Walk With Me. Part Two.

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Work was slow, and Lee was almost to the point of commiting suicide. It was barely nine thirty and not
one customer had come in to the store. Her co-workers all huddled in one corner of the store discussing product
and other things. Lee sat with her manager in their office, she was his assistant as well as the youngest person
working at Hudley’s. The store was famous for selling european cars and the only reason why Lee got the job
is because her father was best friends with Devon, her manager. The two were discussing their families and the
next barbeque when again Lee felt a vibration at her side, this time the text was from Alyssa and there was no
need to hide her cell phone from Devon. “You kids and your text messaging,” he laughed as he returned to his paper
work. Lee waved a hand at him while telling him to shhh as she began reading her text, ‘Party is soon!! I will
be at your work at ten, much love.’ “Devon, I hate you sometimes!!” Lee joked as she looked at her boss. His
head jerked up and he had a “what did i do” sort of face on. Devon put his hands up in innocence as Lee continued,
“I’m eighteen and you make me work a friday night. I have people to see and places to go you know.” Lee couldn’t
control a straight face and the two laughed together. Their chuckle ended and Devon replied, “How about this I will
let you leave a half hour early tonight if you remember to buy my a mocha next shift.” Lee’s eyes went buggy and
she let out a small shreak, “Devon you are the best, mocha latte no foam. I remember!!” Lee flipped her phone back
open and she replied Alyssa’s text “COME GET ME NOW! EEEEEH!. I got off work early.” Within the next ten minutes
Alyssa was parked outside and Lee said her goodbyes.

“You lucky dog, how did you get out of work so early?!” Alyssa gawked. “My superior whining skills
of course,” Lee replied. They both laughed and together and sifted threw Lee’s closet. She wanted to look nice
for Jesse tonight and she couldn’t wait to see him. Alyssa blasted some of their favourite music on the cd player
and Lee looked for a clean towel to shower with. “Ok Al, I am off to shower, find me an outfit.” Alyssa pouted
and soon her bottom lip was petruding out. “I want to shower too!!” Lee laughed and invited Alyssa to shower.
This was the usual routine for the two. Lee looked at Alyssa as the showered together, their
soapy bodies close to each other as the lathered shampoo into their hair. Alyssa was cute, she was a bubbly
brunette girl with great breasts and long legs. Her eyes were always a perfect emerald green that were so full of
life. Alyssa caught Lee’s stare and came alittle closer to her in the shower. Lee knew this move very well
and welcomed it. Alyssa washed the shampoo out of her hair and the water streamed down
her erect nipples to her nicely shaven crevice. Lee could feel her body heat up, her inner thigh became wet
and she washed her own shampoo out of her hair. As she closed her eyes to let the hot water run down her face
she felt Alyssa’s tounge on her neck and her small, big breasted frame push against her. Lee wiped the water from
her face and saw the needy eyes that looked at her. Lee guided her right hand down Alyssa’s lips to her neck
and slowly to her right breast. She cupped it in her hand, Alyssa had great breasts the same size as Lee’s but
Alyssa’s were grazed with cute freckles as was most of her body. Alyssa moaned as Lee began rolling her breast.
Alyssa once again looked at Lee and they both started to kiss. Slowly at first but soon as their passion peaked
their kisses became harder and faster. Their tounges darted at each others and both felt the rumble of their
moans in their mouths. From Alyssa’s breast Lee trailed her hand down to her thigh and slowly pushed Alyssa’s
legs apart. Alyssa moaned and broke the kiss to start kissing and tounging Lee’s neck and chest. Slowly Lee began
to insert a finger into Alyssa’s tight hole. Alyssa was still a virgin to a man’s touch but Lee knew every
inch of Alyssa’s body. Her finger darted in and out at a steady pace, after she knew Alyssa was wet enough Lee
pushed in another finger and started fingering Alyssa rapidly. Alyssa’s moans were uncontrollable now and Lee had
enough of the hot shower beating on them. “Alyssa,bedroom.” That is all she could muster between her moans. The two
shut off the shower and made it to Lee’s soft bed. Lee laid untop of her kissing her and running her hands down
the girls body. Alyssa’s body bucked with each pump of Lee’s fingers. “Lee,” Alyssa pleaded,” let’s try that thing
now.” Lee stopped, she knew what Alyssa was referring to. When they were dating in their freshman year they
purchased a strap on together, Alyssa was nervous about loosing her virginity to a girl and they began to fight.
That was how their relationship had ended. Lee looked at the girl and said “Are you sure?” Alyssa looked back
at her and said, “Like you said today at lunch, this is our last year and we are both going to different
schools for college, I might never see you again.” A small tear fell from Alyssa’s eye and Lee knew this was
very important to her, she kissed Alyssa’s soft swollen lips and went to her closet. She secured the strap
on and positioned herself on top of Alyssa. Alyssa pulled Lee into her and started to kiss her again she
took the cock into her hand and guided it into her hole.
Lee knew Alyssa was feeling some discomfort and slowly eased her fake cock into her. She slowly began to
pump when she felt the pop of Alyssa’s virginity. Alyssa was moaning in both pain and pleasure and Lee
started to pump a little faster. Stroke after stroke, Alyssas moans were louder and huskier.
Lee was pumping at a rapid pace now giving Alyssa all she could. Alyssa’s hands were restless,
clawing at Lee’s back and gripping onto the bedsheets. She knew Alyssa was about to cum, she could see it in
the girls face. “Lee, oh my god, Lee, I am going to….”
Alyssa screamed as her release soaked Lee’s legs and bedsheets. Alyssa looked up at her with satisfaction and
kissed her lips. Lee laid on top of her as both of their breathing slowed, “Lee, we should probably get
ready for the party now.” Alyssa chuckled and slowly got up off of the bed.

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