To Have My Way With You

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I have entertained thoughts of a sexual nature. Thoughts of what it would be like to have my way with you.
I am a sexual creature…every detail about me suggests that I am built for seduction. My mind is the driving force…if and when I choose it to be.
I can sense that there is a consuming lust deep inside you…a sexual beast writhing with desire that is burning in your mind and in your soul. With an intensity that matches my own. If I had you here…now…there is no doubt that you would be rock hard…for I would kiss you…stroke you… tease you…with all that is me…until the eroticism builds and all surroundings and self awareness…lost. Only to be regained by the excitement that surges through your body when you realize that I have mounted you and your member is now inside my own. You feel the pulse of sexual electricity intensified by my wetness. My body is readying itself for the erotic journey. But in an instant I stop all visible movement…only to begin a different sensual dance. You feel my inner muscles take control. I stroke you…grip you…softly at first and as it intensifies you begin to thrust in response. But I quiet you and you resist that urge. As the intensity of my actions escalates we enter into a sexually euphoric experience. Our paths to climax begin intertwining and it multiplies the thrill. We cry out as our bodies begin to reach the peak…I stop…pull back…barely in time…you look at me as if I am insane. Perhaps…but it serves to intensify our lust. I grip your cock and pump it…take it…slowly…then faster and faster. In my frenzy I use my whole body and ride you wildly until we respond…with a continuing…escalating power wave of pleasure…repeating again and again. Our bodies mingled…filled with sensual pulsations…explode…igniting the very fiber of our being…and for a time we are one.
all that remains is the sweet scent of our raw sex circulating in the air.

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