The chance of a lifetime

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Dana and Ray were called to the front of the classroom by their teacher Mr.Gilmer.Dana was failing the class and needed to bring her grade up.So he suggested Ray tutor her at her house everyday after school.Dana didn’t like the idea of being tutored. Ray saw this sign of dresentment and tried to help her out, but even he couldn’t convince the teacher to reconsider.
Dana and Ray met after school and walked to her house. They talked and Dana found that Ray wasn’t such a bad guy after all. As they continued it seemed to Dana like he was the kinda of boyfriend she always wanted. Dana was a very beautiful girl and Ray knew that, but he was sure that she couldn’t be interested in him. She had large firm breasts, and a perfect ass.He loved it when she wore tight jeans and a tight shirt.Even though he wanted to concertrate on those things he felt he should respect her and listen to what she had to say.
Dana found everything she wanted in a guy in Ray.She wanted a guy who would listen to her and comfort her wwhen she felt down, and Ray seemed to do that for her. then she wonder if she could give up everything she had in school such as bieng popular for him.They got to her house before she could answer her question.They started to study and Ray actually helped her find a way to better remember info, and then after about two hours they decided to take a break and started to watch a movie.During the movie she thought he would try to touch her or make some kind of advace towards her.That actually made her cry a little because all her other boyfriends ever wanted from her was sex.Then she stopped the movie, straddled herself onto his lap and kissed him.Ray kissed her back and they continued for about two minutes.Dana took Ray to her room and removed his shirt and pants.Ray got on top of her and kissed her on the lips.
Then he slowly moved down her neck, nibbling every part of her and then his took he short off. Next he took off her bra and sucked her large breasts.Moans escaped from Dana’s mouth,she was enjoying every moment.Ray moved down her body and removed her jeans and then her panties.he went down her legs and then came back up. Dana couldn’t take it she put her hands on his his head and pushed his face into her pussy.He lick and licked her and every time his tongue coame in contact with her clit a sensation went through her body.After bout fifteen minutes she came and he drank all of her juice.
Dana got on top of him and wasted no time in suck his cock.At first she teased him by only licking the head of of his shaft.Then finally she took the whole thing in her mouth.She bobbed her head up and down taking his manhood in her mouth.She got up and let Ray put his hard rod into her waiting pussy.He started out slow at first, but then increased his speed with every thrust.Then she started to ride him.After about an hour they both came. She layed herself into his arms. She asked him how he felt and he said there was no way to explain it. Dana then realized she could give up everything for him. Do they date eachother or not? you”l just have to wait for part 2

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