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This is about a dream I have been having every night for almost 2 weeks straight.

Hubby had already left for work and kids are in school. So I decided to lay back down and sleep a little longer. I must have passed out. Working long shifts and having to get up early with kids will do that to anybody. I feel a hand caressing my back and I start to stir. Thinking it is my husband I keep my eyes close and play a little game. I keep my eyes close and roll on my back and pretend im still asleep. The hand rubs along my stomach and moves up to my tits and starts teasing my nipples. Which sends me into overdrive almost immediately, but I keep my eyes close as I let out a moan of pure pleasure. I feel his mouth on my nipple as he is sucking on my nipple his hand goes down and he slides a finger between my lips, testing my moistness. I start breathing harder he slides a finger in and start finger fucking me. Then I couldn’t take it no more, eyes close I pull his face to me and kiss him long and hard. He pulls away and I open my eyes and OMIGOD I must still be dreaming its him, not my husband. I close my eyes count to ten and open them again and he is still there. He has a sexy smirk on his face and starts kissing his way down my stomach and kisses my thighs and takes me in his mouth all at once. Thats when I realize I am not dreaming, but my biggest fantasy is actually coming true. He bats his tounge all over my clit, sending me higher. Just when im about to cum he stops. I moan my disappointment, he tells me he wants it to hit me hard, harder than I have ever felt it. Little does he know I haven’t had an orgasm in almost 3 years. He stripes and climbs between my fat thighs. Slides the head back and forth along my slit teasing me with each passing. I know once we take this step I would keep wanting more, I don’t tell him that. He pushes the head in, fucking me a little with it. Teasing is more like it. I raise my hips forcing him in till I feel his balls slap my ass. I grab him and pull him close and tell him “Fuck me like he never does.” He kisses me as he starts moving his hips leans up, and he starts pounding away at my pussy. I rock my hips up meeting him thrust for thrust. We go at it like this for several minutes. I can feel the orgasm building deep in my body. I want it so bad, its been so long. He rolls me over to my stomach and tell me to get on my knees. I did as I was told, not wanting to disappoint. He slides his dick in and starts right back up. This time the pace is much faster and more intense. He reaches around starts twiking my nipples making me moan even louder. I am so over heated I sound like a dog in heat. But god it feels so good. My orgasm starts building back up and I am expecting him to stop again. But to much of my delight he keeps going and it is right there. As I cum all over his sweet dick I scream in pure pleasure. God its been so long I keep cumming making my body so weak. He grunts a couple of times and shoots his load in me. The heat and fullness over excites me and I cum again. As I drop my body on the bed he collapses next to me. I look at him and smile and ask him why. He said “he doesn’t know he came up to ask me about borrowing the car. When I realized you weren’t up I came up to wake you and ask, but I wasn’t expecting to find you sleeping naked. And I was horny before I even came up. So I figured I would see about getting laid.” ” What if I would have flipped out.” “Then I would have left. But I knew you wouldn’t.” “How?” “Cuz I know you.” “Hmm your right you can borrow the car anytime as long as you cum to wake me first.” “Not a bad idea maybe next time ill bring a friend.”

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