You and Me part 1

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I was sitting quietly in my apartment. Thinking in the sofa about my future, present and past. Was to come? As if I’m waiting for something excited to happen. All of a sudden I hear a knock on the door. “Oh my god it’s you! I said to myself. You who lived across the hall in apartment 5E, who I’ve had a crush on for months, but never, had the courage to talk to. I let you into my apartment and told you to have a sit on my couch. I offered you some wine to get you more comfortable and ask you, what is it that brought you by here today. You confessed to me how you’ve been watching me for months eager to talk to me and tell me you want to have dinner with me sometime. I smiled and said I’d love to go out to dinner with you. How about tonight? I have nothing better to do. You said yes and left me to return again in the night.

I started preparing myself for the wonderful night that was coming up around 6pm. I looked in the closet and picked the black tight dress that wraps around my curves. I wanted it to show my 36c chest and my thick thighs and certainly not flat ass. I let my long hair down and put makeup around my brown eyes. I was ready around 7:30. You knocked at my door at 8pm. I open the door and there you were standing elegantly with amazing physique holding flowers in your hand to give to me. I took the flowers and put them on a vase. Then we went downstairs hoped on your car and headed to the restaurant.

I couldn’t help but look between your legs while we were in the car. How I wanted to unzip your pants and caress your package but I told myself “get a hold of yourself” and concentrated on the road until we got to the restaurant.

We got to this beautiful restaurant and you escorted me in. When we got to the table you pulled my chair in for me. We ate and conversed. After dinner you ordered wine. I saw you glance at my cleavage, which made me so happy. I like getting men’s attention and I definitely had yours. I looked at your juicy lips, which I wanted to kiss slowly and passionately. You held my hand and we conversed some more sharing interest. You ordered desert strawberry cake. You served me the strawberry with your hands. I licked the strawberry as if it were your package I was licking. I licked around the tip of it, and then sucked it until finally I bit into the strawberry. I looked at your eyes and saw how that turned you on. You immediately asked for the check. I was a little tipsy from the wine but was able to get up from the table. You held my hand and again escorted me out the restaurant to your car. I can’t wait on what’s going to happen next.

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