Secret meeting

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Lila and Brandy have been talking on the internet for six months now and brandy was soo ready to meet her red-headed cyber friend, and make their fun a real “reality”
Brandy wanted to meet Lila on her day off which was mondays, “meet me at 5 at the pizza shop in town” brandy emails.
Lila recives the email and immedietly turns wet..I wonder what she has in mind?? Brandy described herself to lila as blond thin and stacked, Lila just couldn’t wait to get her mouth on her huge nipples….
*monday 5 pm pizza place*
Brandy wonders where Lila is and if she’s all she says she is. In her purse she has a key to a nearbye hotel, along with some toys. Brandy wore her skimpiest outfit with her fuchia undies with the hole in the crotch…Looking up Brandy sees A tall Red-Head with a killer body walk in, she smiles brandys way but heads to the counter, she orders a coke and then all of a sudden crosses the room and sits in front of Brandy. HI! I’m Lila, finially its good to meet you…”good to meet you” brandy stutters, her pussy is already dripping and she can’t wait to put her face on this beautiful woman with wild red hair and cat like green eyes…
I…got us a room…if you would like…Brandy manages to stutter out, Sure! Lila winks, I can’t wait. The two Rush to Brandys red convertable and fly to the hotel…
Once in the hotel brandy turns to Lila, You are beautiful! Thanks..Lila blushes. Look, Lila says, I really want this to be special, especially our first meet, although I feel like I’ve known you for years….Sure brandy says touching lilas cheek, I understand..She leans in slowly and kisses lila on the cheek, Lila stays still while brandy moves in closer..Lila closes her eyes as brandys rosebud lips close in on hers, kissing her back then embrace slowly unbuttoning lilas top brandy peels it back. Lila unties Brandy halter and drops it to the floor. Brandy moans as she unfastins Lilas little white bra…Lila moves over to the bed guiding brandy with her. Lying on her back, brandy slowly unbuttons lilas shorts and slides her hand down…ohh your so warm! Brandy cries, Sliding Lila out of her shorts and pulling off her thong the Red headed beauty is fully naked in front of Brandy, She gasps at how perfect her tan body natural red head for sure, she confirms looking at Lilas little strip of hair…Lila sqirms on the bed…I..I haven’t really done this before..she finially breaks out. I mean this…she smiles shyley and brandy licks her lips in anticipation, then why don’t I show you what your missing??? Leaning over she puts her mouth on Lilas tit..Ohhhhh yessss lila moans and brandy takes her hand and starts to rub lilas little clit…mmmm ohh make me wet..Brandy takes lilas hand and puts it up to her chest “touch me” she moans in between suckles on her beautiful tits…mmmm lila starts to undress brandy and sees her open crotched thong, oh wow! Lila sqeals..brandy leans up agaist the head board. Come to me.. she gasps unable to hide her attraction to this woman..lila comes of and brandy guides her head to her shaved pussy. eat me..Lila please…I want it soo bad… Lila presses slowly to her pussy licking slowly then with ugency as Brandys breathing becomes harder, oh oh ohhh yesss suck it…Lila loving the tast of her friend dives in and eats her out for a good half hour making brandy moan and gasp. finially she climaxes screaming Lilas name over and over..Lila new to this but excited swings her pussy over Brandys face and says lets come together, Brandy eagerly takes Lila . mmmmmMM as lila slides two and then three fingers into brandy oh yes yes shuddering Lila comes all over brandys face, brandy laps it up and immeditely comes all over Lilas fingers, thatsss itttttt she moans oh yesss. yes..oh oh and shudders into her pillow…Lila comes over to brandy sucks on her nipples her tummy and finially kisses her passionatly..Oh wow. I never thought…How long did you rent the room out for? Two days Brandy replys.Good lets take a nap and then lets show eachother some more Brandy agrees already drifting off…..

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