One Day After Cheer

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Coach Aileen had to be the best looking woman Erin had ever seen. She had C cup tits; a little, round ass; and about a 17 inch waist. She was a knockout, with blonde hair that was closely cropped to her face, celery colored eyes and tanned skin. Erin really wanted her, and, knowing that Coach was also a lesbian, she tried to make herself as appealing as possible. She wore a white mid-driff today, tied up under her huge DD-cup, bra-less titties, along with her frilly cheerleading skirt; she did think she looked at least a little yummy. Her brown and blonde-highlighted hair was pulled into a loose ponytail, and she only had mascara on. She did catch Coach looking at her this past week, and it really turned her on. She tried to jiggle her tits as much as she could when she was near the cheerleading coach as possible. One time she even reached down to stroke her pussy when she caught her looking. Well, she finally thought her dreams were coming true when Coach asked her to stay after a few minutes.
Once all the other girls left, she finally spoke. “As I’m sure you know by now, I am a lesbian. Please excuse me if this is too forward, but I have been wondering recently if you are, too,” Coach asked softly. “Yes, I think I am, but I’ve never gotten to…experience everything that I should experience before fully deciding,” Erin replied thoughtfully. “Well, that is wonderful news. I’d like to make a proposition to you, please,” Coach said, and continued when Erin readily nodded. “I’m sorry if you think that this is trashy, but I work part time for a porn site on the internet, and I was planning on making a video about me and a cheerleader having lesbian sex. Well, after what I’ve seen this week, I was wondering if you’d do it with me. You are 18 by now, aren’t you?” Coach asked. Erin nodded, and replied, “I think I may need to think about this.” “Well, of course! Giving yourself to an older woman and putting it on the internet is obviously a big deal. Is it too much to ask to have an answer for tomorrow’s practice?” Aileen said. “No, I think I’ll be ready by then. See you tomorrow, Coach,” Erin replied, and went home.
Once she got outside, it was all that she could do not to skip to her car. Of course she knew she wanted to do it the moment Coach Aileen suggested it, but she didn’t want to seem too pathetic so she figured she should make her suffer a bit. But, dear Lord, what a turn-on! Coach worked for a fucking porn site? Erin had to admit, she watched a lot of porn herself, so this was very exciting. Erin wasn’t sure she’d be able to wait until whenever she was supposed to make this video.
At cheer the next day, Erin had her makeup styled the same, but she wore her hair in a French braid with a white tee shirt that had a rose in the middle with no bra (yet again) and her cheer skirt. After practice, she went up to Coach and told her she was going to do it. “But I have a few questions. I live alone, so I don’t need my parents to sign it or anything, right?” Coach nodded. “And what should I wear?” “I’ll ask you to please wear exactly what you wore yesterday: the hair, no bra, mid-driff, everything. And I’ll bring you over to my house tomorrow after practice for the shooting. I’ll have a gym-like setup ready, and you’ll meet my camera man before we do this. I’ll include a copy of the tape as well as $300 for your duties. And I’ll explain the rules for when you get there, okay?” When Erin nodded, Coach smiled and told her she could go home.
Finally cheerleading was over the next day. Erin was wearing what she was supposed to, and she got in Coach Aileen’s car. “Okay, here are the rules. This is a porn tape, but I want you to know the camera is there. Have you ever seen porn?” When Erin nodded, Aileen continued. “Well, did you notice that they don’t look at the camera too much? People say that’s why they like my tapes. I throw myself at the camera, and I want you to do the same. Next, it will be a little awkward, us having sex since I’m your coach, but I don’t care. I want you, and I think you want me, and even though we are having sex, I want you to call me coach anyway. It will turn fellow lesbians and porn-watchers on to make it seem like I’m your dominant. Any questions?” she asked. When Erin shook her head no, Coach said, “Good,” and kept driving.
When they got to Aileen’s house, there was already another car there. “My camera-man,” Aileen said, nodding to the car in the driveway. When they got inside, a man was there, setting up a camera. “Hey, I’m Dave,” he introduced himself, smiling. “Erin,” she replied, shaking his hand. “Wow, Aileen, she is a knockout. I think she’s better looking than you said. You are a lesbian right?” Dave asked Erin. Embarrassed, Erin nodded. “Too bad. I’d want you for myself if you weren’t!” he said, and laughed. Aileen went over to the gym-setup she had mentioned the day before and she stood in the middle, and told Erin to go off to the side.
