"Sex in the grocery store"

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I work at my local grocery store and have had my eyes on my co worker for some time, Timmy is the grocery manager,and has been the subject of my fantasy for a long while. I would do anything to have him,everytime i am near him my hormones go into overdrive. Some thing about this man is making me crazy, i think of him morning , noon and night.The way he looks at me with his baby blue eyes is reason enough, but his body talk is so much deeper,his whole demeaner the sexiness of his walk, talk,smile the way he calls my name.We work closley together, we talk and spend alot of time at work . Timmy is a big flirt, and makes countless sexaull remarks, and i love it,but i always think he is joking and i never respond to his advance’s fearing he is just jokeing around, until now.. i have had it i have to have him. then it happend.Friday night at about 9 o clock he pages me to meet him in the recievng area, of course i jump at the chance i walk back and see him standng there on the dock, its a vision, his body. Timmy is so sexy he is about 6 ft tall. 180lbs. baby blue eyes and short blonde hair, i walk over to him, i can see a dangerous look in is eyes, something .i stand before him for a few seconds and in a split second i knew it was now i had to make my move on him. I reached my hand to his waist and slide my finger in his belt loop, pulling him closer to me in one quick motion, i was nervous but excitied all at once. i stared at his chest, i was so close. At that moment my hands ran up his arms to his neck i cuffed my hands behind his head, pulling his lips to mine. I looked up in those sexy eyes as i dove my lips to his,passion flooded my body when i felt his hand locked on my hips, our tongue’s slitherin over each others.in a faint whisper i spoke “OH Timmy i have been wanting you for so long” his finger tip graced my lips and he said…”Shhhhhhhhh i have too!!” “i want you now” we stood there for a moment then both of us feverish looked around for a spot, a place for our bodies to fall.He pulled me by the hand to a storage room. before the door could slam behind us his hands were all over my body.i franticly pulled his workcoat off un buttoned his dress shirt, pulling it off as it hung off his shoulder’s, the smell of his body hit me in the face ,in a fit of rage i dove my face into his chest , my hands holding his waist as i snaked my tongue up and over his firm nipples,i pressed his body to the wall his finger tips running threw my long hair.i held him there as i ripped his tie off from around his neck throwing it across the room , my body slide down , dropping to my knees i could see his huge cock growing threw his black jean’s, i looked up at him as i pulled at it tugging it i could feel his hardness in the palm of my hand , without speakng just from moving his lips he said”” Take me i want your lips on my cock” making my panties soaking wet.i unbuttoned his jeans wih one hand as my other hand crept up and down his belly his body shaking but thriving on my every touch. as i slide his pants down my eyes met his,i loved how he lookd at me, his jeans were wrapped around his ankles as i held his thick-veined cock in my hands. i kissed his inner thighs slipping my tongue threw my wet lips until he moaned for more i slowly started twirlig my tongue on he head of his cock.His head fell back to the wall and the hissing of his moan’s started to grow more and more,.my lips slide over his hard cock pressing him deep in my throat in one fast thrust.his hands moving from my shoulders to my hair guiding my head. i sucked him deep tighting my lock over his cock wih each movement, i knelt between his spread leg’s looking up at his face everytime i swallowed him, his hips thrashing foreward to drive his cock even deeper, his breath hissing threw his clntched teeth,made me see i was doing no wrong… after amost taking him to the brink he pulled me to my feet. leaning into me so gently as he turned me around backing me to the wall.. his manly finger tips grabing my tits slidig his hands up my shirt then ripping it off with my work coat, his roughness and his touch was turning me on like nothing i ever felt before, his lips sank into my neck butterfly kissin my shoulder, down my chest fixing his mouth on my ever so hard nipples his smooth lips moved from one to the other as he looked in my eyes my hands on his head rubbing his crew cut blonde hair.i reached down and held his chin … ” Timmy i want you to fuck me NOW’ i shouted.. i want your cock so deep inside of me”..he ripped my pants down,backed me onto a pile of crates and boxes.. our lips met as he climbed on me..i could feel the cold cardboard on my hot ass. the moment his hard cock slid threw my tight wet pussy i could not help but scream.. my grunts were coming from deep in my belly oh he felt so damn good, my hips twisting over his cock my throbbing pussy accepting every inch of him,, he slowed his pace. i became urgent wanting more,, he whispered in my ear ” baby i want this to last ” his slowness was down right madding. i sucked his buttom lip as his hips rotated round, the smell of his body was hitting me in the face, the sweet rolling down his chest.. god our bodies were on fire, There could not have been more passion in ths little room.i leaned back arching my back.. hanging back off the boxes. i could see his cock enter me.. i would watch that cock go in and out then look up at him. his lips started to cover my upper body. then i reached up and pushed him off of me..”timmy sit in that chair”..he sat i straddled him i held my hands on his shoulder’s as i searched for his mouth.our lips locked our mouths wet, his tongue exploring every fold of my mouth, i slde my body down. the tip of his swallon cock made its way back into my soaking wet hole. i turned his head as i sucked his ear lobe.,” sit still” i started .grinding my pussy over his cock rocking back and forth slowly. pumpig him,his hands on my hips holding me tight as he thrust upwards i could feel his cock pulsating in my tight pussy walls..he started to scream his yells were only making me fuck him harder,, i speed up my pace pumping his cock as i sucked his mouth,,my heart racing, diggng my long finger nais into his back.. i was goin to exploded.i could not hold back anymore..OHH TIMMY!!!!! i moaned!!”he yelled he was going to cum too…i yelled give it to me timmy i want all your sweet love inside of me . give me all of it.. in one last thrust his cock spit his warm load deep in my hole , as my hard clit grinded along that stiff cock …. our sweet jucies met as one.. my body fell on him…my deepest fantasy had come true, the magic of his touch was even more than i thought it would be… we both got dressed and made our way back to he floor.. we walked out the silver double doors..as we walked we looked at each other and smiled…”he whispered to me you know we have to do this again”i said i know…” ill meet you in the grocery office in ten minutes”

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