The Girl of My Dreams

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As a baseball player, I have always been the ones getting the cute girls. I never really asked a girl out, they sort of asked themselves out for me. I never had to say a word. They never lasted more than a dinner, maybe once or twice it ended in the bedroom. One day, after closing out a close game, I saw a cheerleader that I had always wanted to ask out, but being the coward that i am, i never did. But today she was looking at me with those gorgeous blue eyes in a much different way. I walked over to her and she pretended she didn’t notice, though i absolutely knew she saw me. I was about to ask out the hottest girl i had ever seen! I went up to her and tapped her on the shoulder;
“Oh hi Ace.” (thats what everyone on the team calls me, as im the teams best pitcher) “Whats up?”
“Well, I was wondering if you wanted to do something later in celebration of the team going to the playoffs. I mean, you guys helped a lot to!”
“Oh my G-d yes-i mean sure, what time?”
“Now if you want.”
“Okay let me go home and change first. I live across the street.” She sprinted across the street and a few minutes later she was back. YOu know, she looked surprisingly like Carmen Electra if you think about it. I looked at her. She was dressed in a tight blue sweater that really made her absolutely gorgeous boobs stand out and khaki cappris.
“okay lets go to my car and ill drive us to my house so i can change. You look really nice.”
I think that kinda turned her on, somehow. She kept looking at me in a good way. It felt awkward cuz she was around 5’6 and i was around 6’4, and still growing! I turned to my house and jumped out. I ran inside, put on some jeans, clean boxers, a nice shirt, and massive amounts of deoderant plus a decent looking baseball cap and ran back to her.
“So, where u wanna go?”
“how about the olive garden?”
So we went there and had the best dinner of my life. I never knew we had so much in common. Every minute she seemed hotter and hotter.
” we should do this more often.” she said. ” like a date.”
so we went back to my house to hang out and watch movies in my room. My parents were out of town and trusted me to take good care of the house. I didnt think they would mind me having a friend over.
I got up to go to the bathroom. I was so horny my cock was about to break through my jeans. I went back to my room and the door was closed. I didn’t remember leaving it closed. I opened it and waiting on my bed was her. only she looked different. She wasnt wearing the cute outfit anymore; now she was only wearing a black thong and black/ semitransparent bra.
“You horny, baby?” she said in a sexy voice.
“Very.” I replied. Without warning, i quikly removed all my clothes and moved onto the bed. She still had her bra and thong on.
“You wanna do the honers?” she asked.
“dont mind if i do.” i slowly placed my hands behind her smooth back and unstrapped her bra, revealing the most beautiful breasts i had ever seen. She took off her thong. I was staring at her boobs and she noticed.
“YOu wanna play?”
“Lets go” so she punced on me. we were like puppies, except she kept gently kissing me and i kept sucking on her nipples. Finally, i was fully erect so she quikly took my cock and put it in her mouth. She suck until i cummed and it got all over her. Shedidnt wanna swallow it and i didnt force her. She pushed me playfully back and sat on me so my cock was in her vagina and she started to bounce up and down. It was the best feeling. We both orgasmed at the same time and then we lie next to eachother. Suddenly we both turned and started to kiss extremely romantically. We stayd like this for like five minutes before moving to the shower. She looked so hot when she was all wet. Then we went skinny dipping in my pool and, once again, we fucked like crazy and then we got out and fucked in the grass. Then we went to the kitchen and i made us sandwitches. After we ate, we fucked again. Wee then went back to my room to watch “The Girl Next Door” witched gave us ideas and we fucked the night away. She ended up sleeping over and her parents didn’t care. She lived here until two weeks later my parents came home. Then we started renting out expensive hotel rooms and my parents bought me a suite at the 4 seasons in boston where she and i lived basically until we went off to college. We fucked so much tthat it was miraculous she never got pregnant. I guess its just out \r good luck!

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