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It was a typical summer day and I was out doing job quotes for the construction company I worked work. I have one last quote to around 5 and it was in a town a little over an hour from my home. I wanted this quote to be the last of the day because it was in the town of and old friend and I wanted to stop by and visit her. Her name was Mary, she was about 5 years older then I and had been divorced for about 5 years and as far as I knew wasn’t dating anyone. She had long black hard and beautiful brown eyes was about 5′-4″ and weighted about 140lbs. She had a nice round ass and at large pair of c sized breasted. She had been a friend of mine since I was a teenager and considered her like family. My wife didn’t like the close relationship that we had because we would laugh and carry on a lot and did plenty of flirting with each other and my wife was intimidated by her beauty. Even though Mary and I were like family I still had this strong desire to be with her.

I finished my quote and headed to the other side of town where Mary lived. When I arrived her two teenage sons greeted me outside, as they were about to leave to go a high school baseball game. They told me that their mom was inside the trailer and that I should just walk in and surprise her. I walked in and she thought that it was one of the boys and when she turned and seen it was me she about wet her pants since we seen each other in over a year. She nearly dropped the dish that she was washing and partially ran over to me and gave me a huge hug. We gave each other a little peck on the lips and stood there for what seem like two minutes holding each other close. This wasn’t the typically hug that we gave each other. We made small talk and she then offered me something to drink and to show me her new trailer that she had bought her and the boys. We started at the front and worked our way to the back.

When we reached the finally room I jokingly said this must be your dungeon and she just giggled and told me that I will have to see we get in. She kept the door locked to keep her teenage sons from going in there when she wasn’t home. She unlocked the door and asked if I was ready to see it. I said sure why not. When she opened the door I was amazed to see that she had mirrors on the ceiling and across one wall. I didn’t know what to say other then wow. She joked that she didn’t get to enjoy them as much as she would of liked. I gave her a soft look and asked how is that. Without warning she pushed me to the bed and climbed on top on me. I did nothing to stop her and she lowered she face to mine and began to kiss me. It was as if a fire had been set ablaze between us as we kissed and grouped each other intensely. She came up for air and in one swoop removed her shirt to reveal her 38C breast. I couldn’t take my eyes off them as I had always longed to see them and now they were before me being released from their silk prison. I would stand not to touch them as I slide my hands up off her hips and grabbed a handful of each. She let out a soft moan and asked if I liked the feel of them. I sucked on her hardened nipples to show her my approval. I knew that from all the excitement she could feel my throbbing cock pressing against my jeans. I pulled off my shirt and rolled her over and got on top of her. I slowly kissed down her chest to the buttons on her jeans on pulled them open with my teeth. I quickly slid off her jeans and panties to reveal a nicely shaved mound. I couldn’t resist holding back as I berried my face deep into her throbbing pussy. I licked and sucked her like there was now tomorrow. Her wetness was so great it was as if I was drinking from an overflowing well. She bucked and humped my face as I slide my tongue deep inside her. She wasn’t able to hold back any longer as she allowed herself to let go and flowed like a rushing river breaking through a dam. She moaned and whimpered as I licked vigorously and grabbed a handful of my hair shoving my tongue deeper inside of her. She begged to kiss me as I slid up her body. As we kissed she could taste her own sweetness and that made her all the more excited. She rolled me over on my back and yanked off my jeans and boxers and took my seven-inch member into her awaiting mouth. She licked and sucked my shafted all the way down till she reached my balls and would let out a long hummed as she slid back up it. I opened my eyes to see our reflection in the mirrors on the ceiling and it made me all the more excited. It only took her a few more bobs till I exploded my load into her mouth. Without warning we heard her sons enter the trailer and knew that we were busted. They both went into their rooms and we finished our lovemaking. I do at least one quote a month in her town and always pay her a visit to see if she needs to make any home improvements to her room!!!


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