Me and Mr. Finley

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I will never forget my senior year in high school. It was the best year of my life and I was loving it. I never would have thought in a million years what would take place that very year that would change me forever.
It was right after Spring Break and we were back in school when I started fantasizing about my History teacher, Mr. Finley. He was of average heighth and build with longer sandy blonde hair and glasses and no older than 35 or so. He wasn’t traditionally good looking or “hot”, but there was something so sexy about him. Almost nerdy and sexy at the same time I guess. He always wore plaid, short sleeve shirts with a tie and khaki slacks.
I had found a stash of my step-fathers porn videos and watched them over the break. I knew to rewind them exactly where the movie had started so I wouldn’t get caught. I guess that may be what started everything. Watching all that fucking and sucking and licking was more than I could bare. I would play with myself but I needed more. I wanted to filled up the way those pussies on the videos were. I also wanted a cock in my mouth and down my throat.
Mr. Finley became the sexiest man I ever laid eyes on from then on. When he was up in front of the class writing on the board his ass looked so good in those khaki slacks I could have ravaged his ass alone! I couldn’t concentrate. My pussy would hurt and throbe I would be so hot! I had to do something to make him take notice because I wasn’t going to be able to wait much longer!
I wasn’t much on wearing skirts at the time, but I went and bought a couple of the shortest and sexiest ones I could find. I’d have to put those on when I got to school because no way my dad would have let me out of the house!
It was Monday the first time it happened. I went straight to the bathroom as soon as I got to school with one of my new skirts. Taking off my panties first I slid my pleated skirt up and over my hips. God, I was getting wet already and I’d have to wait until the last hour before I even would see Mr. Finley. That was okay though, because sitting around in a little skirt were you can feel the coolness of every chair you sit in is erotic as hell. Or maybe it was just knowing I wasn’t wearing panties!
Finally, last hour was here and my pussy was so wet and throbbing! I made sure to sit in the chair right in front of his desk to be sure he got a full view of what I had to show him!
At first I sat up straight and pretended to be listening and taking notes on his lecture. After he assigned a writing assignment and sat down is when I got to work.
I scooted my ass to the edge of my chair and looked around me. Now one was paying attention. I spread my legs just a little and raised my skirt up just a enough he could see my pussy lips if he was looking. I wasn’t going to check to see if he was looking yet. I didn’t want to give myself away! I started stroking my finger down the front of my pussy lips just a little as decreet from the rest of the class as I could. I closed my eyes and licked my lips feeling Mr. Finley staring at me. I shook my hair back and opened my eyes. He was looking at me so intently that I thought I would cum right then. I pretended to be embarrassed about what I was doing. I removed my hand and sat up straight and looked at him again. He was still staring intently. Oh, God, I could tell he wanted my sweet pussy and knowing that made me even more wet.
By the end of class my pussy was so hot and wet it had leaked it’s juices out on my chair. The bell rang and I took my time gathering my things. When everyone had gone except me and Mr. Finley I got up and stood in front of his desk.
“Uh, Mr. Finley, I am sorry for what I was doing, I said. Well, actually I am not sorry for what I was doing, just sorry you had to see.”
He smiled, and took off his glasses. Talk about a major transformation! No more “nerdy/sexy” Mr. Finley! Mr. Finley was fucking hot without his glasses! I gasped.
“Sara, I am not sorry for what I saw. It turned me on.” With that he went and locked the door and pulled the shade over the small window.
Oh, yeah! I was going to get what I wanted! I was a little nervous but I knew what I needed and it was him!
He came over to stand in front of me and took my books from my hands. He put them on my desk. He turned around with an eyebrow raised. “Sara, he said, your chair is all wet. Is that from your pussy?”
I looked at the floor, trying to act shy. “Um, yes…I..I.” I licked my lips and looked into his eyes. “I am sorry, Mr. Finley, but you make my pussy hot, so hot sometimes it hurts. I can’t help it.”
His eyes changed and he lifted me up and onto his desk, squeezing my ass cheeks as he did it. I let out a little moan and ground my bottom into his hands. He liked that, I could tell.
“Sara, you make me hot too, feel this.” He took my hand and put it on the front of his pants. His cock was rock hard and straining against the fabric.
