perfect night

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He looks into her eyes. there’s so much he wants from her, every touch is ecstasy ,the feel of her body is to much pleasure to bare, her smell is intoxicating. he puts his lips to her and gets lost in a sea of pleasure her tongue gently massaging with hers he takes off her bra and feels the soft mounds of flesh on her it’s like a dream he never thought he’d get to hold her like this to feel her softness to touch just a little bit of her essence after weeks of waiting he finally has her he kisses her sun kissed skin , he kisses her neck the taste is exuberant he reaches for her breasts puts his mouth over one and starts gently lapping it with his tongue feeling the smooth texture of her soft breasts playing with her nipple he rubs his hands down her stomach to her panty line and dips in slowly feeling her soft lips he puts his finger in and out till she starts getting wet he wants to taste her to lick her most privet center he starts to trail kisses down her stomach toward her nether regions but she stops him feeling shy so he backs off but keeps rubbing his fingers in and out till he starts hearing little moans escaping her mouth uh uuuh uuuuuh he starts putting his mouth were his fingers were this time she is to turned on to say no he pull s down her panties spreads her legs and slowly presses his tongue by her privet place between her legs he relishes the first taste then he slowly puts his tongue up and down the length of her pussy tasting her again he just wants to pleasure her just wants to make her come he continuous twirling his tongue around her pink pussy lips avoiding her clit as a tease he starts to make out with her pussy sucking her clit like it was a tongue gently oh so gently does he caress her cunt with his tongue enjoying each moment not wanting it to end not wanting her to get shy again and ask him to stop tasting her beautiful pussy he wants more time to just sit there licking enjoying the taste and smell of her she moans harder , she can’t take the softness her need to come is to strong And her moans just keep getting louder as he listens to the sweet sound of her pleasure being amazed that he gets the chance to give her such pleasure as her moans get even louder her starts pressing his tongue harder up and down her pussy and then stops to suck on her clit for a few minutes while hers moans of pleasure fill the air with the sweet sounds of her pleasure he sucks and he licks her moans turn to screams of even greater ecstasy he just circles her clit harder and harder till she scream as she comes his head still between her legs licking the last few taste of her she lays there breathless and he just looks at her and just wants to do this again and be able to hear once again the sweet sound of her screaming in pleasure

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