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I was the lonely boy in school. I never spoke to anyone nor did anyone speak to me. I liked playing my videos games, but little did I know that I was going to lose my virginity in a way that some men dream of. She stalked the halls of my high school wearing short skirts normally leather of plaid but always with fishnet stalkings and knee high boots. She knew that all the guys want to know if the rumors were true about her sex life. Though the only boy she wanted to mount in school was me.
She came up to me at my locker after first period. She pinned me there and gave the the most passinate and seductive kiss I would ever have in my life. Her lips pressed firmly to mine, her mouth opening beckoning mine to open as well. Her tongue forcefully entering my mouth. I had never felt a tongue ring before that moment and it excited me and she knew it. For at that every moment, her right had slide down my chest and stomach to my stiffening cock. She rubbed it softly still keeping that kiss steadily going. Then firmly rubs my fully hard cock and makes this slight purring noise as the kiss becomes more violent. I take a chance figure what teh hell and move my hand to her large bosom firmly in a corset. I move my hand to her large bosom firmly in a corset. I find that not only does she have her delicious tongue pierced, but her nipples are pierced as well.
Standing at my locker no longer thinking of class, all I can think of is my hard cock and her soft hand rubbing it over my pants. I consider moving downard to see if she was as hot and bothered as I was when she pulls away from my kiss and whispers in my ear, “Follow me.” Like her puppy I follow her. We head into an empty classroom where she sits on a table cross-legged. I notice that shes not wearing any panties and that just makes me harder than before. I had never been this close to a woman before nor had I ever dreamed of it being this woman when it finally happened.
She spoke softly, “Peter, I’ve been watching you.” She uncrosses her legs and puts a hand on her breast. She rubs her nipples gently as I lick my lips. She sees this. “Oh, Peter, what are you thinking in that mind of yours?” she says as her hand moves downward, over her pale stomach to her skirted pussy. I could only stand there in amazement. No one would ever believe this was happening to me of all people. I couldnt answer her question I was too afraid I’d wake up from this dream. Her hand beckons me to come closer. She whispers in my ear, “You wanna touch me?” and nibbles my ear and pulls my hand to her pussy. I’m utterly speechless, I can only be a puppet. I let her take my hand and ball it up, but only leave one finger up. She runs my hand over her pussy and continues to whisper, “I wanna feel you, but do you wanna feel me?”
I nod my head as I feel her wetness. I gain some semblance of a voice and manage to squeak out, “I’ve never done anything with a girl are you sure you want me?” Blushing as I blurt out this fact with my hand up her skirt feeling her drip only knowing that I wanna feel her, taste her. See what all these guys talk about when they say that girls taste awful but they squirm all over the place when your tongue hits that right spot.
She doesn’t speak, she only puts her hand over mine as if you guide me. First, she rubs her clit with mine and her hands. Second, she guides my finger inside her warm wet place. How much I was wishing this was my erect cock inside her at the moment. She tensed slightly as I rubbed a spot inside and made a slight purring sound. She removed her hand, but mine stayed inside. Her moved her hand to my mouth, and all I wanted to do was suck that finger. I wanted to know what she tasted like. As she moved her finger to my face, I jumped at the chance and put my lips over her finger. She just tasted sweet. At the moment of tasting her from her finger, all I wanted to do was lay her flat on her back and lick her until I found out how to make her squirm.
No sooner did this thought come to me then she pushed me away. She spoke now, “Do you want more?” she whispered. I nodded. She whispered softly into my ear, “Come with me, but if we do this we do this my way.” I agreed and followed her to her car.
I thought we would continue in her car, but I was wrong. She drove to her empty house adn we got out there. I followed her inside to her bedroom. She started to take my clothes off, and I stood there and let her. She then laid me down on the bed, but she handcuffed me to her bedposts. I was a little scared at this point, but then she started to take her clothes off.
She then climbed on top of me. She was rubbing her hot wet pussy against my hardening cock. She started kissing, sucking and biting my neck. I was in utter ecstacy. Then she put her back to me and commanded me to lick her pussy as she started to suck my cock. I did what any man would do in that situation, I started to lick her as best I could.
She started panting and making this little noises which only made me do lick harder. I myself was about to explode when she stopped sucking me and moved so that i couldnt lick her. I thought I had done something wrong when all of a sudden she rammed my hard cock into her tight wet pussy. Holding my chest she moved like I thought no woman could. I begged her to uncuff me so that I could help.
I wanted my first time for me to be on top. She did as I asked. She layed flat on her back and helped me find my way inside again. I started to thrust first slow and soft. Then a little harder. I noticed that the harder and faster I went the more noise she would make, but she would also claw at my back. I thought I was hurting her, but when I went to stop she wrapped her legs around me so that I couldnt.
I was going in and out, in and out faster and harder with each movement. With each movement she got louder and louder and she scratched harder and harder. Then I started to moan. I knew I was going to cum, but I was more hoping that she had. Then all of a sudden she pushed me off her. I came then. She pushed me to the bed again, and whispered in my ear, “Can I keep you as a play thing? You were much more than I anticipated with being a virgin. Yummy we must play again and soon.” I just nodded.

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