“Oh, Mr. Finley, will you please take it out, I moaned breathlessly. I need to see it. Please!”
“Now, Sara, this is wrong what we are doing in here. I am your teacher. You are not even old enough. I bet you have never seen a cock like mine. It could scare you.”
“Mr. Finley, I begged, please! I have seen one. I am not a virgin, I fucked Joey Sanders this summer.” I said matter-of-factly, and spread my legs open wide and put my hand between my pussy lips moaning and staring at his bulging crotch.
He was watching me and then said, “Okay, but this is wrong. We shouldn’t be doing this.” He started to take his belt off but I pulled him to me with the waist band of his pants.
“Please let me do it. Oh, I can’t wait to see it and lick it.”
He moaned and laid his head back while I undid his belt and then his pants. He was now watching my hands as they glided down and into his zipper. Oh, yeah, he was huge! His cock was so hot and fat. It was the biggest I’d seen, even with all the porn I’d seen!
“Oh, Mr. Finley, I had no idea! Yeah, I want to lick it and put it in mouth.”
He grunted and pulled me off his desk while changing places with me. “Be careful, Sara. Have you done this before?”
“Yes, with Joey, but just once. His cock wasn’t even half this size.” I got on my knees like I’d seen in the videos. I may have only done it once before but I watched alot of dick sucking over the break and considered myself almost a pro.
I wrapped my left hand around the shaft and my right fondled his balls. I kissed the head of his massive member then licked it. I stuck my tongue in his hole so I could taste him. Mmmmm! His cock was so fat I wasn’t going to be able to deep throat him, but I’d improvise. I took the head of him in my mouth careful not to let my teeth touch. I sucked and licked it using my hands on his shaft, up and down, up and down in a “S” pattern running the wetness from my mouth down with my hands. He liked what I was doing. He was moaning and pushing my head down on him. I shoved another inch in my mouth and licked and sucked. My pussy was a wet, throbbing distraction. I needed to touch it so bad just to quiet the ache. I put my right hand down there and was stroking my wet pussy so good. I was going to cum. His big, fat cock in my mouth had me so turned on.
“Oh, no, Sara. Let me do it. Your pussy is very nice and I want my mouth on it. Do you want me to eat your pussy, Sara. Have you ever had someone do that to you?” He pulled me up from my knees and again placed me on his desk but on the other side where his chair was. He laid me back gently on his desk and pulled my skirt off. “Oh, yeah, Sara! Your pussy is aching for me. I can almost see it pounding. It is all red and swollen.” He teased my nipples through my shirt with is fingers, then took it off too. I had my hands in his hair willing him to my breast with his mouth. Pulling down the strap of my bra he set one breast free then the other. He licked my nipples…I was going to cum.
It had me bucking my hips up towards him and shoving his
face into my tits. He scraped my right nipple with his teeth and then the left one. That sent a shiver down my spine and shot a pang of pure pleasure through my core.
He kissed his way down my stomach to the top of my pussy. He spread my legs wide, setting my feet on both ends of his desk. I was stretched wide for him to take me. I leaned back and thrust my swollen pussy up toward him.
“Please, lick my pussy, Mr.Finley. I am going to explode if you don’t eat me now.” I was grinding my pelvis in anticipation. He sat in his chair and scooted my ass just off the edge of the desk. His breath touched me first, then his tongue flicked out and slapped my clit.
“Ohhhhhh, yeah, I screamed! Oh, yeah, lick it, Mr. Finley, lick it and suck my pussy until it is dripping wet from you!”
He growled low in his throat and shoved his tongue in my tight hole, fucking me. He lapped at my wet pussy, up and down and in and out of my hole. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I shoved his head hard against my cunt and ground his face into it.
“Ooooooooo, uhhh, oooooo, I am gonna cum! Please don’t stop! Fuck me with your face! Ooooooo, here it c..c..comes!” My body shook with the most violent orgasm I had ever felt. My pussy was squirting something out that it had not done before. Mr. Finley, groaned and said “Hell yes!” and lapped at my pussy juice until it was clean. After my body stopped convulsing, I was a little embarrassed. Did I pee on him?
“Sara, that was the sweetest and sexiest pussy shower I have ever witnessed! Not many woman can do that and you are so young. Mmmmmm! I have to fuck you now, Sara. Can you handle my fat cock in your pussy?” He was rubbing his big dick head all over inside the lips of my quivering cunt.
He was making me hot again. “Oh, yeah, stick that fat dick in me. This is what I have wanted. I want to be filled to my limit and stretched until it hurts. Please, Mr.Finley, please fuck my wet, young pussy with your big fat cock. I need to feel how a man fills me. I want to watch it go in me.”
