What the Cowgirls Do

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I was thrilled to finally get to go to a Vince Gill concert. I sat in the front row this time. He glanced down at me occasionally, trying to figure out where he knew me from. Whenever I smiled at him, he was smiling back. after the concert I went back stage.
“All night I’ve been trying to figure out why you stand out in my mind.”
“I’m not sure. I’ve only been to one of your concerts. I gave you a picture and a poem.”
“Yeah that’s right. I liked that. Stick around, I’ll talk to you more later.” I waited patienlty as he finished talking to his group of fans. He talked to me for a while and invited me on his bus to discuss writing. He closed the door and led me to the back where his bed was.
“So what’d you want to talk about?” I asked him. He looked at me for a moment, and then kissed me.
“Let’s discuss this further…” I gave him a kiss, taking the time to memorize the softness, the smoothness, and the taste of it. My fingers ran through his hair, and I kissed his neck, and his soft face. As I unbuttoned his T-shirt my fingers stroked his smooth chest. He led me to his bed and we sat down on it. I took off my cowboy hat and dropped it on the floor. He pshed aside my long hair and kissed my neck tenderly as he pushed me down on my back. He pulled off my jeans, and undid his own. I smiled as I looked at his handsome body.
“What are you smiling about?” He asked with a knowing grin.
“Damn you’re just incredably handsome.” He climbed on top of me and moved against me. I looked him in the eye, kissing him as he made love to me. No tricks, no games, nothing out of the ordinary. He laid next to me afterwords and whispered in my ear as he spoke.
“I wish I could bring you with me everywhere I went.”
“I would follow you.”
“It’s really late. I have your E-mail still. We’ll get together next time we run into eachother.” He gives me one last long kiss before I get dressed and leave. He is the most amazing kisser, and i can barely pull myself away from him.
“I hope so. Goodbye.”

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