Melissa's Tales ch3 edited

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Chapter 3

Melissa while rekindling her thoughts of previous evening she starts thinking that she really enjoys living with her all of her roommates especially Nicholas. She knows why she is sore from last night’s events but just thinking about how Nicholas was using his fingers to invade her virgin ass and then how he was pushing that huge pulsating cock into her tight pussy. Melissa found just the thought of it all was making her nipples hard all over again along with knowing that Jared and Serena was watching them during it all even added more arousal. Then after all was done thinking about all three of them tasting her cum had her on the verge of orgasm and defiantly wanting more.

Of course who wouldn’t be inquisitive as the girl had sex appeal written all around her with the oversize polo shirt which was not really hiding her shapely tits. The glasses she wore when they all first met did nothing to dim down her appeal but they were happy very happy when she decided reordered her contacts. Then the jeans she wore did nothing to hide the nice shape of her ass. There is not a man that could most like just rub their dick through the ass crack and still cum from all her nicely round ass that has some meat on it to enjoy. It would probably felt like getting tity fucked. Nicholas would love to eventually get to anal-fuck her tight asshole especially after he enjoyed exploring it with his fingers just recently.

Then we have our other member of the household which was just as attractive. There was Serena who was of the Mexican descent and she had tits about the same size as Melissa and nicely pointed nipples. Her ass was nowhere near the size but it was nice to hold onto just the same. Her hair was to the middle of her back all blonde with very beautiful blue eyes with legs that could wrap all around you and enjoy her soft skin. Then we have Angela wore her hair long and always in a pony-tale and then she had some big exotic lips that u could enjoy Angela was the smallest build of the three with 40C breasts.
Then we have the gentleman of the apartment which was right up there with all of our girls. We already have heard about Nicholas which is a good looking man with a huge cock. We have Jared who a straight body builder standing just over six foot with brown hair cut military style and green eyes. We can’t forget Bentsen who somewhat skinny but ripped with cute soft brown eyes and also has brown hair.

Melissa decided to go out front to watch television and spend some quality time with her roommates. They were all just chilling and relaxing as they normally like do on weekends. It turns out they were watching porn and they had just recently got Melissa to start watching it with them because she normally just go back to her bedroom. They knew she masturbated to the sounds of the porn even though she did not actually watch it. Her roommate Bentsen was the first to catch her after thinking he heard a noise coming from the room he went to investigate and would hear moans coming through the door and then came Nicholas and Jared.

This occasion would be no different Melissa saw that they were watching a flick so she decided to go back to her room. They had the volume was up so loud that she still heard what was happening and always seem to get Melissa arouse. She began rubbing her sensitive nipples and she knew she would cum if she continues to play with her breast long enough. She sticks a finger into her mouth and began to massage he sensitive nipple. Moan.”ummmm” She then slides her hand from her nipples to her pants slipping her finger toward her wet clit. Melissa slowly rubs her finger around her wet cunt. Working slightly harder then normal to get her body to orgasm as she feels it coming she realizes she just had to work a little as she get on the edge and feels her body tensing up prior to release and then feeling I coming she open her eyes to see Angela watching her. Then she could not stop her juice from flowing from around her fingers. Angela watched removing her shirt. “Can I help Serena told me about how good you taste I just want to try you out for myself,”
Angela lean over and starts kissing Melissa as she starts returning the kiss she realizes this is first lesbian encounter. The masturbating earlier got her all aroused and she wanted more. She decides to continue with this by rubbing on Angela soft breast pinching and squeezing on her nipples. She feels Angela’s hand moving toward her pussy and she was getting wet, horny and more aroused. Angela starts kissing down her chest till she reaches Melissa sexy tits and as she feels Angela closing around on her nipple she starts to moan loudly. They feel someone may have heard them but don’t care as Angela really wanted to taste her pussy and then have Melissa return the favor. They decide to move into sixty-nine position and she feel Melissa tongue begin to lick her. She is thinking what a nice thick warm tongue Melissa has as it spreads her pussy lip and slowly sticks her tongue in her awaiting wet hole that is making Angela shiver. Angela starts returning the favor as she has a long thin tongue and begins to taste and feast on Melissa’s juicy cunt and she started to flow like a river that makes Angela become wild and start to cum Angela understands why Nicholas enjoyed fucking her and her pussy was little sweet to the taste as well. She didn’t want to stop licking Melissa as she was really getting down to eating pussy and the girl had a potentially talented tongue. Angela was on the edge when Melissa slips a finger her which really sent her over edge and she starts to face hump Melissa furiously. She stopped sucking on Melissa pussy and yells I am Cumming just as Melissa pushed her over the edge and sucked harder on her pussy one last time making her body cum and release even more juice.

Then to do dismay it turns out Bentsen was watching from the door masturbating. Angela was see’s that and knows she has to finish Melissa off so she positioned herself between her legs and continues eating her out again. Bentsen gets behind Angela and slowly slides into her already wet pussy as he enters her sensitive pussy she orgasms around his dick with her pussy clenching tight. Angela dipped her head down spreads Melissa’s labia and wrapped her lips around her clit and Melissa starts to whimper. She look up at Bentsen begins to play with her breast and nipples getting her even wetter. Watching Bentsen fuck Angela while she was sucking on Mellissa’s pussy had her giving Angela a cum facial. Melissa continues Cumming over and over again while Bentsen continues pinching her nipples. When Bentsen had Angela on the edge she really dived her finger and tongue back into Melissa. Melissa yells louder than normal while felling Angela in her pussy. This time they was sure someone heard them because all of the roommates came into the room to see Angela lifting her face from Melissa’s pussy, Melissa playing with her nipple still moaning, and to see Bentsen pulling his dick from Angela’s cum dripping pussy. Angela dipped her fingers into Melissa’s cunt for another taste of her goodies. Melissa face was still wet with cum!

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