He pulled my ass further off the desk and put my feet on his shoulders. I spread my knees wide apart and leaned back on my elbows so I could see what he was about to do.
“Sara, this may hurt. I know you are not a virgin, but my cock is quite thick. I am going to go slow and if I hurt you tell me and I will stop.”
He was so gentle and sweet, but I knew I would take him in me even if it took all night. I needed that fat cock in me like I needed air to breathe.
He stroked my pussy up and down and got my juices flowing like water. I was dripping wet again and so fucking hot! I squeezed my nipples and pulled on them hard. I was so ready! He positioned himself right at the entry of my hole and pushed it gently. Only the tip of his head went in, but I could have cum all over! I must have known that this would be the fattest dick I’d ever know and I wanted it! I pushed my pussy toward his fat member, urging him on.
“I am okay, Mr.Finley. Please! Please, stick it in me!,” I panted.
He lifted my ass off the desk a little and with that was able to push his fat head in my pussy hole. I screamed and bucked, shoving my pussy onto him. Oh, yeah, I was so swollen and full. He groaned and licked his lips, easing the rest of his shaft in bit by bit. He pumped my pussy slow and long and I could feel my hole stretched as tight as it could be. Once he was in all the way, I hooked my feet behind his head and lifted my ass to meet him stroke for stroke! I was about to cum again when he stopped.
“Do you think you can sit on it, Sara? Do you want to ride me?,” he said, sweat dripping off of his forehead.
“Oh, yeah. I think I can do that. Can we keep your cock in me? I don’t want you to take it out, it feels so good in there.”
He lifted me up off his desk with is fat cock still lodged tight in my cunt. He sat on the chair with his hands on my ass cheeks keeping us joined together. He kneaded my ass cheeks as he lifted me up and then back down again. Oh, fuck yeah! Now I was full to the brim in every way! I ran my hands through his hair and pulled him to me. I kissed him passionately with my tongue fucking his face as he fucked my pussy. He sucked my nipples flicking his tongue on the hard tips almost like a slap then kissed me some more. He slipped his middle finger into our mouths and I sucked it like it was his dick all the while his dick pounding my pussy. He grabbed my ass again and snaked his finger around by my asshole. His finger was dripping with our saliva and he was probing the door of my hot box with it. He pushed it gently up and in my ass. At first I wanted to wiggle it out of there, but damn, after he got it in he started pounding my full pussy even harder. Double penetration with his dick and his finger and I was going to cum again! I slammed my pussy down on him over and over and over, punishing my aching pussy against him!
“Ohhhhh, fuck, yeah, Mr., Mr. Fin..Fin…Oh, fuck me harder in my ass! Pound it into me! Ohhhhhh, aaaaaaa, ohhhhhh, I am gonna cum all over you!”
“Yeah, come on, Sara! Come on, baby. Pound that pussy, pound it!”
He made a face and growled again deep in his throat. That was all it took for me to explode my shower of cum down his shaft.
“Oh, yeah, Sara. I am going to cum, Sara. Sara, I am going to cum in your sweet pussy! Ohhhhhh, uhhh!”
He slammed his cock so hard into me and spilled his hot cum into my tight pussy. We leaned on eachother, spent from our vigorous and hard fucking. I wiggled my pussy down on him one last time before I eased off his lap.
“Oh, Mr.Finley! That was hotter than any porn video I’ve ever seen! And I already want to do it again with you. Can we do this again?” I asked.
He raised his eyes to me with the sexiest look I’ll ever see and nodded. “Sara, whenever you wear a skirt like this I will fuck you till you squirt your sweet cum all over me, but you should go now before one of the other teachers comes looking for me.”
I kissed his mouth with one more lusty kiss and pulled my skirt back on and fixed my bra. I pulled my shirt on and grabbed my books and headed for the door.
“See you tomorrow, Mr. Finley.”
Yeah, I would probably wear another skirt tomorrow. Hell, I may just wear one everyday. Needless to say, Mr.Finley and I had a great student/teacher relationship.

Stay tuned for more about Sara and Mr.Finley.

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    Very Hot Story, cant wait to read more.

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  3. my dick is jumpin

    it is pretty young an hot wish i could test drive the young an vivacious sara for once
    wonderful get ur hole refilled and keep writing u have a sweet cunt and a good hand.

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    This story is the best one in a longtime.. Got me rock Hard!!! Keep them CUMMING!!!

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    this is one of my favorite stories its really good ………keep it up……

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