Walk With Me.

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They knew eachother well and seen one another many times. They were not quite lovers and not as
innocent as friends. They would walk by each other in school, eyes locked on to one another as they
passed to go their seperate ways. They would notice each other in class and see one another during lunch,
and yet they never allowed themselves to experience the others touch or kiss. She would whisper his name
as she wrote it a million times on her note book not giving any thought to the teacher ahead. Jesse it would
say over and over again, Jesse, Jesse, Jesse. His name was in her heart and his body in her thoughts. He was
a grade down from her, she was a senior enjoying her last year of high school and he a sophomore. They gathered
with different crowds at break and lunch, as well as enjoyed different activities after school but they knew
noticed each other. Lee was known as the highschool queen, she was popular, top of her class and also the most
beautiful. Others in the school were gorgeous, but they didn’t have the confidence that Lee Ashton was known for.
She had a unique sense of style, very random and quirky. Her hair was a light blonde, shining almost white in the
sunlight. Her eyes were a deep brown that were forested by long thick eyelashes and her smile was famous. She was
a gentle 5’4 with an athletic build and firm, luscious breasts.
She sat at her table in english class, they were discussing Shakespear’s Othello as she glanced him
walking by the door. The one boy she could not get out of her head since high school began. They knew each other
for almost three years and not once had she been able to allow herself to become his. He was Jesse Oneil,
popular for his grade and known throught out the school by all the girls. He was fancied by almost every girl
in the school, he stood at 5`9 with a perfect body. His arms were strong and his body lean and toned.
His hair was always cut short and his eyes were a soft golden brown. Her head lifted straight up as she watched
his magnificent body ease by, a quick second and he was gone. Her body went limp and she tuned back into the
conversation of Othello.
Hours seemed to pass by and lunch break had quickly followed, Lee stood in line with some of her fellow
drama buddies and talked about their spring production. ” I still think we should do ‘A Mid Summer Night’s Dream”,
chimed Alyssa. She was Lee’s closest friend, they had been through everything together had even dated at one point
in their highschool carreer. “Aly, that is so predictable. St.Joseph High is doing that play this year
too, with much cencorship of course.” Lee countered. They looked at each other with a quick challenge as if to
say, “say something now” to each other but the feeling quickly vanished and they went back to talking more about
the play.
The group had finally reached a table, Alyssa sitting to Lee’s side and Morgan, Michelle and Dee all
sat around them. They were the popular click of the school you could say, the cheerleaders and sports jocks
next in line. The school mainly focused on the performing arts so sports really wasn’t an important part
of highschool life. The girls all chatted about the boys in school and the random gossip when once again Lee
saw Jesse, he was with his friends, known as the bad boys around the school. Lee
couldn’t hear anything just watched as Jesse laughed and talked with his friends, he caught her eye and both
seemed to be staring at the other. “Lee, Lee, LEE!!”, Alyssa shreaked in Lee’s ear, “Damnit girl you can’t keep
your mind on anything when that boy walks into the room.” They broke eye contact as Lee shuffled herself back
into the conversation. “I’m sorry guys, but I can’t help feeling like this is the last year I have to see him, and
I might not ever get to stare at his gorgeous face ever again.” Her words shifted her face into a pout and Alyssa
gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. “You do know there is a party at John Catcher’s house tonight right? And you do
know who is going to be there right?” Alyssa teased Lee with mentioning about Jesse’s involvement with the party.
John and him were best friends and every one knew that Jesse was going to be there. “Aly I swear I am going
to punch you in the tit if you start bugging me again. You know I can’t go, we have drama practise and then
I have to work.” Once again Lee was left to pouting, she poked at her jello with her fork. “Lee you are such
a pooper call in sick or come after!! Please, come on, I will even pick you up from work and we can go together.”
Alyssa began to nudge at her and quickly Lee’s face went back into her gorgeous smile. “Ok deal, but we have
to stop at my place first ok? I need to shower and change before we go. I get off at about 10.”
The bell rang and the group hussled out of their chairs to make it to their afternoon classes, Lee couldn’t help
thinking about the nights upcoming events. This could be the night for her to finally be with Jesse.

It was almost last bell and Bio class was starting to become painful for Lee, she was restless and ready
to get out of school. Her mind was completely focussed on the clock when she felt a strong vibration
on her right leg. A text message she thought, she took her cell phone out of her pocket and kept it out of
Mrs.Hudson’s sight. It was from Jesse, her heart stopped as she read the text ‘You better be coming out tonight,
otherwise it just won’t be worth having a party.’ Lee giggled with excitement, she always got random texts from
Jesse but this one almost had a silver lining in the words. As she began to text him back the bell rang and
everyone started to leave, she put her cell phone away and decided to text him after her drama meeting.

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