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violet was walking home in the rain wearing a black trenchcoat and black fishnet stockings and black six inch heels she was on her way home from working at club ultra violet her club and her car broke down she was waking on the side of the road when a car pulled
over she looked in the window it was one of customers dean a young muscular 23 yr old male” would you like a ride”
she notices its dean ” yes thank you” he drives her to her door ” why dont you come in have a drink” he replies” love too”

the go inside her two bedroom home and she fixes them both a vodka and cranberry ” I wish there was a way i could repay you”

dean” I will think of something” violet” oh i know of a way” she crooked her finger motioning for him to come closer and he eagerly walked over
she the grabbed him by his shirt pulled him closer and began kissing him very senously he was not pulling away she whispers” take me into the bedroom”
he picks her up her long shapely legs wrap around his waist and they are kissing more passionately he lays her onto the bed and lays on top of her
she unhooks her bra reveals her vuluptious round 38 dd breast his mouth sucks gently on her nipples as her arms go around him pulling his shirt offf
and they continue kissing and sucking each others nipples she nibbles on his earlobe and reaching down with her right hand massaging his thigh then she feels his bulging errect penis begging ” take off your pants and slide your big cock in me” he eagerly removes his pants and her black leather shorts leaving on her thigh hi fishnets and black leather stiletos then he kneeled before her burying his his face in her shaved pink clit
he darted his tongue in and out of her driving her wild her whole body squirmed as she begged “yes yes more more give it to me oooooooooooo
aggghh oh yesssss” he continued until her pussy was wet and squirting they were both moaning in pleasure ” ooooooo yess yese oooh yeah”
her long legs wrapped around him as he entered her soaking wet clit thrusting his hard 10 inch cock deep inside of her her hips were moving in sync with each thrust of his hard cock just pumping away at her wet pussy her hands down his back and her heels diggin in his back she commanded” harder baby do me harder” ” oh you want it rough baby ” he would begin thrusting harder and deeper there bodies moving to meet each other
then she wanted to ride him she rolled him right over and put her dripping wet pussy on his cock he could feel the lips just tighten around his cock
as she bucked wildly moving her body back and forth her tits bounced he watched and grabbed her large breast as she rode him she arched her back
for deeper penetration then would bend over closer to place her boob into his mouth and then she went back to bucking on his cock
and they were both moaning ” yes oh yeah yes oooooooo baby yes oh yeah yes yes oooooooo aaaaagh oh ride me i am about to cum”
she bucked faster and harder until he exploded his cum deep inside her vagina she just collapsed her body onto his .
” i feel so good baby” ” oh violet that was amazing” they just rested a few and each hit the showers then going to sleep almost immediately.

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