So Hot and Wet

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I’m extremely hot for being only 16. I stand 5’9, weigh 120lbs and have brown hair. I have a set of beautiful 44DD breasts that barely any of my shirts hide, very curvy hips going down two highly-toned legs, and an ass J-Lo would love. Well, enough about me, it’s time for the real meat. There’s a guy down my street who’s a senior at my high school. And during these hot summer days he desides to wash his car every afternoon at about 1pm. I was first mesmirized by this hunk one day on the way to go jogging. I stopped 2 houses down and hid behind a tree. God he worked out. Big gorgeous muscles everywhere, a sexy six pack, and an ass that put mine to shame. He was wet from the water he was washing with which drove me crazy, I suddenly got very wet. My nipples were hard as hell. I was wearing a white sports bra and too short embro shorts that showed a 1/4 of my ass as I would walk. This gorgeous dick was gonna pay for what he was doing to me. I started jogging again and began pouring sweat so I stopped in front of his truck and started catching my breath. He turned to look and see my huge tits pointing 2 very erect nipples. He became erect as well. I noticed this big, long object motioning in his pants and was awed by it. “What’s a matter babe?” he asked. “I’m sorry, I didn’t think you noticed”. I began to blush and pour sweat. Damn I wanted him to fuck my brains out. “Well, I’m gonna have to help you work out”, he said. “I’m sorry” I replied. “Yeah, I need it as bad as you do as you can see” he said holding his gigantic buldge. I grinned in excitement as I leaned into him a stuck my tounge in his mouth. He led me into the flatbed of his truck, sitting down, leaning against the window. I continued kissing him while sliding his shorts off to reveal his 11 inch anaconda that was rock hard. My eyes grew as my mouth hung open. “Come on baby, suck it” he said. “It’s too big” I replied. “Come on, you wont regret it”. So with both hands around it I barely engulfed it.”Fuck yeah” he whispered. I sucked him so good with long and loud slurps. I noticed when he was nearing orgasm he stopped me. “What now” I said. “My thanks to you” he said. He pushed me down and started undressing me, revealing a tan body and a giant rack that he soon was fondling. “Mmmmm, fuck…that’s it hun” I moaned as he sucked on my erect nipples. “I want you in me soo bad” I said. “How bad?” he said. I replied with another moan. He forced my thighs apart with his big arms and eased his nearly foot-long cock in my now soaking pussy. A tear rolled down my cheek as he went deeper and deeper. Following his mindblowing insertion was a series of trusts. He fucked me harder and harder. My legs were shaking. I was in extacy, moaning so loudly. My huge tits were smacking me in the chin I was being humped so hard. All his muscles were tightening, getting me wetter. “Oh fuck, you’re so fucking big…that’s it.” My cries made him fuck harder. “Oh God, I’m gonna cum so hard…OH GOD, OH GOD, OOOOOh YEEEAH!” I came all over his flat bed. He soon followed my orgasm with his. I could feel his giant cock spew hot cum all up inside. I rolled on top and passed out on top of the greatest fuck I’ve ever had in high school. “You’re done?” he asked. As I wondered about his question, my eyes could not beleave what they saw… he was getting hard again.

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