The Confessions of a shelf stacker pt.1

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Being a Shelf Stacker for is not as crap a job as you may think, as I found out.
I’d only been working there for a few months when I started to notice Emily, a beautiful dark haired girl a couple of years older than me. As I walked past her in the aisles my eyes would be drawn to her beautiful ass well defined in the tight uniform skirt. Always as she bent over I could feel a stirring in my boxers an decided to move on before it got too noticeable.
When I had my lunch break I went up to the canteen. I say canteen, it’s more like a small room with a kitchen surface at one end a fridge, a coffee machine and a central table with a few chairs round it.
As I walk in I get hit by a wall of heat.
“Wow, it’s hot in here!,” I said to myself, but a reply came from someone sitting at the table.
“That’s because you walked in”
It’s her, Emily! I smile bashfully and mutter a “Thank You”, before I sit down in the chair opposite her. We chat casually for a while with her always looking smiling at me, me smiling back. Then I mention my shoulder aching.
“Hmmm,” she says, “I’ll soon sort that for you”.
She stands up and walks round behind me, and begins to massage my shoulders. It’s amazingly effective and relaxing!
“Better”, she asks, “Much”, I reply.
“Still got a bit more to do”.
With that she spins me round in my chair and begins to massage the front of my shoulders, while stare at her pretty face. But soon my attention is drawn elsewhere as I realise that the buttons on her polo neck shirt are not done up, giving me a good view of her perfect tits encased in a sexy black bra. I say perfect I mean that are the perfect size, not too big or too small, and the perfect shape, nicely pert. I start to get aroused and so I close my eyes and try to pretend that I’m just enjoying the massage. But suddenly I feel a hand massaging my crotch and I open my eyes to see Emily beaming back at me.
“Just sit still and relax” she whispers into my ear before plunging her tongue into my throat. We tongue wrestle for a minute or so, her powerful tongue overpowering mine, exploring every crevice of my mouth. When she breaks the kiss, her hands unzip my trousers and she reaches in and pulls out my cock. She kneels down and begins to jerk me off, licking the head and balls every so often. Then just before I come she wraps her warm velvety mouth over my cock and sucks and licks for all she’s worth. Within seconds I’m spurting reems of sticky spunk into her mouth, her guzzling it just as fast.
“You taste great”, she smiles at me again, “but now I want you inside me”.
She looks down at my cock “Ohhhhhh”, she moans, pouting ” It’s gone all limp, but I know how to make it hard for me again!”
She turns the near by radio on and clambers onto the table. I get a good look at what she’s wearing. Her black work heels, her tanned bare legs, her tight work skirt, cut just above the knee perfectly showing off her curves, and her plain work polo shirt, which would be so bland if it weren’t her wearing it, and if I didn’t know what was underneath………
She begins to strut around the table in time with the music, first, her back to me bent over rubbing up and down her legs, then, sexily crouch down facing me splaying her legs showing off her adorable little white panties. Suddenly she pulls off her shirt and wets her fingers with her lips and begins to rub her chest. She slides a finger down the waist band of her skirt and slide her finger around to the clasp, which she undoes. Then she turns around and bend over again as she slide it down over her smooth ass cheeks. She turns to face me and blows me a kiss, an angel in her underwear in front of me, before she turns around again and undoes the clasp on her bra. She throws it through her legs at and into my face, before facing me again, once again caressing her bare chest and adorable little nipples with her wet fingers. Next she sits down legs spread facing me. One of her hands wanders down her body and into her panties. She begins to burrow her fingers deep and fast into her pussy, all the while her panties are getting sodden. She looks up at me, smiles before saying “I know what you want to see”. She lies on her back legs up in the air, still frigging away with one hand while with the other hand she slides her damp panties over her silken legs and throws them at me before resuming the previous position. Her panties land on my chest and her scent is very strong, making me hornier than ever. She gets so into masturbating, one hand on her breasts the other deep in her pussy, that she seems to forget that I’m there. But suddenly she stops.
” I need you in me now” she says as she climbs down off the table.
She begins to dance in front of me, her ass inches from my face. I bend over and give her ass a little nip and she sit down on my lap, my now hard cock plunging straight into her, to the hilt. We moan in unison as she begins to slide herself up and down my shaft. She places my hands on her firm chest and I massage them gently. She starts to tense and go limp, tense and go limp before she settles exhausted only my arms around her stopping her from falling off.
“Now it’s your turn to come again” she pants. As she rises I notice my lap is soaking with her juices, and she sits back down again.
But this time my cocks get buried in her ass. She begin to bounce on my lap again reaching down to play with my balls, but it doesn’t take long for me to be squirming under her, gushing into her ass. And even as I remove my cock from her asshole some cum seeps out. She reaches round and scoops up some on her finger an turns to show me her sucking her finger clean.
She puts her clothes on and just before she goes she turns to me and says “We gotta do that more often!”

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