“Ready? Rolling,” Dave said. “Hey, Coach,” Erin said. “Hi, Erica. Good practice. But, I must admit, I’m wet and very turned on by all of these girls in tiny skirts, bouncing all over the place. Do you think you can help me?” Aileen asked, smiling. “I think so,” Erica replied. They started lightly kissing, but it soon turned to a passionate make-out session. “Ew. I didn’t wear a sports bra today, and now my tits are all sweaty. What can we do to fix that?” Coach said thoughtfully. “Well…you could, you know…take it off?” Erin said, fake shyly. “Just what I was thinking. Do you think you can help me?” Coach said, and raised her arms above her head, waiting for Erin to pull her shirt off. Erin did so and there lay Coach’s bra-encased breasts, so lovely in the black lace. Erin noticed that her bra was strapless and clasped in the front. Seeing Erin’s hesitation, Coach started to take the bra off herself. She unclasped it, but then held the cups over her tits for a moment, building the anticipation. Then she suddenly threw her arms in the air, causing the bra to fly off. She had beautiful breasts, a lot like Erin’s only smaller. They held themselves up and looked very firm. Aileen now looked toward the camera, pursed her lips, and shook her chest at the camera, bouncing her tits all over the place. She laughed, then turned back to Erin, who was now very wet from seeing her tits jiggle. “My nipples are needy. Can you fix that?” Coach asked Erin. With no further persuasion, Erin got down and sucked on one of her tits while rubbing and squeezing the other. She bit Coach’s nipple, causing her to groan, then rubbed the one she just sucked and vice versa. Soon, Coach stood her up straight and said, “Your turn,” and reached for the knot on Erin’s mid-drif. “Only if you can catch me!” Erin said, and ran toward the other side of the “gym.”
Realizing she was going to have to chase her, Coach started running after her, making her boobs bounce more. Out of the corner of her eye, Erin saw Dave give her a thumbs up. They were doing laps around the set, but before she knew what was happening, Coach was right in front of her, hand outstretched, and yanked at the knot on Erin’s halter. Her breasts bounced right out of her shirt, and, realizing that she was very embarrassed, tried to cover them with her hands. She saw Coach coming up behind her, and walked toward center court. Now Coach was right behind her, and running the very tips of her fingers up and down her sides. It tickled, so Erin lightly slapped at one of Coach’s hands, taking it off her breast, therefore giving Coach the chance to slap her hand onto one boob, and then did the same with the other. Coach squished them into her chest, and rotated both their hands in circles, all while kissing Erin’s shoulders. Erin noticed Dave panning into her tits, which was when Coach pinched her nipples, then put her hands under Erin’s tits, as if she were show casing them for the camera.
They soon tired of that, and then Erin pulled her skirt and thong off, and Coach pulled did the same. Coach brought out a pile of dildos, and fucked Erin long and hard with one, jamming it i
nto her hot pussy.
“Ahh…oh…faster!” Erin panted as the ridged toy pumped in and out of her. Coach followed, and just as Erin started cumming, she pulled it out and put her mouth where the dildo would’ve been, sucking up all her juices. Then she tongue-fucked her love hole, causing Erin to re-cum almost instantly. She started with the dildo again, but Erin stopped her. “Your turn,” she said, and took the toy and shoved it into Coach’s throbbing cunt. Soon Coach was cumming with force, all over the dildo, which was when Erin took the opportunity to push it gently into Coach’s ass. At first she groaned in pain, but soon was panting with pleasure. But her pussy was still wanting, so Erin left the dildo in her ass and got a super long as well as ridged one from the pile near them and slowly pushed it into Coach’s needy love hole; Coach was cumming even before it was all the way in. She poured her sweet juices all over the dildo, and when she stopped, Erin pulled it out and sucked the toy dry after lapping up the extra that wasn’t on the dildo. Then she pulled the other out of her ass, and Coach grabbed a vibrating one that was meant for two people. She pushed it into herself, then motioned with her hands for Erin to climb on top of her, stuck it into Erin, and turned it on. Erin, who was riding it, kept slamming herself down on it, bouncing her tits more. Soon it was just too much for Coach to take and she grabbed Erin by the breasts and yanked them down to her face, sucking on her breasts and nipples. Then Coach started pumping it in and out of herself, and soon they were both cumming. Erin collapsed on top of Coach, and, once they caught their breath, got up to get dressed.
This was when Dave said, “Aileen, I think that was the best one you’ve ever done. People will pay tons to see that! I’m telling you, I had trouble not cumming all over the two of you. It was super hot. Well done, Erin. Are you sure this is your first time?” Erin, embarrassed again, nodded. “Well, if you ever change your mind about your sexuality, give me a call,” Dave replied, and loaded up his equipment. When he was gone, Coach said she’d give her the tape and money as soon as possible, and after giving Erin one last kiss, she got fully dressed and walked to the door. “See you at practice on Monday, Coach Aileen,” Erin said winking, and left to walk home.

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