i wanna fuck you

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After long hours of working checking you out in every corner want you. I see you there some yards away telling myself I’m gonna give it to you. Everyone has left now its just you and I. You’ve asked me to move closer. I proceed. You left up my top licking me so smooth and gentle. I fall deeper into you. I slowly undress you kissing you on your neck and licking your ear. Touching your legs and pulling you closer with my other hand. Our eyes meet and our lips touch. You say u want it and I said let’s do it. You pull down your jeans whispering in my ear you love the way I moan.you’re in. You thrust deep and hard. You grunt and groan saying you don’t wanna stop I moan out loud please don’t stop. You turn me around hitting it from the back and smaking me up. I’ll moan your name you telling me saying louder telling me to have your baby. I push u away tell you “fuck no” you pull me harder close to you and pop. You say u love it. We go for another round. 3 months later…I’m pregnant.

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