Raven's Revenge Part One

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I knew that I couldn’t allow her to treat me this way,not if I wanted to live in the Consortium. I had to gain my revenge on her, so I thought about it and decided to take her to my home world. My own personal world of lust and pleasure that no one could escape from. She had betrayed me and left me on the roadside of life, but she forgot that she was dealing with Raven. She was alone in her bed when I came for her. That is what I wanted, for I would not be taking her physical form. In her dreams she would be exquisitely pleasured till she could take it no more and finally it would take over her waking life. I entered her dream and changed it. She suddenly found herself alone in an old castle. The hallways were marked with lit torches and the sound of chanting drew her to the center of my web. She slowly walked through the maze of twisted desires that I had created from her own subconcious. All the horrible little desires that she wanted, but could never tell were alive in this corridor of depravation. She begin to feel the seduction of darkness and ran through all the rest in a desperate attempt to reach the center. I waited patiently for her to reach me. Once she had everything morphed into the scene of our first encounter. We were together in the camper where it all began. She called my name, but I didn’t answer. I wore a mask that prevented her from seeing me. I came to her and began to slowly stroke her. I touched all the best places and then began to caress her with my toungue. I felt the build up of her first orgasm, but stopped cold. She begged me to continue, so I did. I began the Wings of the Raven. Softly nibbling the shape of my wings across her chest. Then she began to beg for my cock, but it wasn’t time yet. She screamed in pleasure. She begged for me to show my face, so she could know whose name to scream. I said it didn’t matter what name she used, because they all were the same. Besides she already was calling me GOD anyhow and that was close enough. Finally, I penetrated her to the depth of her soul and she cried, “please show me.” I laughed as she came again and said, “Okay darling I’ll show you.” I slowly removed my mask, but before completely showing my face I woke her. She sat up in bed alone.
The End of the Beggining

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