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It was Mel’s 16th birthday and as always we planned to have a slepover at hers. I wait all year for her sleepovers; they are so fun and this year was much more thrilling than the last time.

I was dropped off at Mel’s dad’s house at 8.00pm on her birthday night, dressed in a little skirt that barely touched the bottom of my bottocks and you could easily see my rock hard nipples through my tank top as I couldn’t find a bra anywhere in my own house. Anyway, Gerard, Mel’s Pervy dad answered the door, “Hi Lozz, Mel’s In Her bedroom – go on up.” I could easily see his eye contact with my big 36D tits – He’s not the only one to have noticed my development as a teenager. When I was 13 he even made a move on me grabbing my boob when Mel was upstairs, forcing his fist uo my skirt – There was only one person for me though, and that person wasn’t him and it wasn’t a male either.

I guess the first time I had an orgasm was when me and Mel “accidently” rented a porn movie for fun. Of course it was lesbian and the sight of the two girls touching and carressing each other made me have my own fantasy – with Mel. I even get horny when we go to the beach – her tight pussy in her bikni bottoms, her blonde hair blowing in the sea breeze and her pert breasts standing tall.

Where were we? Anyway I walked straight up the stairs , still awair that Gerard was still trying to look up my skirt and found Mel in her en-suite naked. Oh my god – that was so pleasurable I had to change my underwear. “Hey Hunny, What’s The Matter?” Mel asked me. I didnt want to lie to my best friend of 8 years so I became open to her. “Seeing Y-y-you naked kinda made me hot” I looked down to the floor in shame. “Really? Coz I’m Gunna Make You Mad!” She then took of her robe and stood there. Naked. Her pussy was shaven it was so pleasrable and I had to finger myself and at that point I started to scream with the pleasure I was giving myself.

Mel then ran though into her bedroom and got onto her bed with her pegs spread open. “Come here babe and lick me up.” Of course I had to! I couldn’t simply resist. My fantasy coming true! I took of my tank top and skirt and jumped on the bed beside her with only a thong on. “You Ready? Coz You’re In For a rough ride!!” I then put my head between her legsand started licking her tight, shaven, wet pussy and licked all up her body and in between her cleavage. She was screaming so hard I was surprised her father hadn’t heard her.

Then I was in for a real treat. She pulled me by my tits into the shower and the water srarted running at a hot temperature. She got out her dildo and forcved it up my vagina in and out, in and out at a repeatitive sequence, now it was my turn to scream.

By that time we were both screaming the house down and I had the girl I wanted. Then I head her bedroom door open and out of nowhere her father came into the bathroom. He just stood there admiring our bodies, watching our do our job and make love. You could easily see the bulge in his trousers and you could tell in his eyes that they were filled with lust. He was obviously horny.

What came next was totally unexpected ….

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