the chance of a lifetime part 2

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Dana woke up to find herself in Ray’s arms. She looked at the clock and saw it was only 4am, so she went back to sleep. At 6:45 Ray woke up Dana, telling her they would be late for school. So they got ready, ate some breakfast and walked to school. It was cold so Ray gave her his jacket. On they way to school they talked about a lot of things.
“So Dana what happens now?”
“What do you mean Ray?”
“Wan’t this just a time thing. You’ll go back to being popular and forget about what happened between us.”
“Ray I don’t just fuck every guy I take home.I’ve tought about it a lot. Iwant to be with you even if that means giving up everything I have in school.
She took hia hand and looked into his eyes and gave him a kiss. The two continued their walk and made it to school on time. Before they went to their homerooms, she told him she would meet him in history,and then they would make plans for the afternoon. At last is was history and they had to do a project with a paterner, so Dana and Ray decided to work together. Dana’s friend Rebbeca was taken back that Dana would want to work with Ray.
“Dana what are you doing, we always worked together on projects.”
“Listen Rebbeca I’m working with Ray okay he’s a nice guy.
“Nice guy? Yeah right I mean he’s the biggest loser in school”
“Well maybe to you his, but he isn’t to me. I like him okay he’s everything I ever wanted in a boyfriend.”
“You have to make a choice then Dana. It’s popularity, and friend or him. It’s your choice.”
“Him Rebbeca. I choose him.”
After school Dana walked home with Ray. They talked about what happened at school.Dana told Ray to stay with her again tonight, and he said he would. He pulled her towards him and started to kiss her.Dana the took his shirt off and suck on his nipple. Ray took off his jeans and boxers, and proceeded to kiss Dana. He removed her shirt and bra and started to suck her breast. Dana let out soft moans, but got louder as he would sqeeze or gentley bite her nipples. As he slowly moved down her body he removed her skirt and panties.

He went up and down her legs, and then he would barely touch her pussy to tease her a little. Then her started to finger her moving his fingers in and out of her faster and faster. Dana’s moans grew louder and he continued to please her. Then he started to eat her and she lost it and cummed all over his face. Ray kissed her. Then she started to suck his his cock.She played with his balls and sucked on them. After awhile she started to ride him. Ray started to pump her moving with the rythm of her body, and while he did that he sucked on her breast. As Dana was about to reach her climax she found herself saying I love you to Ray, who repeated the same back to her. Finally she came and so did Ray. The two exhausted fell alsleep.

Part3 comming soon!

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