high school.

Barbara was a plus-sized woman who evidently could not find clothing that was well-sized for her. Every day at school, she wore clothes that were so tight, you could see her panty line right down to the “V” of her crotch. And her huge breasts bounced back and forth when she so much as walked across the classroom.

I never acknowledged my lust for Barbara to her, and unless she saw my frequent erections during class, she never noticed it either. But three decades later, I still fantasize about making love to Barbara and showing my appreciation for her big, beautiful body.

I dream that for one wild night, I am Barbara’s husband Richard. Barbara and Richard have been married for decades and still love each other, but Barbara has long ago given up on the idea of passionate sex. These days, sex with her husband is reduced to basic components: a few kisses, a little heavy petting, some brief in-and-out, then
Richard rolls over and goes right to sleep. But for at least one night, things are going to be different.

Barbara comes in to our moonlit bedroom and sees my eyes half-open and a groggy smile on my face, as though I’m about to go to sleep. She smiles and yanks off her nightgown before lying next to me. I have to consciously control my reaction to first seeing Barbara in the buff. Her boobs heave even when she’s standing still, and her bush is thick and full. Barbara leans over, pecks me on the cheeks, and says, “Good night, Richard,” thinking the day is over. But it’s not going to be so easy.

I lean over and cover Barbara’s big, sensuous lips with mine, sucking her tongue furiously. Barbie’s eyes widen. “Well, this is a nice surprise,” Barbie coos.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet,” I tell her. I flick my tongue in Barbie’s left ear and then nibble on it. Barbie continues to stare at me wide-eyed, wondering when her “husband” is going to calm down. But seeing Barbie’s lush body spread out before me is having a dramatic effect on me. I gently grab Barbie’s hand and place it on my northward-pointing member.

“Jesus Christ, Richard!” Barbie exclaims happily. “What’s gotten into you tonight?”

“Never mind what’s gotten into me,” I mutter. “What ’til you see what’s getting into you.”

“Oh, my God,” Barbie murmurs.

Like a teenager in the back seat of a car, I cop endless feels on Barbie’s huge, full tits as Barbie lies back and moans. I circle a finger around Barbie’s big, brown areola and pinch its nipple with my thumb and forefinger. As I move my fingers left and right, Barbie shakes her head in the same directions, practically drooling with pleasure. As I hoist her enormous breast to my eager mouth, I can already smell Barbara’s nether regions oozing with her juices. I suck the left and then the right breast until they bounce from my suckling. Then I push them to Barbie’s mouth.

“Suck your own tits,” I order her. “I’ll work on the rest.”

Barbie hesitantly flicks her knowing tongue at her left boob before devouring it. Then she gives her right tit the same treatment. As she moves her mouth around her boobs, I move my fingers down her huge form until I reach her fragrant pussy. Gently I part its lips and go searching for Barbie’s knob. I find it and start circling it with my fingers.

Barbie grinds against my hand, moaning with her mouth full of her engorged breast. She bucks like crazy until I hit the jackpot, and her ecstasy bursts forth, making my fingers sticky. I pull out my fingers, run them along her left breast, and suck it again as Barbie moans. Barbie takes my sticky fingers and licks them off, kissing them slurpily.

I push Barbie on the bed so that she lies sideways. I run my hands down her back until I reach her fully rounded ass cheeks. I flick my thumb over her pert asshole as I lick her from behind.

“Oh, my God, Richard,” Barbie murmurs, “it’s been so long since you’ve been like this.”

In no time, I’ve inserted myself from behind. Barbie is more than happy to let me fuck her this way for a while, but then she pulls away. “No, Richard,” she says, “please do me from the front. I want to see you. I want to savor everything you do.”

“Okay,” I tell her, “but please don’t tease me. I have to be inside you tonight.”

I get on my knees as Barbie lies back and eagerly spreads her legs. Without her having to guide me, my stiff rod slips easily inside her cunt.

“You turn me on like you can’t believe, Barbie,” I tell her. “I love you.”

“I love you, too, baby,” she whispers.

Barbie lustily wraps her arms and legs around me and takes me as far up inside her as she can, clenching her pussy muscles for good measure. I plant wet kisses on Barbie’s face and knead her breasts some more as I slowly plunge in and out of her.

Before long, the air is filled with Barbie’s cries of passion and the violent bouncing of her big breasts. I groan and writhe as I give it to Barbie with everything I’ve got.

“Make me come,” she gasps. “Oh, please make me come!”

With my last bit of strength, I insert a finger between my cock and Barbie’s clit so that the finger will meet every movement of my eager shaft. It only makes Barbie grind her big hips harder and deeper. “Oh, my God, I’m coming, I’m coming!” Barbie cries.

“Me, too,” I gush.

With one last thrust, Barbie spasms in pure, lusty pleasure as my come overflows her juicy pussy. I pump her full of every last drop of my love juice and collapse on the bed beside her. Tears streaming down her face, Barbie kisses me over and over.

When we’ve regained our strength, Barbie climbs on top of me, plants me inside of her, and pulls my hands to her breasts. I figure I’d better make the most out of this evening while I can.

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