school days are the best days of your life.

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bra bloody hell her tits were fabulous she was the perfect teacher.

i swear she wants it coz all the time she talks to me she gives me the look,purposly i drop pens near my desk just so i can see her ned down so i can see her clevarage,this gets me so hard so i decide to wank trying to do so that she can notice it,she calls me and says

“right thats it you can stay after school for having your phone out in lesson stay behind please”

i try and argue but theres no point. i stay after the lesson when everyone is gone she askes me to pull the blinds down,so i did not knowin anythink she locks the door she tells me to sit down on the chair so i again do as im told. she then says

“i know that you didnt have your phone out i know what you was really doing”. she smiles now i want it for myself she decides to take off her top n reveal her breast seeing that my cock grows inside my boxers and she decides to stroke my bulge in my trousers it she undose my zip n gets out my cock and she says to me.

“mmmmm you have a bigger cock then my fionce”.

my face lit up when she said this to me then she go on with it,she licked n suck it till she could taste my hot precum she said to me how tasty i was she carried on suckin and slowly jerking me not long after that i exploded in her mouth she swallowed the lot of it,fuckin hell it was the best blowjob i have ever had.

i pulled dwn her trousers and she never had any knickers on and my cock didnt get a chance to go floppy her pussy was wet i slid it up her n fucked her makin her sream on every pump she enjoyed every minuite of it i felt my self about to cum again but i managed to stop myself ,after a while she came to climax and she came all on over my rock solid cock she bent down and she used some saved up energy that she had and she sucked every little drop of her own cum lickin her lovely cock suckin lips i wank off my cock and without a chance i exploded again in her mouth she lovein the taste of my cum she wnts more.she says to me in a demandin manor.

“fuck my arse bitch”.

she sucks my cock to get me hard again,she turns rnd on her desk and pulls her arse cheeks apart i spit at her hole n slid my pole deep inside her tight hole she matched me with every thrust while she fingered her freshly waxed cunt,this is the 1st time i have fucked a girls arse before and fuck me its great i felt my self to cum once again it was to much for me i told her n she started sucking once againg within 10 seconds i blasted a mouth ful of cum dwn her throat.

we lay down next to each other stationary she kisses me n tells me to go home,she said same again next week. i now look forward to school on mondays last lesson so now every lesson i had with her i had to stay behind,so i make sure in every lesson i get my phone out in class.thats what my mates think.

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